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Thursday, February 28, 2013

End of the Month Tally

Here is the end of the months tally and
I wish I could say it was more than I'm going to share. But to make it look like I did a lot I'm putting together my color RSC13,
NewFO and confessions of my Git-R-Done for this month and what I'll make next list
 For the color this month which was purple I use 2 1/2 strips that I had left over. 

So I have 2 child quilts to donate. I decided that is what I was going to make each month with this challenge. 

This is how far I have gotten with last months color pink.
It will look like this one that I found online.

My NewFO for this month is the Granny Square Quilt from the class last week.

As you can see it will be two separate quilts.

30's reproductions
1800's reproductions

                Now confession time of the four on my list for Git-R-Done,  not one got finished. I really don't know what has happened. So guess what. I'm just going to roll over the list to that list for March. I would like to say at the end of next month that all were completed plus some.
1. Sisters in Scriptures

2. 30's Row Quilt

3. Christmas String Quilt

4. Work on Some Kind of Wonderful
5. January and March Rainbow color Challenge
That's it in a nut shell

As of 10:30 pm no baby calf yet.
The vet said it can take up to 24 hour for that shot to induce labor would kick in. Looks like that's what it will take.

Morning Update on Snicker

Well she is still on the nest and the vaginal prolapse went back inside so that is good. I always worry about infections with prolapses  But "the Man of the Place went by the vet on the way home last night and we gave her shots last night to help relax the muscles and for infection. Then this morning we gave her Oxytocin  to induce labor, if she not already, which I thought she was. Seeing how there was no calf this morning she might not of been in labor like I thought. So now with the shot it will take 12 - 24 hours before she will birth. She is 10 years old and an experienced mom that I'm not expecting problems but you never know. 
So I'll stay home and keep an eye on her, so stitch group this afternoon is out of the question now. I'll try to finish the sashing on the 30's quilt and I have started this months baby quilt for he guild. Which is this weekend. I did it in pink which was last months color for
This months color is purple and I have that one started too. I'll show them later on with my NewFO, etc.
Time to get busy

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Nervous Nellie

That's me right now, my cow Snicker is due anytime so I have been checking on her throughout the day waiting. I looked out in the pasture a little while ago and notice she was laying which is not uncommon but she was showing signs of prolapsing, you can go there for more info.
So "the Man of the Place will be home soon to help out with the birth. 
I am so worried about her, she is not a spring chicken.
I'll be back later with an update


Monday, February 25, 2013

What's Up Monday

Howdy all
I always like mornings and Mondays because it like a fresh start to your day and week.
This Monday is starting off different though, "The Man of the Place" has caught a cold and is home sick today which means my day will not run as usual.

There has and will be a lot of this going on today but I will try to get a little sewing in done after I go run so errands this morning. 
(medicine, etc. run)
But this will be up on my wall begging for me to finish when I get back.

The rows are not in exact order but I hope you can get the idea. There is still a large applique center row that I need to get prepared for appliqueing. 
Now if you remember I had up on the wall last week the Sisters in Scripture blocks and no I did not do a thing to that one. Now I know why that one has been in the UFO pile. I just can not get motivated to finish it, I like it and have the first one finish but just find it hard on this one. It will get done.

I still haven't found my American Patchwork and Quilting magazine with this pattern but I know I have it somewhere. 

I tried another color way because I thought I had seen an antique quilt done in this same fashion of yellow background and a black row around each square but I was wrong it was this quilt I had seen.

An Irish Chain (1 inch squares)
I'll make a few more blocks and get them up on the wall and see if I like the way it will look. I really like the looks of the antique one but the lay out and look is different. So will see.
Well I need to get started, talk with you later.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Taking a class

It has been a while since I have taken a class at the quilt store. I don't know why I waited so long, they are so much fun and I always learn something.The quilt we are making is this Granny Square, which was a pattern that was in American Patchwork and Quilting magazine some years back. I went looking for my magazine copy but couldn't locate it. Gee I wonder why!!
 The instructor for our class is a friend of mine and she is such an excellent teacher, Sharon.

That light square in the upper right side is an alternative color way, done in reproductions 30's.
 After some verbal instructions we are off and running, busy bees we were.

 Don't you love that quilt behind Mary, that is another one of Sharon's quilts.

Method used was strip piecing and the hardest part is keeping them in order.

 So this my attempt at making the block and that is all I did today was just made one. I decided that I wasn't going to haul a bunch of fabric this time to class . I usually drag in way too much fabric

 Strip are 1 1/2 inches, yes that right they'll finish at 1 inch.

Ta Da !!
 My one and only

 Mary completed 2 blocks

 And Sue did too.

So here we are with our blocks.

This will be my NewFO for this month. It might being one of two. I have another color way I want to make using 30's fabric. I was going to try to make a block when I got back home and add it to this post  but I ended up working some on our taxes. FUN FUN

Thursday, February 21, 2013

What it's Thursday

Here it is Thursday, and my goal for the week was to work on my Sisters and Scriptures quilt top.

But have I! 
 What I've done is clean house, laundry, putt around and did everything but take a single stitch on that quilt .

I did make some spool pin doilies

What I did work on was one of my Get-R-Gone for this month and that was my 30's row quilt. I'm working on one of the rows that has four panels of appliqued flowers and leaves.
I had planned to have those ready to take with me to McAllen Texas last week, but I did not get them done like I was hoping. So now I feel pressured for time and I decided that I would do machine appliqué  instead of hand appliqué. It saves me some time doing it this way. The method I use is what I call needle turned appliqué on your machine. I have posted about this once before and I have it in my tutorial section at the top, just pushed the tutorial tab and there's a link to my machine appliqué technique. 

It's easy and I like the look of it. It gives the look of hand applique.

 So that's what I've gotten done so far during all this nasty weather we've been having for the past two days and I have gotten to stay inside.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Yarn Along 2/20/13 Spoon Pin Doily

It's snowing here and I know some of you are tired of snow but here we will take the moisture any way we can get it. Plus it just gives me a reason to stay in and work on some of my projects.

In this picture I'm not sure if you can make it out but in the background there are some wild turkeys that hang around the house sometime, just chilling

This project I'm working on is Spool Pin Doilies. 
I had never heard of them before until Bonnie Hunter had mentioned it on her blog. She a had a viewer send her one for her sewing machine along with a pattern. I did not like the pattern but loved the idea so I decided to make up my own version.

I wanted a more simple, smaller and fuller doily.

So I tried different thread sizes to get one that I like.
(From left to right)
I tried sock yarn, which I'll redo because I think I like that look.
Heavy weight crochet thread, nope too big
Bamboo yarn, I like it. Looks good on my Kenmore.
Pearl cotton 8, like a lot, especially the one done dc and not tc.

 You can see the difference between doing a double compared to a triple crochet stitch

Looking good.

The main reason why I like it to be on the smaller size is having it fit in the area without interfering with the bobbin winder. (see above photo) But if you are using an older machine where the winder is on the side or bottom of your machine, the larger size would work just fine

Don't you think!

Here is the pattern I made up;
I do ask if you re-post or copy my pattern please give me credit for my design

Using the yarn of your choice and an appropriate sized hook,
(I used a size 6 hook)
Make ch 7 and join into a ring with a sl st.
Round 1: 3 ch (counts as 1st dc), 15 dc into ring. Join with a sl st into 1st dc. (16 sts)
Round 2: 4 ch (counts as 1st dc and 1 ch), 1 dc, 1 ch into each st to end. Join with a sl st into 1st dc. (16 spaces)
Round 3: sl st into next sp, 3 ch (counts as 1st dc), 2 dc in same sp, 3 ch, (3 dc into next sp, 3 ch) to end.
Join with a sl st into 1st dc.
Fasten off and neaten all loose ends

And for what I am reading/listening to is an another Kate Morton book. I started listening to this on the way to and back from our road trip to the McAllen Texas Quilt Show.

The Shifting Fog | [Kate Morton]

Here is what Audible.com writes about the book;

Publisher's Summary

Summer 1924: On the eve of a glittering society party, by the lake of a grand English country house, a young poet takes his life. The only witnesses, sisters Hannah and Emmeline Hartford, will never speak to each other again.
Winter 1999: Grace Bradley, 98, one-time housemaid of Riverton Manor, is visited by a young director making a film about the poet's suicide. Ghosts awaken and memories, long consigned to the dark reaches of Grace's mind, begin to sneak back through the cracks. A shocking secret threatens to emerge; something history has forgotten but Grace never could.
Set as the war-shattered Edwardian summer surrenders to the decadent 20s, The Shifting Fog is a thrilling mystery and a compelling love story.
An alternate title for this novel is The House at Riverton.
©2006 Kate Morton (P)2006 Kate Morton

We enjoyed the book but we're not able to finish it, so today while sewing I will listen to the last of it.
Have a great day.

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