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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Humid Houston

I do not know how people can stand humidity, it's bad enough in Tulsa but here it is May in Houston and it feels like July in Tulsa.
Thank goodness that my parents have a/c in their trailer. 
We got here Sunday afternoon and Mom had her first appointment Monday morning and for the next two days she had so many tests and scans. So today was the first day that we hadn't had to be at the hospital.

While waiting for Mom, I had brought with me a bunch of baby yarn to make some blankets. 

This is what I have so far, this pattern I haven't done before and I'm liking it. Fun one to do. I bet I'll have this completed by the time I go home next week. At least I hope to and would like to have another one at least started.

Hopefully we will have positive news when the doctors get back with us on options of treating her cancer. We are not sure if the treatments will need to be done here or if we can have them done back in Tulsa. There is a MD Anderson satellite center at St. John's Hospital.

I had thought of bringing one of the featherweights with me to work the Air-ship Propeller quilt and wish I did. Feel like sewing to help make the days go by.
 Did tho bring along one on the embroidered blocks to the snowmen quilt.

This is the largest section.

Well that's all for now

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

So little progress

I can't believe again it's been already a couple weeks since I last posted something. Feels like a heck of a lot longer if you ask me. I've been preoccupied lately dealing with my mom's health issues and will be for sometime in the future.
I'm afraid my posts might become sporadic, not saying that they already are. Just a warning that way you have a heads up, so please don't give up on me. My blog is my refuge and something that I'm going to use in need.
Well with that said, I haven't been able to get something completed these past couple weeks. I have been working on things. 

Oh I'll take that back, yes I did complete at a baby blanket that I was crocheting. I take that along with me to doctor visits when I go with my mom.  In fact I started a new one with some yarn that my mom had in her stash to add to mine. So while we're in Houston, I will be working on that plus I'll take some embroidery work with me too.

I have been working off and on the past couple weeks on my retro airship propeller blocks. Had all that I believe  needed cut out and have about half of them finished and partially done with the other half.

When those are completed, the last thing I need to do besides squaring them up, is appliqueing  circles in the center of the block. I have thought about taking those with me down to Houston also and I might still. 

Don't they look so sweet.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Stitch Group

Gig Yesterday was our stitch group meeting. Started out meeting once a week but over time has become less often. If we get together once a month we are doing good.
We bring something to work on and something we have finished. 
Since I hadn't been to one in months I had a stack but the others didn't have as many. They were able to a time or two while I was unable to.
Ill share what they brought, you have seen mine here on the blog.

So here goes

Till later

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Beautiful Day

Boy what a pretty day it was today and would of been a good day to do yard work but I had promised my mom I would come by. We had plan to do a little sewing. She hasn't done much lately because she has been tired all the time. Our plan changed while I there. Instead of sewing we just sat around and we both work on some crocheting.
She was making an afghan and I a baby blanket.  

Before I went over to my parents I went by the church to help preparing this month's Food for Kids backpacks
Great program for kids and helping out with food insecurities.

 When I came home I had a few hours before the "Man of the Place" would be home so I took care of few things and then it was some sewing.  

Finish the last 2 side on the Blue Arrow

Had a little time left so I went ahead prepping a baby quilt to practice some quilting.

This is the top

This is the back
I think for now the tension is good. After reading the comments from the other day, I tried some of your suggestions. Redid the bobbin tension, loosen it some.
Rethread the machine but didn't need to change the needle because the tension was ok.

Put a pieced border on...... had some leftover pieces that worked out just right.
Measures out to be 36" square..

Went ahead with basting the quilt.

These are my homemade point covers for the large pins.
I had seen Leah Day use them
 but hers are a product called Pinmoors

Don't have those and I had a thought I could make my own. 

I am using the earplugs the "Man of the Place" get from his job.

I had already used them on the green baby quilt and they work really well.

Only problem is Bob wants to play with them and I have to make sure I put it up so he can't get to it.

That is where my day ended other than dinner and writing this. Hopefully I can do a little quilting while watching tv

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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

A Lot of Scrappiness

Today I spent most of it away from the house. At Sager Creek was the monthly Block Buster class. 

Image result for corner beam tool

For this months block we used Corner Beam trimmer from 180 Designs.

Small block, finishes 6" 
After we make them we donate the block for 
Quilts of Honor.
And now that we know how to use this tool, the idea is to make yourself one.  I haven't yet, justs the ones in class.

Then I had to run to the feed store and Walmart.
Why does it take so long there. I had a list, I know the layout of the store. You think that would help speed it up some.

I was wanting to finish putting on the last border of the 
Blue Arrow 

It would be nice to get a picture without a cat running to get on the top as soon as I lay it out.
I have 2 sides left but it's late and I'll do it tomorrow.

This morning, I was planning on what to do next so I put up on the design wall another RSC from 2015. Needs a few more blocks and that shouldn't take too long seeing how they are a very easy and quick to make.

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Monday, April 17, 2017

What's Up 4.17.17

First thing I want to say is Thank You for your advise on how to correct my tension on the longarm. I had already went ahead and finished quilting this baby quilt before I read everyone's suggestions so I'm going try them tomorrow.

I do not like how it looks but I tell myself we all have to start somewhere and only practice will help me improve.  

The binding on so went ahead and washed the little quilt. Was hoping that somehow the wash would make it look better but that didn't happen as you can see.

It will be just fine and useful.

Up on the wall this morning was the Blue Stash Buster Arrow. 

After I was done with the baby quilt and some housework, went to work on putting the blocks and rows together.

Have that part done and the border pieces ready to be sewn on and will get to that tomorrow.

This evening when I went to lock up the chickens, looked out into the pasture and could see the ground fog developing and figure I would try to capture it.
Not as pretty as it was when I first seen it. By the time I went back to get the camera the light was getting poor.
Still think it's a cool shot with the silhouette of cattle in the foreground.

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Sunday, April 16, 2017

Need Help

I'm having tension problems and can not figure out how to correct it. I've tried all I know.

I had bought a sit down longarm BabyLock Tiara II.
Now I have never had just a longarm before and would do any of my machine quilting on my domestic but did want more room so I could do larger quilts without working so hard to move. 

I have had this machine for only a couple of weeks and hadn't had much time to use it. 

But the past couple of days I have been working on a baby quilt.

I am having such a problem with the tension. 
I've checked and made adjustment to the bobbin and the top tension. 
On the top it looks fine

Started out not too bad on the back 

But then I change the thread. The thread has matching bobbins. 

But now this is the backside.

On the back side flat thread and eyelash stitch.

Top side not bad, my quilting sucks, need practice for sure.

Back yucky

I haven't had formal instruction yet or any classes and feel like I should.

Going to call the shop tomorrow but until I can get some one and one instruction...... 
Has anyone experience the same on their longarm and how did you resolve it? 
 I'm open to any suggestion and we'll try anything
You probably know how frustrating it is. 
All I want to do is QUILT. 

Hope you can help me!

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