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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

June Binding Blitz Quilt

I like what Julie is doing on her blog, encourages me to put bindings on a small pile of quilts I have in the spare bedroom. 
This quilt was  a round robin I was very lucky to be part of and it was because I'm friends with Pam who owns Sager Creek Quilt shop. And she is a close friend to the others who were part of the group. All very talented designers, published quilters. 
Talk about being out of my league, at least that's the way I felt but by the end of this robin, I felt better about my own skills. Still not near theirs tho.

The other round robin members were;
Pam Goggan
Elsie Campbell
Donna Lynn Thomas
Marilyn McSpadden

Talk about a lot of talent.
Thank you ladies

Well back to my quilt

Pam Goggans did the quilting and it is spectacular

I had fun playing around with the special effects on the photos

This picture is my representation of Christmas in July

I hope the info I shared on Sunday helped. I know the technique for the mitered corners turns out some pretty, clean and flat corners

Hope you check out the others at JulieKQuilts

I can say now this WIP is done. Yeah
Thank you

Monday, June 29, 2015

Whats up

What's up on my design wall, it is what I left there Saturday. 

It's the second of the four Ruby garden quilts. Have all the blocks made and all thats needed to do, is assemble. Hope I can get that done today but don't know.
 I didn't sleep very well ... I'm tired and don't know how much I'll be able to get done today. 
Right now I feel overwhelmed, a lot of times I do just fine.
 I will just work and do the best I can. But then there's days like this when I'm tired and will go into my sewing room and just don't know where to start.
So I thought I'll make myself go for my walk this morning and see if  that helps. And it did to some degree. 
But I'm still tired.... maybe a nap this afternoon will help me. 
Seeing how that I'm close to finishing #2...  started laying out fabric choices for #3... which will be mine. 

Just love blues, and so started picking out some pieces from my blue piles. I'm not totally convinced yet that these are my choices but this is a good start

I have to remember this:

I've linked up to many on the Monday linky party

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Slow Sunday

For what I'm working on this evening is the binding on a Christmas round robin from a few years back.

I thought I would share some of my tricks to how I do my binding.
like to use this Great technique on my mitered corners. I found this video on YouTube and is how I do mine. 

Patrick Lose shows how.

Like how they turn out. And I like the Clover small binding clips. Easy to use and hold tightly without falling off.

I also like to use quilting thread or Sulky 12 wt thread., single strand. I have less knotting, strong and love the clean look. 

 Linking up to Kathy"s Quilt

A Couple Week of Pictures on the Farm

I'm trying to get back in the swing of things,
when I could remember to take my carmera out with me. 

Friday, June 26, 2015

A love for IKEA

Well no Friday Finish ...
I didn't finish the top like I was hoping to do. I do
have all the blocks now completed ready to assemble

Here where I live in northeast Oklahoma the closest IKEA to me is in Dallas Texas. And that is approximately a 6 hour drive from here. Being so far I have to admit I have never just gone to Dallas to go to IKEA. But when I drive to California, I make a point of going to the IKEA near my daughters house.
 Now my interior design is not considered modern, I like the Arts and Crafts style of the early1900s.
But I always fine lots of goodies when I do go to IKEA.

 I found some neat things to use in the sewing room. 
And some utensils to use in the kitchen.
Here are some pictures of what I found and came home with

All for the sewing room


Cool box for newspapers

Runner for side board

The white containers under the bed, love them... cause they hold some much and fit perfect under the bed. Now I need some for under our bed.
There were other items I would of loved to of had but just wouldn't fit in my Subaru after all the other stuff I had to pack in it. 
Would love to have some of their shelving for the sewing room.

I hoping there will an IKEA here in Oklahoma soon. 
I know I'm excited that a Costco and Trader Joe's will open this fall in Tulsa finally.
That would make life better.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

A Little Progress

It's the same story, hot and humid. In fact its a little more intense but the weather is to change this weekend and I'm looking forward to spending more than just an hour or two outside.

But while I'm stuck inside, I am taking this opportunity to getting a little progress on a few projects.

The second Ruby's garden is almost ready to assemble. Lacking just 8 of the smaller outer blocks. 

Now by making the center unit in the alternate block lighter sure gives it a different look. I like it but at first I didn't. I liked how the first one turned out but this started to grow on me while I was adding block up on the wall.

My plan is to get this one finished tomorrow... making it maybe my Friday Finish.

I spent some time today quilting. Was able to watch 2 more episodes of Mr. Selfridge. I was thinking that I probably get more done if I wasn't looking up all the time watching TV.

Finished this portion 

and this part is next. 
I use a 14" hoop and I'm able to quilt about a 12" section at a time.

This evening I will work on a block of "Words to Live By" There is a lot of small pieces in this one so it seems to taking me a long time to finish. 

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Finially some hand quilting

I told myself this morning that seeing how it was going to be so blasted hot and humid... humidity at 84% right now.... that I would just take a break today and not do anything but water my seeds and come back in. 
Can I do that!!!!
Oh no, took my walk and planted some herbs and lettuce.
It's like once I get outside I just can't stop,
Not until the heat gets to me and I'm almost falling over.
Which a day like today wouldn't take very long.

So after a shower and lunch I spent the afternoon quilting. I've been trying to do a little each day but sometime that just doesn't happen.
Today I spent a good part of the day quilting and watched a few episodes of Mr Selfridge. I'm now on season 2 and enjoying every one of them.

I was able to finish this part and moved my hoop and completed this part.

And now I'm on to this part. 

I'm over halfway done, 

this half is completed and

this half is what I'm working on.
Since I quilt in a hoop I can lay it out and see all my work and how it looks. The only tough part at times is the fact that it is a large quilt and can get heavy after awhile. A strain on my left arm but propping it on a pillow helps.
Won't let it stop me tho.

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