If you want a golden rule that will fit everything, this is it: Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.William Morris.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Day 11

Here it is Day 11 and to think Christmas is 2 weeks away

I wanted share a little before I go to bed.

Since last night I was able to get another 5 hats completed. In fact you can see that one is a deeper red, well that is because I ran out of yarn and had to go get some soft red yarn. 

I purchased 3 skeins and I'm good to go now.

I off to bed now, till tomorrow

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Tid bits and Poinsettia Care

What a perfect Sunday and feeling blessed.... which hope yours is too.

Was able to get a little sewing in this morning, this Tuesday is 30's Club and I want to have Jan. and Feb. BOM ready to give Pam so she can make up kits for participance.

Along with sewing I cooked up a double batch of no-salt spaghetti sauce to share with my parents. Tomorrow mom has her CHF check up and just give it to them.

This evening I plan on doing a few more hats to donate to

I am running out of this soft red yarn. 

Do have this 

but I find it scratchy which I can use on something else, so maybe when in Tulsa I'll go by Joann's or something to get some soft yarn.

And work on weaving up some more wash clothes.

I have 2 blooming poinsettia plants (Euphorbia pulcherrima) so far this year and it is one of my favorite houseplants that I eagerly wait each year to have. 
This one I picked up today when I went to get stuff for sauce, it was marked down.

All I could find were these couple spots for the reason of the mark down, nothing much to be concern about. Chances its due to condition of the humidity and or watering. I'll just remove the effected bracts by cutting each bract off.

 There are a few things to know in order to have poinsettia thrive in your home.
What kind of light does it need. Place it near a sunny window. South, east or west facing windows will make them very happy, more so than a north facing window. Poinsettias are tropicals and will appreciate as much direct sunlight as you can provide.

Your poinsettia likes it if you can maintain a temperature of 65 - 75 degrees F.
during the day. Night temperature can drop to about 60 degrees F. and will not hurt the plant. Cold drafts or allowing the leaves to touch a cold window can injure the leaves and cause premature leaf drop. If you've ever seen a leggy poinsettia in bloom, with only a couple of sad looking leaves hanging on, it was probably exposed to temperatures that were too cool or to extreme shifts in temperature.

Water the plant whenever the surface feels dry to the touch. Water until it drains out the bottom, but do not let the plant sit in water. So it is best to take the foil wrap off and drain the water. You can just leave it off if you wish. Wilting is another common cause of leaf drop. A wilted plant can be revived and salvaged, but it will take another season to improve its appearance.

Try to provide some humidity if you can because if the house tends to be dry and your poinsettia is in direct light, you will find yourself watering frequently, possibly every day.

There is no evidence that they are toxic or unsafe to have in the house.
And they are also safe to put into the compost if they do not make it through this season or another.

With that said you Should Still Use Caution when Handling Poinsettias
A more likely problem to watch out for is contact dermatitis. Euphorbias, the plant family that includes poinsettias, exude a milky sap when broken. Think of milkweed, another common Euphorbia. Many people are sensitive to this sap, which can cause an itchy rash. Be especially careful not to rub your eyes after touching the plants. To be safe, wash your hands after handling a poinsettia plant and try to avid pinching or pruning them with your hands.

They're beautiful, they're safe, and they say Christmas. The only remaining question is whether to save them from year to year. 

Continue burning the Christmas candle
DAY 10 before we know it Christmas will be here.

Linking up with Kathy

Saturday, December 9, 2017


It's been warming up a little, at least it was in the 50's and sunny.
I have to admit I had a slow day today.

Slept in and then after coffee and such I was off to my parents to take them the soup and salads.

While there I worked on slippers for myself.
Had one foot completed and needed to finish up the other.

This evening is what I did.

Yeah..... on my feet and keeping the warm.

I wish I had a housekeeper. I live far enough out that I hadn't found one yet..... so until then I do have something thats second best, an iRobot vacuum  and I love it. Have had it for a year now and realized I hadn't changed the air filter.

What do you think....I believe its past due.

Day 9 it is for the 

Friday, December 8, 2017

Darn It Day 8

I was so busy yesterday away from the house that by the time I made it back, I was so tired to write anything.
Spent the day at Mom and Dads then had a class that evening.
I've been taking our county's  Master Gardener program since last month. It is a 10 week course, which we are about half way through. Last night was on Annuals and Perennials, so love ever moment.

While at moms I had taken a couple of the corner blocks for the Retro Air-Ship Propeller to work on.

Have one more left to prep and I'll be one step closer to the finish.

This morning I was able to get an hour in quilting on Scandinavian Christmas and this is what was accomplished,

outlined the animals and a portion of this sections frame. This wall hanging has been a pleasure to work on for me.

Yesterday I realized I needed to do more for my parents and making more meals for them is where I can step up.

Found a couple of cookbooks to get me started. These here are based on the DASH diet. Gave a link here if your interested in knowing more about a low sodium/ heart health eating plan

This evening I made Chicken and Rice soup and a Pasta Chicken Salad. I'll take these to them tomorrow and talk to them about what they would like next.

Update on the mung beans, I believe they are on the old side. Here it is 3 day now and they are just now starting to sprout out. Will need to pick up some new ones the next time I go to Tulsa.


Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Pillowcases Done

It was a perfect day for sewing, temps were cold

fire was burning, making the house toasty.

And me in my comfy clothes....

So this morning while having my coffee and watching Morning Joe, I quilted a little more on Scandinavian Christmas

I am such a slow quilter, thank goodness my livelihood doesn't depend on it.

I think I might take Chookyblue's advice, go ahead and hang it up even if it's incomplete.

After a few chores and as little as possible cleaning I went on to finish the Rudolph and Santa pillow cases.

 Next step is to get them off in the mail to the grandsons. Seeing how yesterday I mailed off the first set, not a great rush, Friday should be okay.

Did finish the binding last night on the Vintage Christmas and went ahead hung it up in the living room

So cute and makes me feel the need to get the decorations down and put the house in the Christmas spirit,

Now days the holidays vary from year to year. This year will be celebrated with family afterward. I rather have it before, more fun event happen before... none after.
No Polar Express this year.


Tuesday, December 5, 2017

BRRRR!!!!!!! Day 5

Boy what the difference a day makes.  I don't think the temperature got above 45, that is 30 degrees cooler than yesterday.

Spent the day at Mom and Dads, and while there I started working on these.

Little hats.
The American Heart Ass. give little red hats to babies born in the American Heart month..... February 

I found this out just a few days ago about them accepting donations of handmade little red hats. They can be knitted or crochet.

These are the ones I made today while at Moms.
I went ahead and crochet these but I want to at leasts knit a few too. I am so missing working on a knitted project. These are small and not a large project. I'm not sure if my wrist would be up to a lot of knitting.

There is a link that is located below the photo above if you interested in knowing more and patterns.

Earlier this morning I was able to sew on the pillowcases.

Have the Grinch's completed.... dropped off at the Post Office...
now on their way to California.

Rudolph's are nearly done 
and still need to find some flannel in my stash for the cuff to go along with the Santa print.

Do you make your own sprouts?

This morning I started some mung seeds for some stir fry I plan on cooking later this week.  If I think about in advance, can get a banch started in time for the meal but so many times I don't.
Mungs are one of the fastest seeds to sprout, most times in 3 days they should be ready. Also by using a dark jar, very little light gets to the sprouts which is good because mung sprout I like without any green. Keep you posted on their growth.

I'm almost done handstitching the binding to the
Vintage Christmas

Have about 1/3 left to do. Which I hope to have done by tomorrow and then be able to hang this quilt up in the livingroom. 
Can't wait.....

Day 5 of 

 If you would like to see other bloggers who are particapating here is the link

Monday, December 4, 2017

Day 4 Winter is coming

Here is December and it was 78 but not tomorrow, it will 25 degrees less tomorrow. So looking forward to it.

 I am going to make this post short this evening due to the fact that I got home a little late from the native plant society meeting. 
 It was really interesting meeting which was about how to identify plants out in the field by their family.
 I always learn something new every time I go. 

 Last night I ended up working mainly on finishing the border around the crocheted afghan. I did get it done and it’s looking just fine and I’m glad it’s over. 

The consent color change all the time,  I really did not care for having to tie on a new color every row or two.
 Don’t see myself doing this again.

 I did get some after finding stitched on the vintage Christmas quilt. But I did not get a chance to work on the pillow cases. Yesterday I spent a good half of the day mowing the yard and today ended up having to do errands and chores which took up a good portion of my day. So tomorrow my goal is to get them done and in the mail 

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