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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Cool Egg Stuff

I have been spending a lot of time looking and holding the twins that I haven't doing much of any thing else. But today I went to get the babies a stroller and car seats, and we took a detour to Home Goods store. I wish we had one of these in Oklahoma. The closest one is in Texas or  Hot Springs Arkansas. Great prices. 
I found these cute egg cooking implements 

This one is for cooking a single egg that will fit perfectly on a English muffin or bagels.

And these two are just too cute, love the grumpy face on the egg, left one is a separator and the right one is for mashing hard boiled eggs for egg salad. It said you can mash potatoes but I think it would have to be an awful small potato. I think it will look cute just standing up on the counter

Little note on the twins, they are still in NICU but are making good progress. Blake is eating more and was bigger at birth and still is bigger, Ben is smaller and doesn't eat as much, gets most of his food in his feeding tube but we have seen a big improvement in just the past 24 hours. Mom had go back into the hospital yesterday because she had fluid in her lungs and BP was up but they talking about sending her home tomorrow. Maybe Blake can come home in a couple of days. Unfortunately Ben will be some time later. Will see 

Till next time

Sunday, May 20, 2012

They are Here

Ben @ 5lbs. 11 oz & 19" and Blake @7 lbs 6 oz. & 19 3/4"
I have been so preoccupied with the fact that the little guys are here. My daughter delivered Thursday night and all went very well. I can not put into words all that I feel, I am not the one in the family who is the writer, my daughter is. So I am going to give a link to her blog because she was able to put her experience so eloquently into words plus she has more pictures. But I'll tease you with this one.
The only thing I can say is I just wished I lived closer, 1200 miles is such a far way away. I would of liked to have been able to just of been able to be here when needed. I feel it would of been easier on everyone but no one knew when they would be here and now that they are I just can't get enough of them. And to know that I used up most of my time and will have to go back home and not be able to just drive up anytime and see them is hard. I envy the other Grandparents or any Grandparents who can, I hope you know how lucky you are. I need to learn how to do Skype, that way I can at least see them via technology. You have to love that technology stuff.
I can wait till "the man of the place" now Grandpa can see them.
He will just fall in love with them too.
Well I'm off to go see the little guys and oh ya hold them, I got to hold Ben last night for the first time. Today will be Blake's turn, if you read Laura's post, she explains why.
Till next time

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

How to make a T-Shirt Necklace/Scarf

Last month before I came to California I was at the Muskogee Quilt Show and one of the workshop offered was how to make a scarf from an old T-Shirt. Anything that has to do with recycling just get my interest, so I just had to go check it out. Now it was the one of easiest and cool idea I've seen in a while. I had never seen anything like this but when I went toYouTube I found there are a few video on how to make one but they were different then the way I was shown.

What you will need is a T-Shirt that has no side seams.
My shirt is an XLG.

 You will cut off the hemmed bottom

 Then you will need to cut strips 1 inch wide. Now I did mine with a rotary cutter but you could use scissors

 I ended up with 15 strips, but it will vary with the shirt you used.

 Now you will stretch the strips and when you do they will roll.

 See, it rolls into a rope like look.

 This is what mine looked like when all have been stretch.

Now when you have yours done you can check out this youtube video to give you several way to wear  them.

Till next time

Monday, May 14, 2012

What's Up Monday

Since I'm not home and do not have access to my design wall, my things I'm working on are not up the wall but in my lap/bag. So today I went to a quilt shop near here to see and get an idea of what is popular here. I don't know about you but I have found that when visiting shops in different parts of the country, what is being offered as classes and projects changes. 
One thing that I have not seen or did not notice around home is this bag.

This bag requires no sewing on the machine, just little hand sewing for tacking. What a perfect project to work while here at the hospital.

The pattern suggest using a Bali Pop or Jelly Roll. Did not see one that I like so I decided to buy some fabric and cut it into 2 1/2" strips. Now I have to update my Stash Report (needs it badly). I must of been subconsciously thinking about the what my daughter likes in colors for the babies because see  the new pair of socks I made. 

Gee, they are the same colors.
Like these so much better than the last pair.

Last pair.

I have also been working on my Little Birdie quilt blocks and the Dresden Plate

I now take my computer to the hospital so I able to write this post while here,which means I need to find or think of things to write about. Going to go through the pictures on my iPhone, heck I have over 500. I have pictures from past show and tells and quilts show along with ones from the farm. Plenty of material to pick from.
Till next time

Saturday, May 12, 2012

A Day at The Park

My Favorite
The hospital that my daughter's at is in downtown Sacramento. This is where I grew up for half of my childhood, so it's  been a lot of going down memory lane. I have been by the old place we lived in and other places like schools and where my grandparents lived. When I was a kid we lived just a few blocks from McKinley Park and my sister and I would walk to the park to play or go to the library. There was and still is a beautiful rose garden along with a Camellia garden.

I like roses and they were in full bloom along with smelling wonderful but Camellias I associate with being home here. We had Camellias and so did a lot of our neighbors. I wanted to share a few photos of the beautiful Camellias, which I was lucky to see because it is the end of the blooming season.

For the longest time I thought I could not grow them in Oklahoma but it wasn't until a couple of years ago I found out we can and I have my mind set on finding a location to plant a couple of bushes. 
And after seeing these, I am on a quest when I get home to find, prepare and plant some of these beauties. 
If you would like to learn more about this plant, their is a Camellia Society site you can visit.
Monrovia has a good collection to purchase.
I'm planning now.
Till next time
 This post has been linked to Fishtail Cottage garden party, go check out the other links to some beautiful gardens and ideas.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Newborn Bootie Socks

I have been spending a lot of time down at the hospital with my daughter and since she is on bed rest I spend a good portion of my visit sitting. So I have been taking piecework and these bootie socks are one of the things I've done.

I had used a variegated yarn so that is why this part do not match.
But seeing how she is expecting twins I'll need to make at least one more pair.
Very easy to make and the pattern simple.
I found this pattern on ravelry. 
It is a free download that you will find here.
If you have problems with getting the pattern I will gladly give it to you. 

Till next time

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Egg Recipe #19

Here is the second part I promised.

Egg Breakfast Sandwich
Your way

I used the egg cooked in the microwave and for my meat choice I had some Canadian bacon but why not use bacon, sausage or ham. Really whatever you have on hand..
Now I had whole wheat  English muffins but I have also used bread, biscuits, soft rolls, crescent roll or what about bagels.
I love cheese on mine but that is optional.

And you can not forget the ketchup  

Till next time

Monday, May 7, 2012

Egg Recipe #18

I have been so preoccupied with being at the hospital with my daughter and not in my own kitchen I have fallen behind in posting the weekly egg recipe. I have been on the run a lot so I thought what better recipe to share is a couple of very simple and familiar ones we all have eaten at one time or another. 

Egg via Microwave

Perfect way for you to cook an egg quickly and flawlessly. 

Crack 1 (or 2) eggs in a microwavable mug, with 1 Tablespoon milk and salt & pepper
Stir to mix and break the yolk.


Place in the microwave and cook on high for 45 seconds.


I am going to show what I have been doing with my cooked egg in the next post.
A great to take on the run breakfast.

Till next time

Friday, May 4, 2012

Missing Home

I have been here in California now for 10 days and as much as this place had been birthplace and home to me for 36 years, I find that what I have now in Oklahoma I miss dearly. I miss my husband aka "the man of the place" and all we have there.
We are all still on baby watch. My daughter has been admitted to the hospital on bed rest until the boys are born.
I was going through pictures I took at home and came across all the pictures of the different types of Irises we have on the place. Have nine different large Irises and remember the one mini Iris from a couple months ago, that makes ten.
A beautiful collection

Since I was not the one to plant them I do not know the name of all the varieties, wish I did.
They are very nice even without names.
Till next time
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