If you want a golden rule that will fit everything, this is it: Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.William Morris.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

On my needles

On my needles currently is another Fringeworthy scarf. Using that beautiful multicolored yarn that I had purchased a couple weeks ago.

It's knitting up lovely and the variation as it progresses is gorgeous. Very soft and pliable, it should drape well. So Springy and Summery looking. 

This past weekend while at the Stillwater Art Festival, I picked up a skein of some llama  Alpaca yarn. Oh my gosh, this stuff is so soft. It's like cuddling a kitten
This yarn will definitely be a scarf and I'm looking forward to making and wearing it.

I figure this will probably be one of the projects I'll take with me to California next month. Now if the "little dudes" don't wear Grammy out, I might be able to get a little knitting done in the evening.

Now for what I'm currently listening to. Is Becoming Wise by KristaTippett. 
She has a program on NPR called On Being. It's a very enlightening show.

Krista Tippett, the host of public radio’s On Being, weaves threads of her own story with sizable clips of interviews from the show to offer us a rich vision of what it might look like for us to become wise in the twenty-first century. This book is especially recommended for those who yearn for something deeper than the daily grind of consumerism in which we are all too often ensnared. Tippett helps us loosen our bonds and imagine a more meaningful and more elegant way of life.
By Englewood Review of Books (Indianapolis) 

So far I am finding it very interesting and love the fact that she is the one reading the book. 

Check out more books and others projects at Small Things

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Slowly but Surely

Today and yesterday I've been working on the same things.

Have put in a couple hours on machine quilting and it's coming along nicely. It's all been a new learning experience for me but it's enjoyable.
Not quick for a reason, want to get the feel of what I'm doing first before I think about being quicker.
I lowered the speed on the machine to help me be a little slower.

Working on the purple one first cause my thought is, this one is getting easier designs to work out. In the ditch stitching and the sashing I'm thinking loops.

The pink Urban Nine Patch I want to do something that is a little more challenging in designs.
Maybe it will next... or not.

Also been working of the flannel scrap box.
This is part of "I may have a scrap problem."

Done two receiving blankets and burp cloths so far. These have already been given away.

Have a few more cut and ready to sew,

And a pile of pieces that will work together, believe I counted 11 set.

Also have a pile of smaller scraps that will be used for burp cloths..

Because I'm wanting to do more of machine quilting which means the main machine needs to be ready to quilt without having to change things out, so decided to get another machine out. Decided on the Kenmore but was thinking the last time I used it it was skipping stitches.

Got it out, set up and tried it out. 

So far it's looking good. Did use some of the thread I use to use years ago when this machine was the main one, in my clothes making days, a polyester thread. 

What I'll do is keep this one up to work on the blankets and RSC and maybe leave it out.  

Friday, April 15, 2016

FAL Q2 List

Well it's that time again to make my show of projects that I want to complete. Part of the list is what I didn't complete from the last quarter. 

Didn't finished the tumbling snowman.

And then there is putting the binding on the Red Scrap quilt, something so easy and I hadn't done it.

Plus the one on my bed needs to a binding.

Last years RSC that was done in 30's reproduction. 
I am going to increase the size so need to make a few more blocks.

The 30's Row quilt. Has been hand quilted but need a little more detail to one of the rows

The row of houses I want to put in some more detail like grass and clouds. When I get done with that, this quilt is ready to be bound also.

I also have a few baby quilts I want to machine quilt

And a couple of knitting projects.

So I'm linking this up to She Can Quilt 

Tuesday, April 12, 2016


I can toot my horn today, have two knitted projects done.

First one is the socks that was done two at a time, cool idea but I'll not do it again. This method is not for me, the yarn would get tangled up constantly and felt like I was wasting time fooling around with the two strands of yarn. 
You never know what will work or not. And they will make a great pair of house socks.
I used a worsted weight yarn and they seem a little on the big side but very comfy.

Second is the scarf I started little over a couple weeks ago. This is the one that was a free pattern and you can get it here 

The ribbon was old and a little stiff but did soften up after a washing. Very pleased with how it turned out and will make this again. 

In fact... purchase some new yarn for another. 

Making the fringe was easy and work like it said in the directions which was great because I was nervous about if I could do it but I had no problem. 

Now to I'm reading but before I do wanted to tell you that I finished

Dead Wake Audiobook

 Dead Wake by Erik Larson and I thoroughly enjoy his book and after hearing him speak last week. He was great speaker, so funny and entertaining, had a great time. 
After I'm done with the book I'm listening to now, want to read his book Devil in the White City. 

The Devil in the White City Audiobook

So current read is 

Ten Prayers That Changed the World Audiobook

I have been enjoying the fact that prayer plays such a part in history I never thought about before in some of these ten prayers.
From the Publisher;
From time immemorial, prayer has provided comfort in our darkest hours, stirred us to action beyond what we thought possible, and shown us the way through seemingly insurmountable challenges. In this engaging tour of world history, author and historian Jean-Pierre Isbouts takes us on an inspiring tour of 10 prayers that played pivotal roles in world events. The prayers range from the divine inspiration of Joan of Arc to Martin Luther's hymn "A Mighty Fortress", from George Washington's prayerful words to the newly formed American states to the horrors of Auschwitz, and from Constantine the Great's prayer before battle to Gandhi's deeply moving prayer of peace. Ten Prayers That Changed the World delves into the moments in history when faith and prayer intersected with the course of mankind.

About 70% done.

Admit I May Have A Problem

I knew I was not the only one but sometimes for ones with a problem and want to deal with it, doing it with others it very helpful.
It works for A.A. Weight Watchers and other programs/groups.
So why not with what Sarah is doing over at Confessions of a Fabric Addict.
She is leading others to join her in dealing now with our/mine abundant scraps. I had done this in the past but did forget about until I read what she wrote and that is "A yard of quilting fabric weighs about 5.8 ounces."
So if I was to weigh mine it would be a lot as cost in fabric goes.

What I thought I would start with first is the flannel tub 

and the tub of leftovers from things made for the "Little Dudes".

Quite the pile but won't bother to weigh them due to the fact it's a variety of various types of fabrics. But if I had to guess. I would say there is around a couple hundred dollars worth there.

My thoughts are to make receiving blankets, burp cloths and bibs to give away as gifts. 

I'm curious to see how many of these items I'll end up making.

So here is my confession too that I may have a problem with scraps and will work hard this year to deal with them and use up as much as I can.  

I'm linking at Sarah's blog along with many others.
We are not alone.

Monday, April 11, 2016

What's Up 04.11.16

Mainly what's up is on the table. Forgot I told my mom that I would contribute some pillowcases to be donated to the children cancer center in Tulsa. So this morning it's catch up time. Have 3 fabric combination that will be nice.
Have more but time is an issue today.

Children prints is something I have a lot of lately. 

Using the sausage roll method, which is the easiest and quickest way to make pillowcases that I know of.

This Youtube video is the method I am using. Gives a nice clean seam, shows how to do a french seam so there are no raw seam edge inside the pillowcase. There are other videos out there with and without french seams but this is one out of the few I watch that was clear to see and understand.

So here are my 3 cases ready to be dropped off at Mom's later today.

Did have a few completed border blocks for the Scandinavian Christmas wallhanging up on the design wall.

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Thinking Orange

This month's color For RSC16 is orange, as many of you probably already know. 
I love going to Soscrappy's blog and seeing all the wonder projects others are doing. Which is what I am going to do after I'm done posting this.

I haven't started mine yet but I do have a couple choices to pick from.

all things simple: shauna's quilt. 8 X 8 " blocks; jelly roll strips with 1.5" sashing. Border is 4".:

The first is a basic strip block set with a sashing. Like this one I've found on pinterest.

 something similar to the Four Winds Quilt pattern offered by Fancy Tiger Crafts

Their quilt here is made for a queen size bed but I like the layout and I'm making a baby quilt so it will be different of course. This would make a great bed quilt.

I have a good stash of orange to pick from and would love to made a good dent in it.
Now over at Confessions of a Fabric Addict she is helping others with their scrap problem, like herself. So between Soscrappy and her, maybe I can make some progress on my scrap problem. 

I had made this baby quilt a few years back and like so many I have, needs to be quilted.

Well that's it for now, hope to have something completed by next Saturday to show.

Till then

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