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Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Have a new video ready

Finally I have another video made.

This time I'm sharing some FO's, Wip's and future plans.

I was able to get one of moms quilts finished. She was getting pretty weak and was hard to focus so I needed do some redoing on this top which took me a little time. Plus I just didn't have my heart into it. But I do need to get them done. 

Have 2 left to do and would like to get them finished before Christmas so the girls could have them as gifts from her.

Then I did get a top made for me that was originally for my daughter. Do have another one cut out but debating whether I want to finish it. There are other patterns I have cut out and ready to sew and would rather spend my time on them.

 Here are links to the Granny Shawlette

Helen Steward's Pebble Beach Shawl

Crabapple Hill pattern for the Halloween Journey

Plans for this month

This one I would love to get to but the other two I will be working on

Here is a close up of the pattern for the table runner.
I’m trying my best to get more of the WIP’s I have.  Amazing how many seeing how I haven’t been doing much sewing. Like the top some have been started years ago.   

For those who use blogger for your blog. What do you think of the new format?
It reminds me of the conversation about what Ravelry has done with their site. Seems like a lot of users are not happy with it. It’s okay but we do get use to the same old way and it can be a learning curve.  Heaven knows that I don’t need anymore right now to try learning. So I reverted back to the old style for now on both. 

Couple weeks ago we had the hay fields bales and I was able to help “the man of the place” move the bales. Took videos and I want to put together a video of our days of moving the hay. The days were sunny, humid and hot but was still very pretty and so quiet out in the fields. 

Hope all is well with you all and please stay safe and healthy. Is it not good here in the states and like so many Oklahoma infections are on the increase. So I continue to stay at home. 

Till next time

Wednesday, July 8, 2020


It's hump day

I have so many WIP's right now there's not enough time in the day to work on them. I really need to get busy.

Which I'm trying.

Here is a WIP I started 3 years ago

This is the first diamond I've worked on this year.
I had a bag of the hexies with some fabric that I needed to be able to work more on this quilt.

And for the life of me I could not find it anywhere, I thought I could of lost it last October when I took Mom and Dad to California.

I keep all the stuff for this quilt in this small suitcase I found at a flea market and it wasn't in there. 

But I found the bag this past weekend. It was in the truck we use sometime when go somewhere. You see the "Man of the place" thinks my Subaru is just to small, "made for hobbits"
Well in the glove compartment was my bag of hexies.  

Now it's back in the suitcase.

This afternoon I worked on one of the granddaughters quilts my step-mother started.
I'm hoping to get this one done tomorrow. Then I'll have 2 more to go.

The other WIP I'm pretty much done with is the shawl I crochet from a pattern in PomPom

So it's wash and being blocked
Boy is it a long one, 78" long and about 24" wide
So pretty and light. 

That enough if you ask me but it unfortunately its not all.

I'm tired now

Until next time

Monday, July 6, 2020

Blog plus Vlog

We are half way through 2020 and personally I hope the second half is better than the first but right now in the United States and here in Oklahoma it's not.

I'm remaining to stay home, no eating out or any indoor crowds and wearing my mask every time I go out. 

The good thing about spending more time home I have to say is I've gotten my creative mojo back this past month. 

And also has given me time to think about how I can blog more and improve what I'm trying to share.

So I'm going to be adding videos here on the blog that I will also post on my new YouTube channel. I want to be able to show more of what goes on here whether it's a project I'm working on, the garden, cooking or just daily life. Knowing that writing is not my best asset, maybe videos will help.

It will be at the bottom, so if all works right just click on the video and it should play for you.

My channel is called Rose Prairie Farm
I dropped the quilts because I didn't want it to be consider just a channel on quilts, wanted it to reflect more, like here on the blog.

I have a lot to learn about how to take good videos, edit what I film and try to make it interesting.

I hope it works out and you all enjoy what I come up with and comment. I will need all the help I can get 😊

This first video will be mainly a introduction but I am adding in a little of what I'm currently working on.

I started hand quilting on a baby quilt I made years ago.

What is it with cats and quilts

Also using the yarn I used in this cowl I'm trying it on the loom.

One of my daughters didn't want a cowl but wanted me to make a pillow using this yarn

So in the video I show how it's weaving up. 
I'm liking how it is so far.

I'm using my small loom and will use what I'm weaving to make another cowl.  The first one was knitted.

I'm hoping it uses less yarn weaving than it did to knit one.

I will give an update on June  #freesock2020  link to pattern

Friday, June 19, 2020

Welcome Midsummer

Well its Midsummer and Sunday is the longest daylight of the year for us.
That is also Fathers day here in the US.
Plan to spend the day with my dad, we have been keeping our safe distances. I wish everyone would. Here in Oklahoma they are having a rise in Covid-19 cases, especially in Tulsa. I've been keeping at home only going out to go grocery shopping.
Have to admit it was tough at first adjusting to all this and can say I've finally have.

I've been doing mostly Knitting and crocheting with just a little sewing but now I my creative MoJo is back and I have so many projects running through my head and can't wait to get busy.

But right now I'll just show what I have completed since the last time I posted in April.
Oh and by the way the beginning of this  month marked the 9th year of this blog. Hard to believe but I have also have plans for my blog and will share that soon but for now it's but to show and tell

 Here is the knitting FO.

May #Freesocks2020


My pattern for slippers. This pattern was taught to me when I was 8 by my Aunt and I have been knitting ever since.
I have the pattern posted in the tutorial tab up on the top.

A hat

Crochet FO

Vayu shawl from the PomPom magazine.

Sewing FO

A top for myself

And finally a project bag for my piecework.

That is what I have picture for .

The month of May also brought some sadness for our home  
we lost our friend and companion of 13 years 
He was such a big part of our lives and was so friendly with everyone who came to the house

We miss him very much

Sunday, April 19, 2020

Slow Sunday

It's nice to focus on slowing down and putting all the chaos out of mind for at least today.
And I can say I was able to. 
Today was a day of purposely being present and just loving the moment.
So spend the morning working on sewing some more masks for family. My sister in California asked if I could make her a few and also my eldest daughter, along with my youngest daughter

Tomorrow I'll finish them up and get them in the mail.

Speaking of mail I've notice there is practically no junk mail.. 
That could be the one thing I would like to see continues longer.

Then after lunch I enjoyed a nice nap, just love good a nap.

Later on was spent crocheting on the scrappy granny strip blanket

This is it's home while waiting to be worked on. Under the blanket are all the balls of scrap yarn. Which is baby yarn that has been given to me.

This picture show how much progress I have done since that last time I posted here

Doubled in size, the little dark dot in the middle is where I placed the progress keeper last month after I had taken a picture to post

The colors here are more true.  Need to measure it here soon to see how much more I should continue working on it.

Then came a relaxing evening watching the latest episode of Outlander. Such a good show but I do love the books more.

I hope you were able to relax and enjoy the day

Stay safe

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Some WIP's

Hey there everyone, I hope you all are doing okay with everything that is going on in the world. I understand from the news that pretty much all of us are in a lock down of one form or another. Don't know about you but it has been a challenge for me. I can be very happy being home bound, it's just that I was watching too much news and was freaking out a little. So I'm not watching all the time now and my anxiety is better. 
Don't know if any of you are experiencing any thing like that too. Also for a while I couldn't seem to be focused, more than normal 
But  I'm adjusting and relaxing a little and feel like writing about some of what I've been up to these past few weeks

Well I started on new socks and this time I decided to do a plain vanilla pattern

Did a twisted rib cuff in a contrasting color with a German short row garter stitched heel. First time for doing this style heel and I liked it.
Says that it will wear longer

So far I'm keeping up with my goal of knitting a pair of socks each month.

Made a little progress on the crochet shawl
the pattern is from the latest issue of Pom Pom
and a easy pattern to work up.

I'm probably about a 1/4 done

Then my yard and garden are a diffidently a work in progress.

Today I was able to finally mow the yard for the first time. 
Boy was the grass/weeds very tall. "The Man of the Place" had to do the spring maintenance before I could use the mower and that took time. 

The grass is at least 12 inches high and was pretty thick.
Boy it was a beautiful spring day, so sunny and cool.

So nice to see everything turning green

The azalea in the front of the house was bursting in color which the bees were all over it.

Again this year I'm doing all my veggies in containers but like I said I hadn't been myself and that put me behind in planting.

Did get some broccoli plants transplanted, should of had those in a few weeks ago. Did put them in a spot that gets morning and early afternoon sun. I hope that will help when the temps get warmer.

But we haven't had too warm of temps this spring in fact we have had night low close to freezing so I hadn't planted the warn season crop yet. Hope to soon.

Well that's all now.

Be safe and stay home

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