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August Finishes

Here we are again, another month that seem to just fly by. Its amazing considering we all seem to suffer one way or another from the weather. Here in NE Oklahoma it was extreme heat and humidity. A good thing because of it I was inside a lot, which meant I was keeping myself busy with projects. Was pretty successful too. This is going to be a picture heavy post. I'll start with the one that I had been working on the past few months the Spring Fling Shop Hop from 2015. It turned out so pretty, and next its off to the quilter.   I love how the shops had fabric made just for them, naming the towns and the state. I have also slowly been going through boxes in the garage. and in one of them I found the top I made back in 2012. It was one of Bonnie Hunters mystery quilts, Easy Street.  I didn't have it quilted at the time because I just thought it wasn't complete so I put it away. Well I saw it and realized what was missing, a boarder. It's the only one of her mysteries I hav
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Friday Finishes

  I have some finishes finally….. It’s taken me a while and these are some of the socks that I shared back in May.  There were 9 pairs in various stages of completion, so I have been determined to get them done.  I was also working on other projects too and did finish a couple but right now I’ll just share the socks.  Finished 6 of the 9.  I am going to make this a short post for now but I need to continue looking for yarn labels and patterns. Will share them when I do.  Here there are, Such a pretty short stack….. This blue pair is my recipe from ones I’ve seen before. 2x2 rib that I extended on top of the foot.  The yarn I purchased online from Hobbii, fingering weight but lost the band with more info. This one I’ll have to locate the pattern and info. So autumnal and I’m counting the days until autumn. This yarn is part of my Christmas gift from my daughter.  It’s a monthly sock club from Annie’s  Just love the colors in this yarn. Now this pair is made from the same skein of yarn b


  Well, July came and went. It was a whirlwind of a month.  It has  been somewhat busy. We had family from Utah and California come to visit this month so I spent a lot of time sitting around playing cards, talking, going out to eat, you get the picture.  I was able to get a lot of knitting done, because I can do that while visiting, but not as much sewing as I was hoping.  The one big thing that I did accomplish for the month of July was getting the studio finished. The last thing done this month was to make curtains to go on the front of my ironing station and my cutting table. Very simple just did a casing to put tension rod through and now I have a beautiful studio. I just want to go in there and create all day. I’ve been able to do some of that. But right now I’m just gonna focus on telling you a little bit and post a video so you get a real good view of what my studio looks like.   Video is at the end of post I’ll just give you a brief description of some of the tasks that I went


  I figure I should show you some of the progress I’ve have made in the studio.  I started this endeavor at the beginning of the month and plugged along at every chance I could get.  So I decided I would tackle the room methodically, start by the door and worked my way around, clockwise of course  So when you first walk in on your left is the cubicle cabinet. I have these cloth cubes and each one is filled and have been for years.   Here is the before  All the clutter …. Here is what was in all these cubes. I realized this post is going to be heavy with photos …. figure you needed to see what I meant by filled  One cube had quilt patterns that I’ve collected over the years I like and thought about making.  But there are so many I do not think it is realistic that I will get to making them all. This is collection from 2 cubes   Can you spot the unmade sock monkey?    This is from the cube that had my hand quilting thread and accessories  Another cube of bits and bobs.  Missing are pictu

what's up 6-26-23

  I wish I had more progress to show than I have….. seeing how its been 2 weeks since I last shown you. I do have a pretty valid excuse, been working hard on decluttering the studio.  I've been making good progress but I decided not to show that today. What I wanted to show you is what is up on the design wall I have all the blocks completed, there are only 7 but the rest of the top is done in connecting pieced panels. Very clever This is the center focus block. I still need to attached all the outer sections of the block.  Right now they are pieces that I’ve sewn together     This is the picture that came along with the finishing kit that Pam from Sager Creek quilt shop put together to sell at the time of the shop hop. I find the colors so cheerful.  Well that is what I have so far.  Till next time

Time to de-clutter the Studio

It's long over due, that is to de-clutter and organize my studio. My room is a spare bedroom, 12 x 10 and I have 2 very nice windows which give me plenty of natural light. Very lucky in so many ways. Sure have come a long way from sewing on the coffee table back in the 70's. In the room I have all my sewing stuff except the fabric. I hate to admit it but I have way too much fabric and that is something I need to go through..... but that's for another time. Right now I'll focus just on the studio. In the room I also have my fiber/yarn and other needlework tools. Well I can explain more as I go along. I will start with some pictures I took when I decided to go with this endeavor. So here are the before picture This cubical has in the boxes a variety of crafting stuff. From sewing to natural dyeing materials. There are also patterns and a whole bunch of worthless stuff. This will all be gone through. Along with the cart next to it. Over to the right of the cubical is the n