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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A Little Dreaming and Knitting

After having the little dudes all to myself these past couple of weeks, Mommy arrived last night to visit and prepare them for the trip home. 
So needless to say Grandma has a little time on her hands to get working on things I had started before they came a month ago.

The Whole Seed Catalog is from Baker Creek Farm

One is getting back to planning this years veggie garden.
I have been going through the seed catalogs I have received in the mail, along with  a catalog I found at Whole Foods from the seed company Baker Creek Farm which just happen to be the book written by the founder of that company that I am reading (slowly). 

It has been a good read so far, now that is if you enjoy reading about gardening and such.

Then for knitting I had made great progress on the sweaters for the boys and it looked like I was going to have them completed before they arrived but I just happen to get the flu and that put me out of commission the week before they came.
And yes I did not heed the advise of getting the flu shot. I really need to talk to my doctor about finding one I can take, the flu is no fun.
So this is the first one completed.

And this is what I have so far done on the second one.
I am so thrilled that they are the right size, in fact they are a little big so they can get some uses out of them.

 Little FYI the shot I received for the carpal tunnel I have in both wrist worked wonderfully. My hands and fingers do not go numb on me while knitting. I know that this is a temporary fix but I am sure  enjoying the relief.

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