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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My Present Pillows

 A week or so ago the Henry Glass Co. promoted a Holiday Blog Hop featuring their designers. I don't know if you have followed one but it can be  pretty interesting. You learned about the designers and most of the time they will have some sort of project. This one spoke to me, it said "you just have to make me".
So I did.
I found this at Pink Figs blog, this is her pattern called  present pillows . Click on present pillow to get her pattern.
If you are looking for something unique to decorate your home, you might like this. Or if your needing a gift for one of the many parties you'll attend this holiday season I think this is a good one. I plan on making this pattern smaller to be a tree ornament.
These pillows are being donated to a silent auction to help raise money for the Angel Tree and Christmas Food Baskets. We have an event called the Festival Of Trees at our church where the public can come look at decorated Christmas trees and other Christmas items and bid on them. We raise a fair amount to help out our mission projects plus it's a lot fun. 

Till next time

Monday, November 28, 2011

My Ginger Bread Quilt

This is my entry to the Christmas Quilt Show at Sew Cal Gal blog

The Ginger Bread Quilt was designed by Marilyn McSpadden of Kansas. She also designed the Snowman Quilt I just finished putting together. Here's a picture of hers that I just fell in love with.

As you can see she  started with just 9 blocks but when she made the pattern for her friend Pam at Sager Creek Quilt Shop she added 3 more so it could be a BOM.

The quilt measures 36" x 48", perfect Christmas wall hanging for in the dining room. I planned on quilting it myself but as you can see I haven't gotten to that yet and I'm not sure if I will before Christmas. It might have to go up as-is.  Which is still cute if you ask me.

This was  the first block and Marilyn had done her in a button hole stitch and it looked good but I wanted to see what it would look like in a satin stitch. I really liked  the look.

I do most of my appliqueing by hand but there are times I do it on the machine.
I have a Viking Sapphire 870, which does a beautiful job for me.

I did do some hand embroidery on a few of the blocks.

Like the zig-zag frosting is hand done
I do have another Christmas wall hanging that is done in redwork

I'm going to start here in a couple of days a Christmas string quilt and if you love string quilts or want to know more, check back in a few days and I'll start posting the progress from start to finish.
Turn on some Christmas music, grab a cup hot chocolate and enjoy viewing the Christmas Quilt Show.

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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Purple Haze

That is what I have been seeing these past couple of days. I've been working on the Purple Sugar Twist Quilt

 I made mine bigger (of course) so it takes 90 blocks compared to the one offered in the pattern (36)

I can say that I am finished with that part. It wasn't a hard block to make and it went quickly. It only took 2.5" strips cut to 3 different lenths.

 Had to sew a background 2.5" square to the ends of each color piece in the block and then would sew an additional square to the end like so.


Then take that piece and sew it to the other color strip, so on and so on until all strips are sewn together. Each block used 2 different fabrics. I used 20 different purples, plus the background.

 As you can see there is only six strips involved in each block.

 Looks like this when completed.

Trim, but need to take care and leave a 1/4" from each point. The block was suppose to be 6 1/4" x 9 1/4" but mine did not work out to be those measurement. Slightly smaller by an 1/8". It will work or lets say I'll make it work.

Next I will be putting on the sashing but that has to wait till later. I'm ready to just go spend some time with "the man of the place", even if it is watching TV together.

What a pile, makes me feel good to finally see them all completed.

Till next time

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Santa Came Already

Christmas is already on the way here in Oklahoma, at least  it has for me. My Secret Santa left me a package at the post office.

You want to see!!!

OK I'll show you.

Isn't that a pretty flower, looks like a lot of fabric went into it
What,  you want to see more, love to oblige.

I just love my bag. She picked a few things I love and represented them on it. My chickens and gardening. I don't think she knew this but I seem to have a lot of bags. I putin them my projects, knitting and at times my piecework.

But that wasn't all, I love to read and she sent me a book that  she had written. How cool is that.

Thank you very much, my Secret Santa.

P.S. There were some Almond Joy bars in the bag too, but somehow they didn't make it in the pictures.

Till next time

P.S. Blog Hop Party is going on and I one of the many who is particapating with a giveaway but I also a personal giveaway posted the day before, so click here and then go to the day before for my personal giveaway of a kit for a small wallhanging. My way of saying thank you.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Many Blessings to you

I want to wish you a great Thanksgiving and that you eat until your stuffed and if you are traveling, that you're safe.


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Making Progress

I am so excited that I am finally finished appliqueing on this piece. Now its on to doing the embroidery on it.
There will be a lot of stitching to be done. This afternoon I marked where needed.

  I used a water erasable marker, I like the Fine Marker-Blue Chako Ace pen. I have had very good luck with it washing out of the fabric.

 Now there will also be stitching on each of the leaves but didn't bother to mark. I can probably just wing it.
  When I was on the bus trip last month there was a shop that carried Cosmos Floss. No one around here  sells this thread so I'm looking forward to stitching with it. I have heard that it is so smooth and leaves a beautiful stitch. I'll let you know what I  think about it. I have 2 variegated skeins.  I'll use on the right for the leaves and the other one I'll use on the stems (left).
Now if I wasn't trying to do so many different projects at the same time and just stick to one, I could have this done a lot sooner but chances are it will be a while before I get this part finished and on to the quilting. I'll be hand quilting.
I wrote a post on another blog about the tools I use while hand quilting, the blog is  called celebrate hand quilting.  Check it out. A lot of great info being put on there.

Till next time

Monday, November 21, 2011

Trugging along

I have been working on some more of BB CWBOW, and when I went on her blog today to do another block I notice, not knowing when she had posted it, that she is going to leave her Civil War blog up until April so us who are behind can get caught up. Now I really didn't need to hear that. I can procrastinate and heaven know that is just to tempting. I'm going to pretend I didn't read that. 
I did my quota of 10 blocks for last week and 3 blocks done for this week. 
I notice that it seems like I can spend  just as much time picking out the fabric as it take to make the block. But there's so much involved, I'm trying not to use the same fabric more than once. There will come a time I'll need to but it's a challenge to see if can get away with using all the fabric just once.

#17 Comfort Quilt
#3 Seven Sisters

#12 Louisiana

#8 Cotton Boll

 I'm really feeling good about each one I get done. I'm almost done with a 1/4 on them already.
Suppose to rain part of the day tomorrow so I see sewing  my future

Till next time

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Pumpkin Pie in a Mason Jar

Today at church I had a thought come to me and unfortunately it wasn't  how to bring peace to the world. 
We have singles who do not have family, are away from their family or have no plans for Thanksgiving, so I thought what about giving them a pie, pumpkin pie seeing how it's the pie of choice. But I was thinking a regular pie is just too much for one person. Then came the light bulb moment, why can't I make a pumpkin pie in a jar like I did with the cherry pie. That's what I did this afternoon, baked pies

 I maded them basically the same way I did the other pies. I did buy pre-made pie crust dough and a can (15oz) of pumpkin and just made up the filling like do any other time I make this pie.
I'm adding a little more info:
 The jars I used are half-pint, wide-mouth Ball canning jars. That way you know they can take the heat of the oven. And if you do not have a pumpkin pie recipe, the one on the label of Libby canned pumpkin is a good recipe. Also I was only able to make 4 pies because that is all  I had of that size jar. There was enough filling for 2 more.  It would take 3 pie dough rolls (pre-made) to do 6 pies.

Lay out the dough and take the jar and cut out a circle using the jar.
Put the dough circle in the bottom of the jar, making sure it's even all around the best you can.

Then cut a strip of dough 2.5" x 8.5".

Wrap this piece around the inside of the jar like my example. Press the edges together.

I saw this on Martha the other day, a braided edge. Just thought it was the prettiest edge to a pie and have never done one before. It wasn't hard, you just need to be gentle and do not pull too hard.
I used water for the binding agent along the edge when I applied the braid. I did not fill the jar all the way, I left about 3/4" from top. The filling will rise while baking.
Put on cookie sheet and bake at 350* for approximately 50 - 60 minutes. Test by inserting a knife in pie, it should come out clean.
Just look how pretty they are and "the man of the place" was my guinea pig, They were good he said.
So this will a great gift to someone  this holiday.

Till next time

Link to deborah jeans dandelion house, homestead revival and comfy in the kitchen

Saturday, November 19, 2011

What's next

I have decided that I am going to work on only projects that  I have started and can't start any new ones until I finish at least two WIP's. I've been writing done the WIP's and putting them order of priority. Like if this is going to be a gift that needs to done for Christmas, or how long ha it been since I started this one, etc. I decided to work on a quilt that I started at the beginning of this year. It's a free BOM pattern called Birdie Stitches at  Little Miss Shabby .
The cuties little embroider blocks. I just can't pass embroidery patterns. So I went through my stash because its a rule I gave myself, Use Up My Stash First. I looked for fabric that would go together nicely but I have such a Hodge Podge of stuff I couldn't find a good group. But then I remember I had all these charm packs and it would work perfect because there are 2.5" squares all around the embroidered block. It's not a soft look like the example she shows but cute none the less.

So I took the 5" square and cut the square in quarters making 4 - 2.5" from each square. Finished sewing them together today. Yeppie.
The blocks unfinished are 12.5" and there are 12 of them. The quilt will be  52 x 66 when done.

Now that all the blocks are  sewn together, it was time to put the embroidery pattern on the blocks. I have in the past just take a water solvable maker and draw the pattern on but since I have started using this printable transfer paper, I just use this most of the time. 
It's much quicker and easier. Because is sticks to the fabric while you stitch, it gives your fabric some firmest to it, so a majority of the time I do not use a hoop and the results are like if you did use a hoop.. All you do is print a copy of your pattern, pull it off the paper backing and place it where you want it. If you don't get it placed just right, it can easily be peeled off and repositioned.

 And I find it very easy to stitch through, not too stiff and there is no stickiness to it. When you are all done stitching, it dissolves in cool water.

Now I have this project ready to go for when I feel like doing some embroidery. I  have one other embroidery quilt to get ready. I'm planning my winter piecework to do.

Till next time

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