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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Yarn Along 12/3/14

I've been planning to knit "the little dudes" some slippers and trying to figure out how to make the pattern I use look like Thomas the train. The boys love their trains. Then I came across this pattern on Ravelry.  

They are cute, not knitted but crochet, which is fine cause I know how.  In my stash there is all the colors needed.  I haven't started them yet, just found the pattern but sure
hope they turn out as cute as the ones in the picture.

What I have been listening to is book 2 of the Outlander Series written by  Diana Gabaldon

Dragonfly in Amber | [Diana Gabaldon]

I'm not one for Historical Romance books but I have enjoyed this one. Being one who doesn't read those type of books, I'm not sure if it is consider a true romance, all I know is there is more seductive parts than I'm normally read. Its the body of the rest of her work that keeps me fascinated. I love history and there is plenty of details that I enjoy. This book is 39.5 hours and the first was about the same. 
What made me want to read this series was the program on TV (Starz). I enjoyed the program and the book is even better. If you have read them; What did you think? Do you consider the to be romance novels?
Love to know what you think.
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Monday, December 1, 2014

It's Monday what's up

It's a very cold day again here in northeast Oklahoma. So most of my day will be at sewing. I'm working on, which I didn't think I would start, Bonnie Hunter's new mystery quilt.

 Right now I'm working on the half square triangles which you need 280 of . Then I will start sewing units together and should have that done with no problems today. 

Hamburger Soup | The Pioneer Woman
Ree Drummonds picture 
I think for dinner I'm going to make hamburger soup. It's a Ree Drummond 
(fellow Oklahoman) recipe over on Pioneer Woman's website. I've made it before and it's such a yummy recipe. Going to use some of my grass fed beef that we raised and some of the vegetables from the garden. Lots of veggies. Then some biscuits. 

 I also hope to  get two blocks cut and prepped ready for my gray and yellow Nested Churn Dash blocks.

 And hopefully I can move right along today and start cutting out the panels for the little dudes cloth books I'm making for Christmas. (24 days away)

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