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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Getting ready for the Fourth

Wanted to make a flag to put out as decoration last year but just didn't, can't remember why.
So yesterday while in Tulsa to pick up my car from "the man of the place" work. Tuesday after the procedure, which was easy, quick and all successful, I left my car there because he was my driver home. 
So while at his shop I spied some wood pallets. When he orders auto springs and such they are delivered on pallets. So he put the ones I picked put in his truck.
This morning I went to painting the pallet.

I taped spots that I did want painted, seeing how I'm using spray paint instead brush on paint.

First did the white.

Then the red

Then the blue.

Cut out a star stencil to use, the first one was a little too big so I made another smaller but still a little larger than the slat. OK still used it.

Turn out just fine and later on when "the man of the place" get home he can help me put it up.  
Our house sit a 1/4 mile from the road and because I want it to be seen by others and not just us, out it goes.

I'll show more tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

What's Up 06.28.16

Yesterday morning I wasn't feeling good, so I got a late start on things. Didn't have a chance to show what was up on my design wall. So I'll share now what I have up on the wall.

I have all the units completed for the Metro Twist top. This is a Sew Kind of Wonderful pattern using their Quick Curve ruler. And it is a quick curve to assemble. 

I can do these units without any pins. That's the joy of it.

Now that I have all the units assembled now it's a matter of deciding placement of the units.

I like to put them up on the wall, and then take a picture. 

Then from the picture it give me a better perspective of balance of colored and contrast.

I try not to fuss around too much on this, I can drive myself nuts with it. Since its a donation quilt and will not be 
shown or judged in anyway, I'll go with what looks good. Not perfection
Sometimes you can't get something perfect anyway no matter how hard you try

I am dying to start something new that I have had in my projects box stack. So I drag this one out thinking that would be a good one to work on after I finish the Metro Twist
This pattern with in a Fon's and Porter Easy Quilts magazine back in Winter 2015.

And I found the fabric at a quilt shop that while during our bus trip this pass spring.

Love the color, love the texture of the fabric, and I love big sample they had also up on the wall. In fact that's what sold me. 

I hadn't seen this pattern because I get their other magazine but it just jumped out at the quilt shop.

Funny how the same pattern done in different fabric colors etc. can speak to you in another color wave

I put the live trap out last night to see if there with anymore cruise. I'm already relocated to raccoon fifth past week. And sure enough I have another one in the trap. It will join it ran out by the pump back.
And a plus is none of my pots were disturbed last night either.

This afternoon I go into the eye doctor to have a procedure to correct a slight astigmatism I have in my right eye. It's like a 30 minute procedure in the office, which will not put me out of commission for a reading, sewing, watching TV etc.
The corrective lenses that they implanted during or after my cataract were removed are wonderful. But I'm not quite 20/20 and that's because of the astigmatism. So after this the doctor insures me that I will have 20/20 vision. I can say I haven't had that since before my 40's.
I am loving this no wearing eyeglasses. I still on occasion with will reach up towards the top of my head as though I have my readers up there.

Monday, June 27, 2016

First Week for Porch Patch

It's been a week now since I started the veggies on the back porch in pots or containers. (this was Saturday)

 Had some success with the lettuce well let's say half the lettuce. I planted one side in seeds that I knew were pretty fresh and the other side with seeds I have had for many years. The  empty space, that were the oldest did not germinate
That's OK I'll just reseeded. Which I had already. 

The basil and the radishes all came up and are looking good. 

If I can keep out the critter that keeps coming on the porch and digging in my pots. 

I had purchased some spray animal repellent that I'm going to try tonight. I'm going to spray the pots and see if that helps. 

It's OK It fell asleep while waiting for it's new home
I have already put out a live trap and caught one raccoon which I relocated already. And I will put the live trap out again just in case it is a raccoon and not a possum. 

Other than that everything seems to be working out very well. So far I have planted seeds of lettuce, radish, kohlrabi, swiss chard, kale, onions, scallions, garlic, zucchini along with herbs basil, parsley and chives. Also transplanted tomato eggplant and the herbs oregano, thyme, sage, peppermint and borage.
Also planted some flowers seeds marigolds and nasturtium.

I think that the tubs that are spray-painted turned out very well. 

I even got a little creative on this pot.

All in all this first week seems to be a good start. Even though we have had extremely humid and hot temperatures. Update will be next week for week two.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Slow And Steady

Yeah isn't that the saying.... slow and steady steady and slow, that's how the turtle goes. 
Well I can pretty much say that's my philosophy too. Just stick it out and keep plugging along. 

So that's what I've been doing with the wool appliqué on this last block for "Words to Live By"

I'm at the halfway mark on it 

and today I finish pressing the pieces in place for the third-quarter of this block 

and I'll work on it tonight while watching TV and 

baking cookies to send to "the little dudes" tomorrow.

And earlier today I worked on putting the border for this month RSC challenge and it looks good. 

I was questioning whether or not to add these strips in addition to the white strip it's framed in. But that would make it a little bigger than I want. Right now it's already 46 x 33. I could also use those strips to put on the back I'm thinking something in order at  like a large log cabin block.

And I work for short time making a few more of the curve units for the Metro Twist that I started Friday.

This one should work out to be around 40 x 44. That's a good size baby quilt. I will not sure if I'll be putting a border around it. Could put a white background strips around the outside edge just enough to break it up when the binding on it. Will look good also with just  a white binding and leave it as it is.
The pattern calls for a outside strip along the edge just so you could break it up between the block in the binding. 
I'll decide by the time I get to that point which which one I want to do.
Had a pretty good Sunday I hope everyone else is having a good Sunday also.
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Saturday, June 25, 2016

Making Progress

Yesterdays class, Metro Twist, went very well and even thou it was a small group, it was for the best.... seeing how I hadn't done a class in ages, little rusty.

But from the ones who were there and we're able to sew, they made a block and learned all the tips I had.  One lady was given incorrect instructions on how to prep her fabric. But I had extra fabric and some cut out pieces that she was at least able to practice some assembling. That way when she got home she could start on hers.

But with her help this much was done on a future baby quilt.
On my way to another goal of having at least a dozen baby quilts to donate this year.

Today was able to finish the small blocks that I ran out of fabric on, 

and using the wrong side of this fabric work out perfectly. Not an  exact match but just fine.

Can you figure out which five squares I used the reverse fabric?
Need to add the border and all will be good with this top.
Yeah..... great to have this months RSC completed or will be tomorrow.

Beside sewing, did do a little gardening, on the porch.

Here are a few pictures but I want to say more but have to go cook dinner. Do so on the next babbles

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