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Monday, January 30, 2017

What's Up 1.30.17

What's up on the wall is this coming months stash busters pattern.

Have all the single units sewn and or cut, ready to be assembled.

Referring to yesterday this is probably what I should of been working on but I had thought about it and I figure if I do not get this done before Thursday, I'll probably be capable of machine sewing before hand sewing.

While writing this made me think about when stash buster was happening and if I'll be able to go. And no I won't be able to go, it's the same day of surgery. BUMMER.

Oh well I can show it in Aprils meeting.

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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Sunday Bliss

I have been today for some unknown irrational reason working on prepping an applique block.
Why I'm doing this really make no since because Thursday I will surgery done on both wrists for carpal tunnel. Since both are in need but the right hand is the worst, my surgeon explain doing both at the same time is the best way to go. Healing will be better in the long run. Will see
Anyway that being said, it's silly really to be doing this instead finishing something else.

All I can say is I wanted to.

It is a Blackbird Design, Warm Hearts I started years ago and put aside. Came across it while looking for fabric the other day.

Couldn't get it out of my thoughts.

Have 2 of the 9 blocks already done

Since the pattern was already made and ready to use I went ahead with the method I prep.

 Using freezer paper and starch.

Now after this week I'm not sure how long it will be before I get back to stitching on it.
Maybe I can have it done, just depends on if my hands get to hurting,
That could the reason for why I stopped working on this before, don't remember exactly.

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Saturday, January 28, 2017

Pullets are Hens Now

The new girls are now starting to lay eggs.

Found 6 eggs out in the hen house this evening (one broke) which was a surprise but I had been expecting them to start laying.

All are brown but most of the pullets will lay brown eggs.
Do have a couple of white hens that will lay one eggs.

So now I can say that these pullets (girls) are now becoming hens (women).

Monday, January 23, 2017

What's Up 1.23.17

Been busy today but not much to show for it.

Last night worked on the friendship blocks.
 I'm down to 2 left, when I realize that I had not made one for myself. These blocks were given to me at the end of my term as President of a local quilt guild, so of course I hadn't made one. So I'll make mine and another for to say the guild and year.

That will make 35 blocks altogether. 
I put up on the wall the ones that are completed but some still need to be trimmed. The blocks are 9 1/2 unfinished.
I'm not good at figuring out the finished size of the top so have no idea right now the size it will end up. 
Not too big though.

I was going to sew some of the Retro Air-Ship Propeller, had some paired up and ready. 

But got side tracked with cooking, cleaning and planning next month's stash busters quilt.

I know, you're thinking my goodness she has already shown two projects and she planning another. 

Yes.....I'm crazy.
It will be a blue and white quilt. My favorite color combo and this is the fabric I picked out. 

And this is the pattern we were given at the last meeting.

I also said yesterday I would tell how the Orange Marmalade turned out.  As much as I can tell it looks as though it's setting up. The taste is really pleasant, right amount of sweetness and not bitter.

Was a small batch, 2 pints and 3 half pints.
Such a pretty color, I used Cara Cara Oranges that have a slight pinkness to the pulp but not as dark as a Blood orange.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Baking and Album Blocks

This afternoon looking out the window, this is what I saw.
There was 15 but all I see is 12 in the picture.

We had a little rain this morning, nothing like what some are going through. And when it's cloudy and cold I have to cook or bake.

The Man of the Place wanted a cake today so I bake a Chocolate Sheet Cake and if I'm going to make one I might as well, as Ree calls it, The Best Chocolate Sheet Cake ever. 

The Man of the Place loves it and I think you might too.
Now with mine I used Dark Cocoa powder and walnuts instead of pecans. 

Beside baking and cleaning up the mess.... I have been working on the Friendship blocks. 

Have embroidered these 9 and there are 10 left to do.
As you can see some have not been trim which is good. That way I can trim them down all to the same size. So much easier that way.

Started some orange marmalade and still working on it, I'll have to show tomorrow if I succeeded or not. This is my first time making orange. I had a few years back made Carrot Marmalade, it did have oranges and lemons in it too.
And it was ok, found it a little bitter. Hoping for a better result this time.
Image result for oranges banner clipart
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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Purple Boxes

Started this a week ago and have it as a finished flimsy already. Not that I'm a fast, but that it wasn't a hard one to put together.

Mainly worked on it Friday while watching the inauguration. Seeing how there was coverage all day I just kept the TV on and sew like crazy. Had to keep myself busy so I wouldn't throw something at the TV. I wish I could say I was uplifted by the new Pres. speech but it was quite the contrary. 

So this is what my RSC for this month looks like.

Of course Pete has to inspect too and I believe it passed.

In fact I think the yawning means he ready for a nap.

Last night I worked some on the current scarf on the loom.
Besides being OSU colors they are SF Giant's colors and that is my daughter's team. It gets cold in the summer there in the Bay Area.

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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Lots of Sewing

The past two days have been full of sewing and preparing for future sewing.
Yesterday at Pam's was the monthly Block Buster class. It's a free class where we make a block using one of Deb Tucker's tools. This month it was the V Block..

Image result for deb tucker's v block ruler

You see the deal is that the class is free and the block we make is donated to Quilts of Honor.. I think so far we have donated enough for 4 quilts.  The class has becomed so popular that Pam added 3 more class times and they have already filled. 
To see some of the past blocks on their facebook page

Here are some of the blocks we made yesterday.

Last night I finished appliqueing this block....

Now I'll go on the the friendship blocks I shown the other day.

Today I cut out more Retro Air-Ship Propeller blocks, enough for 16 blocks.

Seeing how I'm doing 2 colorways I did the pink and turquoise 1930's. Next will be the other colorway.

Now for the most exciting part is that Esther over at Esther's Blog has launched her new free BOM, Diamond Hill.
I love her designs and I had started her Love Entwined and will finish it someday but there is so much to that I had felt overwhelmed. 

But I can see myself doing this one and not feel so overwhelmed. It started the 15th and for the next 7 months on the 15th she will have the pattern available, just go to her blog for all the details and colorways.

I have the pattern ready and now its deciding on fabric.

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