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Slow Sunday

  Today I started crocheting on one of the projects for Christmas in July MAL over at Instagram. It’s called Grinchmas  here the link to the free pattern I’m using yarn that I had in my stash that came from my stepmother after she passed away last year. Very easy pattern to follow. Will be a nice throw for Christmas. I figure I’ll give you a glimpse of a few other projects This one I shared the other day. A knitted bag. Then I want to finish the Christmas Advent socks I started last Christmas  I’m wanting to try a new technique for me on the heel  an Afterthought heel. I had put it off because I just couldn’t wrap my brain around how to do it. It was so frustrating but I think I can handle it now I used all my Christmas progress keepers while making these. Used them to help me keep track of the rows. Then I’m making slippers as gifts.  I’ve posted the pattern 9 years ago here on this blog, it’s a free pattern J
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All's Good

  I'm back and doing well. I'm sorry I've been awol for the past 3 months. So much has change but all for the good. My treatments ended the end of April and I made it. I was so happy they were over and wanted to get back to a routine and start exercising that I over did it and had to slow down and allow my body some time to recover from all that I had been through the past 10 months. Well that is what I did and this past month I have been able to see some results. My energy, stamina and attitude has improved for the better, I'm getting there. Have aways to go but I'm determined to get back to my new normal. My creativity is coming back to and I just want to do so much more than I have time... I'll share a few right now I thought I would show the bags I made for RSC 2021 that is over on So Scrappy. Purple was Junes color and I had this embroidered table runner that said mainly purple to me. I wished that the crocheted edging was also purple but I wanted to still

Friday Finishes

   Well here are my finishes from this month. All knitting.  I really do need to get busy sewing and finishes the bags I’ve started I just realized that I did have a little something finished that was sewn  I made another block to the Spring Fling 2015 quilt. It’s the block on the left. I’m getting ready to go ahead with another using some of that pink fabric.  Now to the knitting  Finished the shawl I started at the beginning of my cancer journey. Had to get a picture of it being blocked because it was still damp this afternoon   Finished the cowl Was an easy knit  and I like how it turned out. Looks like I’ll have to wait to wear it though. And the socks I started last fall. They too are still being blocked.  Well these are my finishes. Thank you for coming by and  Till next time  Kat

A little weaving

  Yay tomorrow is Friday. I have to say this week went by fast. I guess it’s because I’m gone and busy every day which makes the time go by quicker. Strange, I wouldn’t think that way but for me it has. Anyway I was able to finish the socks that I was knitting on in the previous post. I’m going to wash and block them this evening along with the shawl I finish. I was taking a break from knitting and was working on my loom.  I had started a shawl to take with me to chemo. Towards the end of the chemo treatments I was getting pretty tired and so I never did complete it. Its been sitting in the dining room, which I’ve decided I was going to get it out and start weaving on it.  I’m just using some scrap yarn that I had on hand. It’s nothing fancy and maybe that’s why I’ve been dragging my feet on it because it’s more of something that was going to be just a practical easy thing to work on when I was going through treatments, nothing that I had to think about. But I need to finish it so I ca

Let’s talk socks

  Again it’s been so long since I last posted. And again a lot has happened in this past month. I started radiation treatments and I’ve had nine so far, I will need to have 31 altogether. It’s thrown my schedule off a lot because my treatments are in the morning and it takes two hours of driving to and from. By the time I get home I’m tired, so I usually take a nap. There goes half my day.  So what I have to write about is knitting. I have been doing a lot of knitting. I will share what it is I have been working on .  right now I just wanna focus on the pair of socks that I started back in the fall. I’ve finished one and now I am working on the toes of the other one. I did my own pattern so I do not have one to share. I did 64 stitches, a 2 x 2 ribbed cuff, And stockinette for the body. then the toe and heel I got out of this book here, which is very informative. It gives formulas for heels and toes so basically you can either do the patterns they provide or you can mix and match to ma

What a great day

 Today was such a wonderful day, but didn’t go quite as I planned. My hopes were to spend a good portion of the day in my sewing room working on some receiving blankets and another block for the quilt I’m making for my sister.  Unfinished block just needs the outer frame like the one on the right. This quilt was from a shop hop back 2015 as you can see on the picture. I believe there were 7 shops located in NW Arkansas. Each shop designed a block.  Well I got part of the block done and stop to eat some lunch when “The man of the place” came in asking for help. His tractor just stopped while he was out in the pasture putting out bales of hay for the cows. So my job was to get in the 4 wheel drive truck and pull him in the tractor out of the pasture into an open spot in near our home. Well that all went well, took a while but then after that I went with him to go (which I really didn’t do much) to cut and loaded up some wood so we could have some more firewood. We had burned a lot of fir

Scrappy Saturday

  Last couple of years I hadn't participated in Rainbow Scrap Challenge also known as RSC. To think the first year I did was in 2013 and went on thru to 2018, so this year I'm back in but this year I'll be putting a twist on it. Instead of using my scraps on quilts I'll be making bags.  I will be making a variety of different types and styles. My thoughts are to make ones mainly for holding my knitting or crocheting projects. Seeing how I just didn't have my sewing Mojo last month I needed to make last month's color pink along with this months color yellow . For  January I had a bag of scraps with muted pinks, I'm a muted girl. So I cut the pieces into 3 1/2 squares which was the largest squares I could get from the scraps. Made a drawstring bag this time, I have have a list made of so many different styles. This bag is big enough to hold the shawl I have been knitting. On the inside I added a clasp ring to hold scissors and place markers. Here is January RS