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Thursday, December 29, 2016

2017 Goals

I can't help myself, if I read or hear about what is your goals, and my thoughts start racing with this and that.
Plus it just lends itself to being a list, I love lists.
So when I came across Quilting Jet  Girls 2017 Planning Party, it made me to start thinking about what it is I want to see happen in 2017.

I have a long list of quilts/projects and one of my goals is to go through that list and really think about whether I want to put the time and effort into that project still. If not I'll put the fabric back into the stash. You see most of the projects on the list are all ready to make, the fabric and pattern are together, set aside.

So I'm not going to make a list of quilts this year. Instead I think I'll commit to what I have been somewhat doing and that is to use only what's in my stash and the decided projects that's collected

After moving everything for the carpet most of my stash and stuff is in the garage and needs to be used, moved and organized. That's saying it lightly.

As you can see here it is a mess and it's an embarrassment.

I have enough fabric to last me a very long time.

The third goal is to continue (with deeper commitment) is to use up the scraps too. Have been trying but I don't think fast enough, I afraid I've added more than used.

1. Use my stash, no buying and only if I do not have a necessary piece like background.
2. Use up the scraps more.
3. Go through the projects already gather but not yet started and decide what's next, do or not.
4. In the progress of all this will be organizing my stash so I can make it useable and not so out of control.

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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

This and That

Today was a lot like most days lately, a little of this and that but today I was able to get in a little bit of sewing. 

Did some prepping and cutting on the the last few blocks of Farmers Wife 1930's Sampler.

I will ready for this quilt to be finished seeing how it's over a year and half. Decided on a setting I'll use, will be different than the book thou.

I realize I didn't take new pictures of the Poinsettia quilt I mentioned yesterday.
So here are couple new ones, with the help of Pete.

You can see the stain very clearly in this picture.

We have been having above normal temps now so I thought I would take advantage of it and do some overdue cleaning up of the lawn. I like to mow up all the fallen leaves and give it it's last mow but with company coming I focused more on the house and not the yard.

It will look so nice when done and less of a fire hazard.

It's getting close to the last of the years so like so many others I start taking stock of what has happened and what I would like to.

Monday, December 26, 2016

What's Up 12.26.16

Here it is the last week of December and all I can show is the Poinsettia quilt that I finished the binding on.

Now it needs to get washed and hopefully the stains can be removed. 

Being that it's an old quilt and stains are ones of age and not a substance. Little nervous because of all the red fabric but we'll give it a try.

Want show what I'm excited about and that is my gift that will help me with future quilts.
That is my cutter.

Haven't gotten to use it yet but I do have plans.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Merry Christmas

I'm a few days early for Christmas day but here at my home Christmas has past.
Tuesday the last daughter left to go home, after two full and wonderful weeks. 
It has been one of the best Christmas in years.

Still have Christmas Eve services to look forward to. 

While the grandsons were here we we're able to go on the Polar Express Train and it was wonderful. If you have one going on in your area you should think about it. The boys loved it and we have memories that will last a lifetime beside the warm feeling in my heart.  

Ben believes..

I was able to get their PJ's done in time and they fit for the most part. They have a little room to grow.

 Blake was concern that others would laugh if he wore the robe. It's sad that a 4 year olds thinks that. Tried to reassure him that many of the other kids will be wearing robes too ..... and they did.
Ben wasn't of that thought, he eagerly wore his.

They both are adorable no matter what they wore.
Hope he outgrows that thought.

Did get the boys hands print on the tree skirt and will continue to have them make their prints each year.

I had bought a new bed for my guest. Seeing how it would be in the sewing room and temporary I found this air bed that came with it's support.
It is pretty comfortable I was told and a breeze to set up. 

And to deflate and put away.
Has a air pump in the bed so no going through the hooking up each time you need it.

Here it is deflating, all I did was was turn on the pump to deflate.

So easy, in a matter of a few minutes it is ready to push together like an accordion.

The case is what the bed sit on when inflated and then just zip it up, with rollers so moving is a piece of cake.
Ready for next time.

Here is what Christmas is about for a Grammy.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Making Progress

The list is getting smaller.

Yesterday the tree skirt was completed and looks just fine. Now you can see that the tree is not decorated much because the boys will help me finish it when they get here.

And here is the sideboard decorated with my Santa collection. It's been so much fun decorating this year. Been too long. 

Now I need to go get paint to make the handprints. Figure green and red will be the way to go.
I'll get some tomorrow when I go to Tulsa. Getting my hair cut and run a few errands.

Also was able to cut out 2 set of pajamas but don't know what I was thinking yesterday. I have my list made out for everyday already and today I had listed other jobs. Sewing will need to be later this week.

Today on the list was boxing up the last of the books that are in the spare bedroom that is the boys room. I had moved all my quilting books in there when the carpet was replaced. Now the boys room is back to the way it was and ready for the "little dudes".

Then I hung family pictures up in the hallway. I have been wanting to hang up the large metal tree (46" wide x 48"height) which we purchased years ago. Originally I want to hang it in the livingroom on the brick wall which is behind the wood stove. But "the Man of The Place" was nervous about me hanging it there. Afraid it could fall and damage the stove pipe. Needless to say he wouldn't help me so it never happened. Now today I hung it in the hallway. I am placing picture on and around the tree of the family, past and present.

This is a start. I have so many pictures packed away that I will have to go through someday. Figure since the photo are attached with small magnet strips I can change them easily. 
Beside adding new ones.

Then an oh so fun task of washing windows. The weather was perfect for such a fun job...
After today we are suppose to get had a good cold spell. 

Monday, November 28, 2016

What's Up 11.28.16

Hey it's Monday, and what's Up.
It's a long list for today. 

I started on the tree skirt this morning, going with white with red trim. My intentions are to have the little boys put their handprints on it each year so I thought white would be the best background. Should have that done here shortly but I thought I'd write this first. 

Then later this afternoon my plan is to cut out their PJs and have them ready to sew tomorrow.
 I had ordered their robes instead of making them. Seeing how I got 50% off on the robes. I thought that was a great deal, I could not get the material for that price.

And then I'm going to finish at the tamales I started. So far I have made 4 dozens and I probably have at least another couple dozen to go. I just got tired of making them last night, seeing how I'm doing it by myself, kind of a tedious job. It's more fun when you can do it in a group.

Up on the design wall is still the Vintage Christmas quilt. I have the trees up as you can see and I've been cutting out the fabric for the trucks. I would like to get this put together before my daughters come next week but it's kind a low on my priority right now.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

WOW November Just Flew By

Image result for time flies

Here it's been three weeks since the last time I wrote, seem shorter than that. I have been so busy with getting ready for the holidays. My daughters will be here this year starting next week.
I had intended to share so much over this time and will but right now I'll keep it short. 
With all the decorating, cleaning, baking, cooking and shopping, I have had little time sewing but need to get busy this week. I have plans to make a tree skirt to have the family put painted hand prints on and each year the boys can add theirs.
Also we are going to ride the Polar Express Train out of Stillwater Oklahoma and thought it would be so cute if the boys had PJ's like the little boy in the book

  Image result for little boy in polar express

I have the flannel and pattern, so need to just get to it. 
Update on the pants I cut out earlier this month..... I had made and I guess I hadn't gained as much as I thought I did for the size I cut out.  Very baggy but that's Okay.
I'll just wear them around the house.
Hope not to make that mistake with the boys.

One of the things on my list is to prepare the guess rooms and the boy's I-Spy quilts are finished now and had been on the beds but the cats have been sleeping on them and now they are full of fur.  

I'll wash them but I need to check the backs first seeing how not all was sewn down, did quilt as u go method. 
That is what I have been working on today stitching down the missed spots.

 Along with some weaving. 

This yarn was some more of the stuff given to me years ago and I really like how it is looking, looks like silk but its not. I hoping my middle daughter picks it. 
Working on scarfs for gifts.
Figure I'll make all different colors and patterns. 
And let them pick the one they want instead of me doing the picking. Sometimes my picks are not right.

Hard to believe December is almost here.

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Saturday, November 5, 2016

A Scarf, Trees and Sheep

The past two days have been a time of keeping busy.
Thursday made it a week since the sheep have been doing their thing in the veggie patch. 

Here is what it looked like the day they came.

Now this is what it looks like after one week on them munching away.

They have done a pretty good job so far. I'm thinking at least a few more days to maybe up to a week more.
I'm thinking I need to seriously think about getting a goat. I like goats, use to have one years ago and they make a good pet if that is what one want. Mine was like a big dog. Sweet, followed me everywhere and even would come when you called but he like all the plants I didn't want him to eat.
Will need a place to keep it in, that will take some work.

Yesterday at the quilt shop it was "sit and sew". You bring whatever you wish to work on and bring your lunch. A time for sewing or something and visiting.
Well I didn't take sewing this time, I took my loom and worked on making another scarf. I know I said I was going to use these yarns next but yesterday morning I was in a rush to putting on the warp threads that I just went with a worsted weight yarn for the warp and a skein of Lion Brand Homespun for the weft, just one color.

It went so fast. In 3 hours the scarf was completed. 

So I started another last night with scraps of pink for the warp and another skein of Lion Brand Homespun but in a very pale pink. 

It's almost done.

  Last but not least it the tree blocks for The Vintage Christmas are done and now it's on to the truck blocks. 

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