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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

What's happened

What a week with both good and not good news to share.
I'll just start with last Tuesday.

I was able to get the my No Brainer done. Well sort of, I need to get a border on but need to look for something to use.

This day I spent most of it cleaning in preparation for the boys coming. Did do some handwork, worked on the Diamonds hexies.

As you can see that there are 5 diamonds. 
I was hoping to get more fabric cut out but just never got around to it.

I had a list of tasks to which was baking pound cakes (which I did on Friday morning) for the salad luncheon we were having Friday at church when I received a call from my Dad to see if I could come help mom get ready to go to the doctor. Come to find out she had been feeling bad for a couple days now. I talked with her Monday and all she talked about was the floaters she was having in her eyes. Well after seeing the Oncologist she sent her to the ER and admitted her.

Friday to now  
Mom has and still in the hospital. She was having side effects to the immunotherapy.
It can attack healthy cells due to her immune being in active mode. It went to the lining of her lungs and cause her to get a form of pneumonia. So she is on steroids and antibiotics. 
She has made improvements but unfortunately has a case of bronchitis now. They have not said yet when she'll be released or if she can continue with treatment.

While visiting I been with me the Flag Afghan   
 As you can see I've made a lot of progress and believe I will have it completed in time to decorate for the Fourth.

So there, a taste of my week

Today I had started on getting the boys room spruced up.

And I started a soft toy for a new baby at church. We are having a baby shower Saturday and thought it would make a great gift.
Looks fairly easy, hope it is. 

Monday, June 12, 2017

It's Monday 6.12.17

I meant to write all weekend but here it is Monday.
Weekends sometimes just are not long enough.

Was able to get a little more done on the No Brainer quilt.
I named it that because it was suppose to be a mindless, just stitch squares together and call it good but my mind couldn't just rest. It evolve to this now.

Of course it is taking a little long to assemble.

I found this golden beige in my stash, tone wise goes well but in a way boring.
It will be a good gift quilt because of it's safe color palette.

Spent some of the weekend potted up the herbs.
Almost done with potting plants and cleaning up the porches.

Would of gotten more done but I just had to take time out and sit and enjoy the day.

I spent an evening working on the Hexagon Diamonds 
The 3/4" shapes came in the mail and I was excited to get back to it.

And spent last night crocheting.

I'm now adding the blue. It was the only dark blue available of that line at the store. It will be ok but have to say not really what I would make my first choice. 
I moving right along.

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people standing and child I am getting so excited because in 2 weeks the "little dudes" will be here and we get to have them for 3 weeks.
Starting to get the house ready for them. Means the pool needs to be put up. Their room ready. Groceries bought and some new toys and games. 
Now that they are five some of the stuff we have they have outgrown. They like surprises. Who doesn't

Friday, June 9, 2017


It's been a couple days since I've written and boy have I been busy around here. Mom had her follow up appointment after her first treatment yesterday and all looks good and she's having no side effects due to the treatment.

I've been busy in the morning working around the yard trying to get the flowerbeds, potted plants and such in order. Last night "the man of the place" and I cut out what I call weed trees. It's amazing each year how many of these little tree seedlings come up in my flowerbeds.

This bed is in really poor shape and the next one to work on. Beside major weeds there are quite a few unwanted trees.

Yesterday since I wasn't home during the broadcast of Mr Comey testifying before the Senate, I had recorded it all. So yesterday afternoon while resting after getting back from Mom's appt. 
I worked on a new crocheting project watching what I recorded. Have been working on baby blankets but I decided that I would start a patriotic flag Afghan in hopes of having it finished in time for the Fourth of July. 
That way the flag quilt will hang on the wall and this on the couch.

This is what I have so far completed I can't say I'm quite halfway down I thought I would say I'm definitely a third done. Here is a link to the free pattern 

I haven't been able to do much work on my hexies at night due to the fact that I have ran out cardboard shapes and I had ordered some. That was a little over a week ago and haven't received them yet. This is the last ones that I have, enough cardboard hexies for just one more diamond.

And then Tuesday after I had finished the flag quilt I still felt like sewing but I didn't want to work on anything that needed some brainpower. After getting done assembling the storm at sea pattern I had had enough dealing with technical piecing. So I looked in the garage and found a stack of charms squares. Started piecing those together, brainless sewing and that's all I wanted, which is just a brainless sewing. Well that's was Tuesday afternoon.

Then Wednesday I started sewing the squares into rows and put them up on the design wall and I was just going to go with the basic horizontal/vertical row construction. 

Well after looking at it I thought it was kind of small and be a lap quilt which is OK, but I just didn't care for it too much. 

What about on point.... okay that started to look better for me. I left it up there and came back and looked at it and I thought it's in the little too plain.

Well what about sashing in between maybe a four patch. Found some fabric in the closet that was different,  kind of cool. Had thought about a solid but this floral looked better. Put it up on the wall... took a picture and left it up on the wall. 

Went to bed night and while trying to get to sleep and thought you know that 2" sashing just looks a little too thick.

 I think I'll look to see what it looks like thinner. Up there on the design wall made them little thinner and I liked it.
 So now my strip are 1 1/2 instead of 2 inches.
That's what I've been when working on this afternoon, finishing the four patches, cutting out 1 1/2" strips and then putting this all up on the design. Like it.
Well now that is where I am.

Now you're all caught up on what I've been up to the past couple of days.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Red, White and Blue

I had remember the other day that it has been 6 years now that I started blogging and have enjoyed every time I write. Some days are better than others but the main thing is how lucky and grateful I am for all of you who take time to read and comment.
Thank you so much.

Yeah the top is finished.

Measure out to be 61 x 47 as it is now.

I'm not sure if I want to add a border, sort of like it as it is. Plan is to hang it up on the wall.

I did try auditioning some different pieces of different colors and just didn't like any of them.
Thinking the binding will be all it needs.
I still haven't heard back yet from the designer Amy in Texas about a pattern. I'll let you know when I do.

Today and yesterday morning have been perfect (weather wise) and been taking advantage of it. Been weeding some of the beds around the house. I'm only about 1/4 done. 
And then some of the potted plants  needed to be

Had these Boston ferns that have outgrown their pots.
Two of them I just potted into larger pots 

and then the other one

I divided up into thirds

 and potted them up into same size pots like the one it came out of.

I would've used a hand pruning saw but couldn't find it so I had to use a hacksaw. Worked out just fine but pruning saw would of been easier.

They will all do fine.  

Have some more to do tomorrow and will try to get to it but Mom does have a doctor's visit to check on how she has done this first week on treatment.

Monday, June 5, 2017

Whats Up 6.5.17

It has been over a month since I've done a "what's up" on the design wall.

I have up the flag quilt and in the process of sewing the rows together.

I had been searching more on who the designer of this quilt is. Last week I tried a way to get a hold of her and today I tried another method. Hope to hear back so I can give information on a pattern maybe.

But the best part of the day was this morning Bob of Bob's Shop delivered the Pressing Station I order while attending The Springdale Quilt Show in April.
I am so pleased with it.

Fits perfect on the wall I had been setting up the ironing board with a outlet for my iron and a base to sit the iron on. Besides the pressing surface it has shelving with some containers. 

Which I have plans on what to use them for.

It took me no time to start adding stuff.

Great place for the odd shaped rulers and trimmers.
The binder has the Deb Tucker trimmer inside.

The Go cutter and few more container with projects.

In the containers I believe I use to put strips and pre-cut scraps. I have already started saving and storing strips and pre-cut which are out in the garage and will need to bring in. I'll label the boxes also.

I spent all morning cleaning and organizing my happy place, so here are a few shots of a clean room.

I'm getting the cutting table next.

And here is contact info if interested plus he'll be at the Kanas Show on the 15 - 17 of June.

Yesterday evening when I went to go gather eggs and lock up the girls in their house I came across snakes, that's right more than one, in the nesting boxes.
Ran back to the house to get "the man of the place" to help me take care of them. This is the first time I have had 2 at the same time going after eggs. In fact one had just swallow an egg.

I knew I had snakes visiting because my egg count was down and sis see one leaving the coop a week or so.

Today I gathered a dozen from 17 hens.

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Sunday, June 4, 2017

Junes OMG

I did not make a goal last month with all that went on and April's goal I didn't complete.
Retro Air-Ship Propeller
This is where it all started (here)

With that said I am going to extends April to this month and I'm going to add the flag only because I want to have it done in time for the fourth.

Should be able to.

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Hodge Podge Day

A lot of times when I do not complete the tasks that is written down in my bullet journal I had hope to have done during the week, I'll try to do them on the weekend.

That is why it was such a hodge podge of a day.
Did some cleaning and finally hung the turkey platters back up on the wall in the dining room. 

I had taken them down to put up Christmas plates, which it's been 6 months...no hurry.

You see I was in one of those moods where I wanted to clean and organize. Yesterday I thought I would try to finish the Flag Quilt today .... and I did do a little sewing, finished all the missing units that were needed. 

Maybe tomorrow I'll get it done.

I thought I would organize the hexies I'm working on and realize that I had this cute case that I had purchased with fat quarters of Kaye England fabric lying around for a good many years and I'm now finally going to use it. 

Wanted some dividers for the hexies when I get them prepped. Made one out of some cardboard, hope it works.
I need to get more hexagons.

If I had thought this out and knew I was going to get this die I could of cut out my own but I already started with the 3/4". That's okay, I'll use it for the next time.

I think it will work, only time will tell.

Then I had been meaning to warp the little loom all week and did that today. 

Using up more of the stash yarn.
Warped alternating 4 strains of multi and 4 of the solid.
Not sure what it will look like until I'll start weaving. Guessing game.

Agree that is a hodge podge day.

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