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Monday, August 29, 2016

What's Up 08.29.16

I don't know if anybody else feels this way but since I retired, I love Mondays. It's like the fresh start to a week. So on my What' Up day here I will finish putting on the binding for Ben's I spy quilt, 
Want to add this, when linking up at Beth's Cooking Up Quilts that she gave a link to a link on a YouTube video on How to put on bindings. A very good one by Sharon Schamber.
Here is the link

and start on month #14  Farmers Wife 1930s blocks. 

Then what I'll need to do is start cleaning out my sewing room for the carpet layers to come in. 

What I'll do is going to show you the before pictures of my messy, crowded but happy place.

 And then when all is done and said and have the room back the way I want it, I'll show you the after pictures. Haven't decided yet if I will post anything about the room in between, but chances are probably will, because it will probably take me a while. 
Need to do some brain dumping on what it is I want to have in the room when putting things back. As you can tell now there is just way too much crap in here. And  would like to have it of course more organized, but some more space, so can have another join me.

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Sunday, August 28, 2016

Sunday Best

So happy to be able to say and show something on this last Sunday of August, which is so hard to believe that another month has gone by. You know it's 119 days till Christmas, WowWee.

My day is making, attaching and sewing down the binding on the 2 I Spy quilts.

I decided to just use the leftover trimmed pieces from the backs.
It will be a colorful binding don't you think.
I like to start with a 2 1/4 inch strip, I find 2 1/2 too wide and 2 inch usually not enough.

I had thought about putting it all on by machine but I like to do the last step by hand. Find it very soothing.

So my afternoon/evening is near perfect in someways. 
Hope yours is too.
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Saturday, August 27, 2016

Summer retreat

At the beginning of this month, August, there was the annual Roaring River retreat. It's held at the Roaring River Park near Cassville, Missouri in the lodge that is located there at the park. A beautiful, wonderful place that I love going to. It's been going on for seven years which I have been able to attend the last three.
It's such a great group of ladies and we have so much fun for four days. 

I took this year one project and that was it I spy quilt. 

I had over 250 circle to complete so I could put the tops together. So that was my task was to fussy cut these circles. And preparing them for the squares. I wish I could say after four days I got all 250  circles completed but I did not. 

Did make a good amount of progress so when I got home that week I started finishing them.
Enough of mine for now I want to also show pictures of what was going on around me by the other ladies so enjoy

If you see one you really like or have a question just put it down in the comments and I'll get back to you with more information. This post is just going to be basically pictures with very little words or explanations but I'm more than willing to share and elaborate more if you wish.


Friday, August 26, 2016

My third attempt

This has been such a busy, exciting and tiring month. Been able to finalize all the flooring and has it scheduled for installment next week. Had done cleaning and organizing and redoing the house all in preparation for the flooring plus the "little dude's" visit. 

The "little dudes" were here this past week and boy was it so good to have them here. It went by way too fast as always, you just wish time would slow down when you have events like this. But we had a good time we were able to get a lot of Grammy and Papa time in. They left Tuesday morning and it's taken me a couple days to just kind of mellow out and get my footing back.
I'm already planning their visit for Christmas.
With all of my busy work with the house and riding around for flooring I was able to complete the Boy's I spy quilt. 

Well almost completed, I have the binding to put on, but I still put them on their beds so they can enjoy doing I spy. Which just tickle me pink when they did, I thought it was the cutest thing. It made all this time and effort well worth it
I will have more pictures and details on their ISpy quilts this weekend.
I had also gone to a retreat the. I have pictures of what the others were working on while at the retreat and I will put them up in my next post. My goal is to get back on track with writing my blog.
Well that's sort of a brief summary of this past month which I would like to give more details
So Until tomorrow hope all is well and take care
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