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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Lots of Sewing

The past two days have been full of sewing and preparing for future sewing.
Yesterday at Pam's was the monthly Block Buster class. It's a free class where we make a block using one of Deb Tucker's tools. This month it was the V Block..

Image result for deb tucker's v block ruler

You see the deal is that the class is free and the block we make is donated to Quilts of Honor.. I think so far we have donated enough for 4 quilts.  The class has becomed so popular that Pam added 3 more class times and they have already filled. 
To see some of the past blocks on their facebook page

Here are some of the blocks we made yesterday.

Last night I finished appliqueing this block....

Now I'll go on the the friendship blocks I shown the other day.

Today I cut out more Retro Air-Ship Propeller blocks, enough for 16 blocks.

Seeing how I'm doing 2 colorways I did the pink and turquoise 1930's. Next will be the other colorway.

Now for the most exciting part is that Esther over at Esther's Blog has launched her new free BOM, Diamond Hill.
I love her designs and I had started her Love Entwined and will finish it someday but there is so much to that I had felt overwhelmed. 

But I can see myself doing this one and not feel so overwhelmed. It started the 15th and for the next 7 months on the 15th she will have the pattern available, just go to her blog for all the details and colorways.

I have the pattern ready and now its deciding on fabric.

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Monday, January 16, 2017

FAL Give In

Update; I missed the deadline. Thought it was another hour.
Oh well.

I have been going back and forth on whether I want to say a list of projects that need to be completed and publicly commit to. I am so eager to make a list but as time goes on I get sidetracked somehow and never seem to finish my list. Maybe I'm just too hard on myself. I know that I would put way too much and it would be unrealistic to do. 

But the clock is ticking and with just a few hours to go for the deadline I've given in.
I do want to say in my defense is that I did do a couple from the last time, just didn't post about them. 

Let's go to the list now.

1. From the last years list it's putting the binding on these 2 quilts. They are trimmed and ready, just need to make attach the binding.

2. Finish the top of Words to Live By . Needs the last border and I expect that's all that will get completed because I will be taking it to Pam at Sager Creek to do her magic quilting but she has a waiting list and it might be a year before I get it back.

3. Take The Vintage Christmas into Cliff, Pam's husband to have him quilt this one. He will have back to me before time's up for FAL. And have it binded.

4. I'm going to machine quilt the White Birches myself.

Decided to keep the list short so maybe I get a "feel good"
feeling if completed, which I believe is doable.

Sunday, January 15, 2017


When you have a cold your day goes slowly, well mine has pretty much slowed to a halt today.

Yesterday even though I knew I was coming down with a cold but I was feeling well enough to sew most of the day.
It was too cold to go out and help with feeding the cattle and by the way we had 8 calves born this week. Pretty Red cows was not one of them thou.
One of the heifers here had a calf today but I get a picture when I feel better.

Finished the Vintage Christmas Quilt.

The pattern was well written and easy to follow.

It shows when you have so many pieces to sew together and it measures out right when attaching a multi blocks to a solid piece.

And I have to say partly to that I found my 1/4" and was pretty consistent. But instructions are great. 

Yesterday I figured a pot of Chicken soup would fix me but unfortunately not quite work. Today I have had the energy of a slug. But I had leftover soup so didn't have to make dinner.

I did have a spurt of energy this afternoon long enough to try the cutter I received for Christmas. 

Decided to cut the 2.5" strips need to make this months RSC17

Some of the purple I collected

I love it, made all this success in less than 2 hours.  That's collect, press and cut.

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Friday, January 13, 2017

Oh Darn

 Well I caught "the man of the place" cold. Been fighting congestion and sneezing all day. But it didn't stop me from sewing. 

I was able to get as you can see all of the truck blocks completed. Now tomorrow  I hope that I can finish the sashing and border and I'll be done. It is my OMG for January.

 Around us to the west was the prediction of ice but we were fortunate enough to just get some drizzle..... Cold drizzle.
 So this morning when I went out to let the chickens out of the coop they were so happy to be out even though the weather sucks. I've been letting them free range this past week. Well I thought I lost one because couple days ago I was counting and I only counted 18 and I should have 19. Well the next day the same thing when I put them to bed, there was 18. I guess I'm just losing my mind or something because tonight when I locked them up in the coop there were 19 and I counted them three times. I do not know where that other hen has been for the past few days  I wish I could tell which one it was but I still haven't figured it out.  But I'm happy there are 19 again.

 And then this morning when I was feeding the wild birds I noticed a female cardinal upside down next to the window in the living room, so I picked her up and put her on the windowsill. She did eventually did fly away.
 This happens quite often. 
The birds will fly into the window, sometimes they're just stunned like she is but other times unfortunately it kills them. Has any of you have this happen and if so is there anyway to stop them?  I haven't read anything that makes sense that I can do to stop these birds from flying into the window.  It's sad that some of them will end up dead because of it.

I'll end this on a good note now..... my cat Pete has become quite the stove cat.  He just loves laying next to the warm stove. I'll go and pet him and his fur is so warm, don't know how he can be comfortable with all that hair and then the hot heat on top of it but he does enjoy it.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Oh Christmas Tree

Last night I did do a little appliqueing,  
Have had this in my basket for years, it was a class sample and does not belong to any pattern. Figure no rush to getting it done so there it stayed for all this time.

Was able to get the black pieces sewn down. Giving my hand a rest tonight, give it a try again tomorrow.

Did work for a little on the Vintage Christmas.
I was spending part of my day packing up the last tree and taking down decorations.

Now it's official, Christmas 2016 is over.

Not going to take down this quilt tho.
This hangs in the livingroom and I think it looks good so it will stay up for a while more.

Needed to get some staples and produce today.
Plus I picked up what I needed to make my father-in-law chili and a chocolate pudding pie (his favorite).
With the possibility of bad weather he shouldn't be getting out. He is 84, lives alone and still drives. But doesn't need to when it bad out.
Spent 54.93 which brings my total for the month to 127.73.

I'm afraid I might be coming down with "the Man of the Place" cold. I sure hope not.

Till next time

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Tib bits

 Today was an interesting day. I would imagine I have to say that more about the news, then my personal day. I have had the TV on and it kept me entertained most of the day. 

I kept myself busy with cutting out the pieces I needed for the Vintage Christmas quilt  I am now ready to assemble the trucks so it will finish the blocks. This is my OMG so hopefully if all goes right I will have that one completed by the end of the month. The top at least. 

Then I made some sauerkraut today I had two heads of cabbage I bought a couple weeks ago and have been meaning to make.

Finally got around to it. Looks like it'll make a good amount,

  a gallon as you can see.. 

 I was doing a little organizing in the sewing room and my basket of handwork which I have not touched in a while also needed some organizing. 

So I went through all the bags made sure everything was needed in them and then just put them back in the basket till I can get around to it.  Hopefully that won't be too long from now, seeing how I will need to heal some after surgery. Until then I will try short spurts of time working on some hand appliqué. I so miss working on hand appliqué. 

 I wasn't able to do any mowing today saying how it was just so windy, they said we had wind gusts up to 40 miles an hour and I would believe them. 

This morning it looked as though it rained but it hasn't. We are having a spring like day, warm and humid. 
 As the humid, warm air moves around, it condenses onto any surface it finds that is at or beneath the dew point, which is frequently the cement surface.
That is way it looks like this.

While doing a little organizing I had this box that I had forgotten about that I put the blocks in.. I was president of the local quilt guild here around 10 years ago and these were what they call  president blocks that they give you at the end of your term.

 It's an album quilt done in 1930s fabrics.  There's 33 blocks that have been signed by the makers, 15 of them were already embroidered by the maker 

 the other 18 of them were just signed either in pen or pencil that needed to have their signatures embroidered.  

I guess they could've stayed the way they were just signed but I would like them to be more consistent with the ones that were embroidered, so I will just embroider the signature that they put on the blocks and then I will assemble it. That was my original thought when I got them and it still my thought now, so that will go into my hand work basket. 

 Food pantry challenge is going along just fine. I haven't been to the store all week other than to buy some cold remedy stuff for "the man of the place"  seeing how he developed a cold unfortunately. Tonight we're having spaghetti, corn and a salad. There with spaghetti sauce with meat in the freezer that was left over at one time so I've taken that out and that is what will have tonight.

So far I've have spent 72.80 this month on groceries, doing well at eating up what's on hand. 

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

30's Club

Tonight is our monthly 30's Club at Sager Creek and we have a very good turn out. Must be because of the spring like weather we are having.  There was 16 of us.

So today I spent the day working on next months blocks. That leaves only one month left to do and boy will I be ready for this to be completed. 

Tonight I went home with all the completed blocks that I had made for the class. Even though I had made them, they stayed here at the shop. 

I have a setting I want to use that isn't the one that's in the book 

Like this one here's

Now I need to decide what I want to use for the color squares. I figure it will be another solid but needs to be 30's related colors.

My goal is to have this assembly by the April meeting. By then everyone have all the kits and maybe they'll  them done.  I'm hoping that this will give them ideas to consider.

Would like to show now the stuff others brought in for show and tell.

I have meant to give the link to Pam's YouTube videos that she film while demonstrating in class and here is the link.

We always have some sort of snack and most of the time I'll make something. This time I made a Hot Milk Cake. Someone suggested this cake and said that it would of been a cake that was around in the 30's. I did not have an old recipe to use so I looked it up online and found this one on the King Arthur Flour website.

Here is their recipe.

When we started this 7 years ago I had a bigger role in the class. Beside making the snack I would give some sort of talk relating to the depression.  Could of been fabric, patterns, designers, events, or maybe government related. We also covered foods, books, movies and other tips or household ideas.
The past 2 years it's been I only do the samples and I have to say it's been a nice change.

I wanted to do some more mowing today but it was so windy, nice and warm

I hope it's not windy tomorrow so I can get that part of the yard that is left to do. 
Someone had brought this in and not sure what it is.
She thinks it sewing related.
Does anyone have an idea what this is.

Also would like to say how sadden I feel to hear about the passing of Sue Garman.
I love her patterns and her creativity will be missed.
I do have only one of her patterns but there are so many more I would love to have.

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