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Friday, March 31, 2017

March OMG

I had posted Sunday about this month's OMG but felt I needed to share again so I can show the quilt a lone so I can link this to Elm Street Quilts 

It is Red Letter Day by Thimble Blossom.

In fact I took it to the quilter today.

Used 30's reproduction fabric with snow for the background.

I am linking up to elm street quilts

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Yarn Along no More

It's been ages since I shown anything I've done with yarn.
I had been crocheting instead of knitting, for some reason I can last longer crocheting before my wrist start hurting. 

So I made this baby blanket out of stash yarn. 

No pattern just all double crochet, very simple, a non thinking pattern.

Also been slowly finishing a scarf I'm weaving. Started this after Christmas but had it put away and forgot about it until now. I have yarn picked out for the next one so I need to get this done and it's close to being done.

Now for what I'm reading.

Have two books going at the same time, one I'm listening to and the other I'm reading for Lent.

Listening to The Hidden Life of Trees.


I don't believe you need to be a tree lover like I am to enjoy this book. It's fascinating on how much I didn't realize about trees.  "Trees, have a sense of time, have memories, taste, smell, feel, explore, see, and hear, but not like we do." It's been interesting and a book I will listen to again.

For Lent I try to read something to reflect on during these 40 days. 
This year it's 24 Hours that changed the world by Adam Hamilton.

Product Details

The story of Jesus final day.
Daily reflection and meditation for 40 days.

Was going to link up at Ginny's blog Small Things but after 6 years of doing Yarn Along she has decided to end it. 
The linky party will be missed but I know I will still visit her blog and hope everyone else who did in the past will still continue.

Monday, March 27, 2017

What's Up 3.27.17

It was a great day for baking and sewing.

My daughter-in-law had texted me yesterday with this picture saying what it was.

It's Redbud and Lemon Cornbread Loaf Cake

Now I was intrigued by it because it was using Redbud flowers. 

And here on the place we have lots of Redbud trees and have been wanting to make something. Here is some info on Redbud trees and what parts are edible

So I gave it a try today.

Now I did not go all out prepping for my pictures like they did over at the website Ful-filled  , their photos are gorgeous.
 That is where you'll find the recipe too. 

It calls for 1 3/4 cups of flowers which didn't take long to pick.

Mine does look pretty and it taste is good, it's a lemon cake.
I enjoyed making this.

Up on the wall today is another project I had started many years ago, like over 20 years. 

It is done in Chicken Scratch stitching.
I had wrote about it a year and a half ago which you will see more pictures.

  I went ahead and framed in the 11" block with a 1 1/2 strip of light beige plaid.  Had some solid tan but it seem to just be somewhat on the bland side.

Next I have been trying out how to go about adding in sashing and borders....

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Slow Sunday 3.26.17

I'm going to do a little catch-up on this post since I haven't written since Monday. 

I was able to finish machine quilting and putting binding on 2 baby quilts. These for RSC quilts that I had started a couple years ago. Nothing like UFO's. Does feel good to finally get them completed.
Now they are ready for a new home. 

This one had leftover blocks from a quilt I made my oldest daughter

Quilting was done with my walking foot and did it all in the ditch. 
Did the same with the next one.

 Also used a sheet from Walmart for the backing and binding. And still have enough leftover to back at least another small quilt.

I also put the binding on two large quilt that I have had finished and waiting for their turn. 

That is what I'm going to stitch on this evening while watching TV with "the man of the place".

I had also finish putting the top together that I had posted about Monday that with up on the design wall. That is a Red Letter Day pattern called Thimble Blossoms.

 It was also a RSC quilt from 2015. 

I tried to take these pictures of the  finish top outside but unfortunately it was pretty windy and I wasn't able to get a nice shot because of that.

In fact we are supposed to get some bad weather here in a little while and I can hear thunder now. Usually when that happens I need to disconnect my Internet so I don't lose my modem or my router. So I'm going to make this post short so I can edit and get pictures on it 

Until tomorrow
Linking up with Kathy

Monday, March 20, 2017

What's Up 3.20.17

Here it is the first day of spring and here in Oklahoma the predicted temperature for today is 90. That is just too early for being this hot, I'm not ready for summer heat, it's just the first day of spring.

It's been a couple weeks since I last wrote and some good and bad events have happened. Right now I'm just going to focus on the good.

Last week I was able to go on a mission trip with my church to Kansas City. I was able to help out in a Community Kitchen  and it was a great experience. If you live near Kansas City they are always in need of volunteers and the link tells you about their mission and how to contact them.

Seeing how I've been gone I have done very little sewing.
Up on the wall is the blocks I started back in 2015 for the RSC that year. 

The pattern is Thimble Blossoms by Red Letter Day

These are the color choices I picked for the last blocks
I'm making 16 blocks and have 5 left to do.

All the prints are 30's reproductions, how fun is that.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Time Flys

It's hard to believe it's been two weeks since I last wrote. 
I have been very productive tho.

I was able to complete my string quilt and love how it turned out. 

Can't say that it made a dent in the strips.

I also machine quilted the turquoise baby quilt. Nothing fancy just some straight lines and waves around the outer border.
Now it's ready to be given away.

Now I can say Yeah!!!!!

The Farmer's Wife 1930 quilt is done.

I did a different setting than the book and didn't use all the blocks I made. I'll have to find something else to use the remaining ones.

Turned out OK

Measures out to be 86 x 93. 

So now on the design wall is my OMG for this month 

it is one of the RSC I started in 2015

Have 10 blocks but I'll need six more to go. 

Linking up with
elm street quilts

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