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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Curvy log cabin

I am entering this quilt at Amy's Creative Side Bloggers Quilt Festival 
This quilt will go in the Scrappy Quilt category

The pattern is from Creative Grid but with some changes. 
The original pattern was for a small wall hanging but I had so many strips in my scrap pile I just needed to make it bigger. I barely made a dent in my pile too.

I used Creative grids curvy log cabin ruler. I have use this ruler on quite a few projects and I love how easy it is to get the look you get.

I have scraps in this quilt that date back to the 70's and bring back so many memories. To me that is what a true scrap quilt does

Pieces of our life in scraps, pieced together

Had it machine quilted in the Baptist Fan pattern.
I just love that pattern, an old traditional pattern that gives this quilt a feel of age.

This is such a great snuggle quilt and is a large queen size. 
That way when in use on the couch you can totally wrap up in it 

Voting starts Oct 29 and goes on till Nov 5th 
at Amy's Creative Side

Thank you for taking time to look at my quilt and would

 love your vote.
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Modern Geese in Flight #2

I am going to entry this quilt and a couple others today at Amy's Creative Side Bloggers Quilt Festival.
This one is going in the Modern quilts category

The pattern was a Stash Buster pattern from Sager Creek Quilt Shop in Siloam Springs Arkansas.
Every other month they have a meeting for quilter to share, show and tell plus get patterns to help use up our stash. 

The fabric in this quilt was a gift from one of my daughters and in return I have made this quilt as a gift to her for Christmas.

There are 140 flying geese in this quilt. The block measures 6 x 3 and the quilt measures 53" X 66" 

I used Deb Tucker Wing Clipper to trim these blocks so they went together perfectly.

I had intended to quilt this myself on my home machine, I was going to use my walking foot to get the straight lines.
But I gave it to the quilter and he was able to get the look I was going to do. 
The lines are space at different widths. From 1/2" to 1 1/2"
Turn out just right.

Voting starts Oct 29 and goes on till Nov 5th 
at Amy's Creative Side

Thank you for taking time to look at my quilt and would love your vote.
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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

On a Roll

Have you heard the one about your on the way to the garden and you get distracted by a messy garage. 
Well that is what happen to me. 
Since I'm trying to get stuff taken care of before I leave, I realized that it's not just the garden I need to attend to but the potted plants I have around the porches.
Which means I need a place to put them in to protect from the cold. 
The dream of a greenhouse is still a dream so until then it's the garage....hence the cleaning.

Enough of the depressing stuff lets see what did get completed

Put the border on the big orphan block.
Done...ready to quilt...another one to practice on..

Did another Farmer's Wife.
A paper piece one.
Getting better at it, and by the time we're finished with the book I might be able to say I think I know a little about how to. 
And you never know I might even like it.

So much to do

Even thou I was able to get some gardening in

you can see by the picture there is so much to do and I have little time to do it right now. 

For some reason this year I just could not keep up with the growth of weeds. Then on top of that, some of the veggies just didn't preform like they should of.

My guess is the cooler temps in early summer, then above normal rainfall in the summer. So now it's getting close to our first frost and Grammy needs to be leaving to go visit the "little dudes"
Plans are to tend to harvesting whats left before I go and then worry about most of the clean up when I get back.

Was able to get one block made from The Farmer's Wife 1930's book

and went looking for the pink fabric used in this block but had no luck.
Did find the green so I guess I'll use that. Think all white border might be a little to plain seeing how it needs at least a 6' border just to make it 36". Would like it to be slightly larger than that. 
There could be other choices for what to do with the border but sometimes I feel I need to pick and choose which projects to spend time on and this is one UFO that I just would like to make quickly and complete so I can spend time on ones that I have a passion to do.

I was also able to replace the ziplock bag inside my car trash bag.
These are very easy to make and also make great gifts. If you would like to make one I had added a how to, to the tutorial tab.

Monday, October 19, 2015

What's up

It's been a beautiful fall day and what's up on my design wall is two completed baby tops. 

Urban Nine Patch
 I can't tell or express how good it feels to have these completed, seeing how I started one of them months ago. Of course they still need to be quilted and bound but as far as this part goes...
 I plan on practicing machine quilting with my domestic on these.
Which I need to.
 It's something I've been telling myself, been wanting to do for some time.

Twisted Blossom

 Last week when I posted the projects that I wanted to complete for the week, there was a comment  asking me if I would show how I did the curves. Will do you one better, instead of me struggling through to show you. Link you up to go directly to the designer of this ruler and let her show you how to do the curves.

And now for my lofty goals what I would love to accomplish this week, besides doing some cleanup in the veggie patch.
This is what is up now

I have 4 blocks to make out of the Farmer's Wife Book.
If you interested in reading or looking at the original magazine here is the link to Illinois Digital Newspaper Collections
There you can read copies from 1906 - 1939.

These blocks were made many years ago and have been packed away.

Had started this with the intent to make a queen size quilt. Well I believe I will ditch that idea and try to make 2 more baby quilt using these blocks.

This one needs some filler blocks, so this will take some figuring.

This block is 24" square and with some borders added it will do just fine without having to make any others blocks.

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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Slow stitching

Hadn't been able to do much stitching today.  Had my parents over for dinner which meant beside cooking I needed to clean some. 
Tried this new recipe I seen on TV,  Cooks Country on PBS. They made what was described as donuts in a muffin pan. Just had to give it a try.

Love anything with cinnamon 

So this evening brought out the 30's Sampler and did some quilting. 

This is what's in the hoop. 

Each time what's in the hoops gets quilted mean I'm getting closer to the end. 
I meant to add this to the lists of finishes for this quarter. Was in such a rush to get the post out, this got overlooked.

Lining up to Kathy's Quilts

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Scrappy Saturday

I had been sewing off and on all week and trying to finish the small list I had made Monday.
I had these leftover from the month of bright green that needed to be completed.
Done now

Plus I have another block completed for this months RSC.
You don't see many brown reproduction 30's fabrics but since I have been collecting 30's fabric for many years there was a couple of prints I could choose. I really liked this one.

Still working on the other blocks for brown.

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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Making the Deadline

I have been wanting to get  Q4 of 2015 Finish-Along at on the windy side
posted and I'm down to the final hour.

Well out of the ones I had listed on the last quarter, most of what was listed didn't get finish and maybe I can get them done before the end of the year.

Have this one sewn together, now needs to be quilted
This will be Q4

Checkerboard shuffle made from 2 1/2 inch strips
This will be Q4
The twisted blossom that I just started
This too will be Q4
These 2 are done
Off the list now

and the Thangles lap quilt I just finished
Needs quilting on for Q4

The nested churn dash quilt also quilted and bound. 
This one too
This one is more wishful thinking but I still would like to give this as a gift so on the list  Q4

Well reprinting what was listed 3 months ago, it looks like chances of these getting done is not good.
But most of what is listed needs quilting and just a matter of funds and getting them soon to the quilter.

Will try my hardest to do that soon so maybe I can these finished

Monday, October 12, 2015

What's Up Oct 12

Here it is Monday already and "The Man of The Place" had to go back to work and life for me is back to the usual.
After a morning of taking care of the plants and animals. Then a few phone calls to take care getting the propane tank filled and towing a truck to the shop, I can now write about what is up on the design wall.  
Seeing how "The Man of The Place" was home all week, I have up the same thing I did the week before. 

Two baby quilts started.

Both are patterns by Sew Kind of Wonderful using the Quick Curve Ruler.

Did locate some brown fabric for this months color for RSC15

Started cutting today and the intentions are to get whats up on the wall and the blocks for this months color finished by then of the week. I think that's doable.

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