If you want a golden rule that will fit everything, this is it: Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.William Morris.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

New Toys

I had bought some new products to help me in garden this year. One is a cart and the other is a rolling, small wagon you sit on while gardening. Both I just love. Why I hadn't went out and get them sooner is beyond me. My garden is in the "back forty." OK, not that far but not that close either. So I have been hauling supplies, tools, plants and harvests in my wheel barrow. Now it works but it's not level, so things get rolled around, piled up and squish. Now I can easily pull what I need. Things stay level now. It is so much easier on your arms and shoulder's.

My new cart
My other "good thing" is the little wagon with a top to sit on. Now I'm not saying I'm getting old or anything like that but I do need to think about saving my knees for the future. It's not easy getting up and down over and over again. So this easier on my knees. Now I have raised beds and the width are 4 feet. So to sit and reach in two feet is not problem. I just sit and roll. So cool.

My little "buddy"
Well these our my new toys and they are great. Best dollar I've have spent in awhile.

   Till next time

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What's up

It's been almost 3 weeks since I first shown what was on my design wall. Well right now, there are 2 projects up. The purple Sugar Twist is slowly coming along

It will have a sashing around each twist, which has not been added yet. It's going to be bed size instead of throw size.  That is what the pattern is for.  Been so busy making the blocks that I haven't given any thoughts to how many blocks are needed.. So far there are 35 blocks. When  working on it, it is really a simple and quick block to put together. Have enjoyed working on it.

The other project up is a round robin that I am very lucky to be participating in. There are 5 of us. The other four (who will not reveal right now) are some very creative and extremely talented women. I feel like "grasshopper" in Kung Fu. Learning from the masters.The one I'm working on right now needs to gets mailed out by Friday and then we have one more swap and a border to put on before we reveal them to their owner. So in a couple of months I 'll show how they all turned out. I'm only going to give a partial glimpse because I'm afraid the owner might see this.
Did some more work to this top,  but again will not show it right now.

Then I have some fabric that I need to make a quilt for my middle daughter. We picked these fabrics out over a year ago when I was there visiting her in San Diego. Very pretty colors. Love the sage green. Just
not sure about the pattern she describe to me. There is not much contrast and I know I'm giving it too much thought. If anyone has an idea, I'm all ears. 

                            Till next time

Monday, June 27, 2011

Knitted Scarf

I am making a second post in one day but I wanted to share this with you. I had bought 2 skeins of this yarn at  Sager Creek last week. It is the neatest fiber yarn. It is a netting. The picture shows it somewhat.

I was able to knit up one the skeins. It wasn't hard to work with you just had to take your time.
Using the blue skien and working on the thin edge. This is what mine looked like

Now you can get the pattern from the company. Universal Yarns The picture in the pattern just happens to be the same color that I used. Gives you a better look at what the scarf looks like.
Now I going to work on the purple skein, but  I'll work the thick edge. If you do that you need to cast on only five.
Try it, it's so cool knitted up. Very soft.

  Till next time,

Rogue Hen

I have notice the past week that "the girls" have cut down in egg productions. Well the heat has something to with it. But I also noticed I wasn't getting that many greenish/blue eggs. I have four hens that lay that color right now (6 more to mature). To me they are some of the prettest eggs.
Well I know that those girls are notorious for flying out of the coop. They need to get their wings clipped so they will stop escaping. They are able to fly up to the top of the fence and then fly down. Look, here is one of the escape artiste doing it now.

It is amazing she can fly, she not a thin hen ... Let alone be able to balance on that thin wire fence.
 I figure she was one of them laying her eggs outside the coop. So I started looking around. Now there are a lot of hiding spots she could hide and there are probable a lot of them out there that I do not now about. But I did find one. It was in one of my compost bins. Yes I know, I said one of my compost bin. I have 3. Oh goodie, I have another topic to write about, keep checking cause I'm going to do a post on composting the "easy, no work way." My way of gardening

Ok, I got side tracked, back to the find.    LOOKIE,  LOOKIE

Boy there's a lot of them

Now having that many, she has been laying her eggs there a few days. With this heat and not knowing which egg was laid which day, they are of no good for eating. If I take them out of there, chances are she will stop laying her eggs there and I will be out searching again for that new spot. Been there, done that. So I have learned if I mark them with a sharpie pen, I can come back each day and remove the new unmarked eggs.,
Clever  huh.
Well this was a good morning.
                                 Oh look,  she is sneaking back.


Till next time,

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Big thank you

I would like to thank everyone who has taken the time to read my blog. I know from looking at quite a few of them myself, it takes time. I hope I was able to share something and entertain you. I am enjoying this blog thing and learning how it works. I have so many ideals planned to post. And heaven knows I'm not short of events going on here with "the girls" and cows. Again Thank You Very Much                      Kathleen

What's growing in the Veggie Patch

I am going to show and tell what is going on this week in veggie garden. This time of year is when I try to get out each morning and work a little in the garden. It is definitely a busy time. I have been planting, weeding, preparing beds for planting, watering (more often because of the extreme heat) and harvesting.

Seeds sowed
Lettuce (summer variety)
Swiss Chard (multi-colored stems)
Purple Hull Peas

Whats growing
Sweet Potatoes
Green Beans
Cucumbers (pickling)
Cabbage (red and green)
Peppers (hot and bell)

Harvested this week
The last of the broccoli that was ready. There are 6 plants that haven't flowered yet
Cabbage ( 3 heads green)
Some onions

I took a few pictures


Boy have the tomatoes grown

I started laying newspaper for mulch under the green beans

Just planted purple hull peas

Friday, June 24, 2011

Quilt Blocks

I wanted to share a little of what I have been up to. I have been going in so many directions lately all I seem to get done are just blocks for BOM.

I have another snowman block completed.
This is an easy one to do.
I can't wait till I have it all completed.
I do need to crochet some snowflakes.  I haven't done that in ages.

Then I made a block for a friend who will going back home to Australia. I have been so blessed to have met her. So a group of us each made her a block for a friendship/memory quilt.
It was not your traditional style quilt. We each design our blocks and the only thing in common was to use red, white and blue.

I did a chicken. It represents the "the girls".
she is holding the American flag or something that is to resemble one. Funky little chick.
I'll miss you Raquel.

Then I had these coasters I wanted to make.
They are so Doggone cute.
 I found them at Sager Creek  I want to get the Cats next. I have so many more Cat lover's  then I do Dog lover's in my family. You see I'm trying to get ahead start on presents for Christmas.
Till next time

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Monday, June 20, 2011

Oh Lookie,

Whoopee, I have my first harvest of blueberries. I planted four blueberry plants last year. And I was so worried about whether or not that they would live given the really horrendous winter we had. All four did, but did not escaped being stunned by it. It is so great to see that a couple of them even bared fruit.
I just love blue
There wasn't much of a crop to speak of but I'm excited all the same.
By now I would be putting up green beans. This year has been a little off for me. Now some people would not be surprised by that. They would tell you I'm just a little off personally. So that explains a lot, doesn't it.


The green beans are looking GOOD.
The weather report for this evening is severe thunderstorm warning. The possibility of hail. I so hope not. That hail does such damage to plants. I'll have to wait till morning to see

Till next time

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Growing along

Mother and son
I thought I should give an update on the calf we had to pull a couple of weeks ago. You would never know by looking at him by how well he is going and yes it's a bull calf. I failed to mention that when he was born. I guess it was because of all that went on that morning, it just slipped my mind. So I took a couple of pictures last weekend. They were still the corral area at that time but now they are out in the pasture. He just runs and runs. Kicking up his hoofs. They are so cute and fun to watch. Especially when you get a whole bunch of them together. They'll run and chase. They'll butt heads. Really it reminds me of watching puppies play in a way. They just don't bite and growl.

Handsome little devil (for a red bull)

Till next time

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Old Beauties

This week the Northwest Arkansas Quilt Study Group met. We meet once a month and have a program given by a member. This month Charlotte E. shared a few of her quilts from her collection. She has a very large collection. Here is part of what she brought. I want to say it was a privilege to see them and big thank you.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Sweet Potatoes

It has been a little longer than I was wanting, to get back to the veggie patch and show what progress has taken place. This unusually hot weather we are having has taken a toll on me. I am not use to it and it seems like I just do not have the stamina yet to stay out pass 10:00 -11:00 in the morning.

I have been able to get some more beds cleaned up and some of the summer crops in. I planted the sweet potatoes. Now I start my own slips. It is very easy to do and it saves you from spending each year for the slips/plants. Now it's advise that you do not start with a sweet potato you  purchased at the grocery store. So I have been making slips from those original plants I ordered from a seed company quite a few years ago. Then around end of March to the first of April is when I'll start.



So you take a potato (from last year crop) that has a good amount of eyes. The little bumps on the potatoes. (1). 
You will cut it in half and put each half in a container that can hold water and is big enough. You support the potatoes with toothpicks (2) 



You can see in picture (3) that they sprout and get long.
When the slips are about 6-7 inches you pinch or cut them off of the potato.(4)



You put those cuttings in another container of water (5)
And after about a week they will have developed a good amount of roots (6)
Now they are ready for planting. It's that easy. If you were like me, as a child you had done the first two step and had grown sweet potatoes vine in water like that.

two newly planted sweet potatoes

This is my bed of sweet potatoes
As you see from the picture, I mulch heavily with straw. I do this with most of the plants I grow in the garden. There are many reasons for it. No weeds will grow. Holds moisture in the soil so there less watering. Keep soil temps from getting too hot or too cold. Evenually the straw will decompose and add humus to the soil.
Before I do add the straw, I open the bale and spread it out in "the girls" yard. No matter how clean they tell you it is, there are still some seeds left on the stalks. So this way "the girls" will eat most of the remaining seeds.

"the girls" gleaning the straw and are so happy to do it.

Now I do lay a soaker hose under the straw. That is how I water the beds. This picture shows that process. This is the tomato bed. After the hose and the straw are down, then I'll put the cages on. I will add T-poles to secure the cages to with bailing wire (love that stuff). Here in Oklahoma that wind can be fierce
Here are a few more pictures of the garden.

Till next time

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

30's Club

Today at 30's we had these wonderful cinnamon roll cupcakes


We always have a show and tell of some kind during the meeting. This time Debbi C. brought in these pieces that were made by her grandmother and great-grandmother. Time period would be the 30's -40's. This is what makes going so worth it

The neatest embroider dish towels

Too sweet for a potholder

She had 32 of these autographed blocks. Many of the blocks they know who were named, family members.  But there are some that they do not know. Seeing fabric from 30's and the variety, there were no two blocks that use the same fabric.

Till next time
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