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Thursday, September 5, 2019

Thursday Throwback .... 6 things I've learned about blogging

I have been busy again with my parents, Mom is back in the hospital with CHF so I hadn't the time to write so I went back to see if there was an old post I could share again. Came across this one I wrote 8 years ago and it just spoke to me.
All of the six things still resonate with me but after 8 years and the changes in my life I feel like I can add more. I am going to put the additional thoughts in red   
So here goes with the post from September 2011

These are a few things I have learned in these short few months since I started blogging.

1. Have fun. I am really having a lot of fun keeping a blog. I have been keeping a journal (diary) since I was 12 years old and this is so much more fun. I think you have to have fun doing this because it takes  time to write and figure out all this stuff.
This is all still so true

2. Be yourself. I had read this somewhere else and thought about it and realize how true that is. The hardest part for me is being able to express myself in words. My middle daughter is the writer and makes it look so easy, so writing this for others to read, not like my journal, has been a challenge getting it to sound like I think it should. Who knew I should of been paying more attention in my English classes.
I have to admit it is still a challenge but has becomed easier and I am faster. Besides being myself I have always and will continue to keep this about me and not my family. Which I mean I keep their names private and for the most part very limited pictures. I figure if they want to be public they'll do.

Laura Ingall Wilder's place

     3. Write about what you know and have a passion for. Now that has been easy and sometimes I have so many things I want to share and I have to decide what I will write about. Otherwise I would be posting (time permitted) many times a days, you would be saying to yourself that lady needs to get a grip on things.. I can have so many things going on that I have to choose and stay focus. Which has been a good thing for me, I have gone off in so many directions that it takes me a while to complete some of the projects I have started. (Mainly my quilting oh ya embroidery, but then there is my knitting and I can't forget, heck you see what I mean.) 
Boy this part has not changed, maybe my interests but not the wanting to share. My only problem is at times getting writers block or like now which is dealing with my parents and their health issues. There has been so many times a week I say I need to write that down and share but something will come up that I need to deal with. But I have learned not to be so hard on myself and just do what I can at this moment. Life goes on (God willing) and situation will change. And THANK YOU all for still taking your time to read this. Time is so precious.

4. Find your time.  I have come to realize that I write better posts at certain times of the day. I seem to be more direct and less creative when I write late in the day. So I do better in the morning but getting to have time to write then is my biggest hurdle. So my goal for myself is to do more of it. I think you would enjoy it more too.
All I can add is, this has not change at all for me. I am a morning person and mornings are just not long enough to do it all.

5. Use lots of pictures. Nothing works better than being able to see it. What's that saying, "A picture is worth a thousands words." I love taking pictures but I really do need to invest in a good camera. And pictures of pets, animals and kids (baby picture) you just can't go wrong.
Still believe it and I have to say I've been trying to learn how to make videos. I give my grandsons credit for that.

6. Add food.  Whether it is recipes, pictures or whats good, food is a winner. Who doesn't like food and the more yummy it is the better. This is something I love to do and sometimes I get so wrapped up in the process and eating I forget to take a picture and all I have left to show is crumbs. I will get better, work on will power and at least get a pic before I dive in.
Believe that still.

Well that's it but I bet if I had the time to think about this I imagine I could add more but I'm short on time again. Need to give Dad a ride to Tulsa to go Visit Mom in the hospital. I will write again as soon as I can.  Take care of yourself.

Till next time

Thursday, August 29, 2019

Sew a Cat Nipper

It's is Thursday.....Throwback Thursday
I thought I would try something new and republish an older post.
This was first published August 6, 2011

Hope you enjoy and can use this pattern

OK, I know this looks strange but this is Pete yawning after playing with his toy I made. Poor thing just wore himself out. He goes totally nuts over it, it could be the catnip in it, YOU THINK!

They are really easy to make and your cat will love it, mine do.

You'll need a scrap of fabric 2 1/2" x 10"
Also small amount of poly-fill stuffing and catnip

Sew 1/4" on one end and the side

like so

You need to turn it inside out. Then add stuffing and catnip. Mixing it by putting in one then the other, alternating as you go. Does not need to be stuffed to firmly. You want it sort of flimsy so you can tie it in a knot

Now its time to just let the cat have his or her way with it.

Eventually it will look like this one. The end chew off and all the catnip is gone from that end.

Till next time

Monday, August 26, 2019

Hot August Days

I am so ready for fall and it's about a month away for us usually. 
And I'm so ready for a change. 

With this hot summer I've been enjoying my favorite iced tea,
passion tea with a little lemonade added. YUM  YUM

I had so many plans last week and writing being one of them but my parents had doctor appointments and then mom ended up in the hospital for 3 days. She was able to come home this weekend.

During that time at doctor offices and hospital visits I took some crocheting with me.
I had finished the Wildrose Backpack 

So I had started a new project, a French Market bag.
Almost done, just need the finish off the handle part of the bag.

I had some cotton yarn leftover from the Wildrose Backpack and wanted another bag to make to take to farmer's markets.

I had also started what my oldest daughter calls a rope scarf for her.
It will be three of these, having one completed.

Had thought about just crocheting these like the straps on the backpack but since I'm using the Lion Brand Homespun yarn I felt it would be too much of a challenge. It's not an easy yarn to work with.  I do like weaving with it the best.

I've ended up using this spool knitting tool.
I remember using something like this as a child, not as fancy but the same method.
Plus I'm having no problem doing this with the homespun yarn.

I have been decluttering and organizing this year ....... very slowly.

Saturday I was working on my clothes in the closet. Found clothing that will go to Salvation Army along with hangers. In fact I had more hangers than clothes. Between the two, sure made a difference.
I still have the other side of the closet that has the winter clothing to do.
I'll get to it next month, this week focus is on the livingroom  and dining room.
I'm going to replace the rugs in the livingroom. I'll show that later when I have it done.   

Basil flowers makes a sweet, aromatic bouquet.
I trim off the flowers to promote growth on the plant so why not use it. Plus it's free.

Till next time

Friday, August 9, 2019

Summer Vacation is Over

I was blessed to spend my summer surrounded by family but now everyone have gone back home.

School started yesterday for the grandsons and next week for my niece and nephew.

Its hard to believe it's been 10 weeks since I last posted. 

Had a few road trips

to Utah, California and back

 Dinosaur National Monument, Utah

Turtle Rock, Utah

Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah

Lake Tahoe, California/Nevada

At a rest stop in Colorado we met a fellow Oklahoman.

First time I've seen horses get out and stretch their legs and grab a bite.

It's Friday but I don't have anything to share as a finish yet.
Been spending time taking mom to doctor appointments and getting the house back in order.

I am working on some small projects right now, curtains for my oldest daughter and 

a hair wrap towels for me. When I finish I'll show them.

For now I'll just say it's great to back and getting things more normal.

Till next Time

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Mid Week Progress

Just a quick update on the WIP I'm working on

The Blue windmill blocks I had cut out are finished 

When I started this top last year I just cut out squares without counting them and it needs 9 more blocks to make a twin, so I found the fabric I used and now need to get some squares cut.

Also have made some progress on the Wildrose Backpack

This is the base/middle of the backpack

Like I mentioned last time I'm using extra colors and so far it looks fine. Looking forward to see what it will look like when completed.

The stitching on the project bag is done and now it's time to figure which fabric I like for the drawstring casing and maybe the lining.

Had these 3 picked out and decided on this one.

The base of the bag I decided it to be  crocheted.

I'm using 2 mm macrame cord and so far I like the weight and hope it works out like I planned.

Then the last is something I just started and it is warping for another rag rug to match the one I finished last week.

Not sure how much I'll get done tomorrow seeing how it's time for my annual mammogram. FUN FUN.
Plus need to go by Costco too
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Monday, May 27, 2019

What's Up 5-27-19

Image result for memorial day 2019

I want to first off say I hope you had joined me today to remember those who served their country and gave their lives. We all own them so much, no matter what country we live.

Other than that it has been a quiet day here. With all the severe weather we have had in Oklahoma, quiet is good. One thing about all the storms comes the humidity and makes it hard for all who have to work outside. 

Stayed inside most of the day

Been working on the Wildrose Backpack.

Instead of going with just one color I decided to use additional ones

Coming along  

I had read this book a little while back and was intrigued by her work. Which led me to starting a stitch journal and trying my hand at Kantha stitching.

So I started on a piece that consist of two old blocks I had.
The blocks were incomplete and damaged.

I'm almost done doing the stitching and the plan is to make a drawstring project bag when finished.

I just love the texture it creates.

Up on the design wall is the Blue Windmills from Cultural Fusion Quilts book

And I have made this my "One Thing with Amy"

I started this last year and really need to finish.
Seems like a long time since I've have finished a top. Will feel good to have this completed. 

Till Next Time 

cooking up quilts

small quilts and doll quilts

love laugh quilt
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