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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Sashing and Nine Patches

 I finished cutting all the subsets for the nine patches.

As you can see, there are hundreds..... seeing how I'm making approximately 595 if I did my math right. So that makes 1,785 subset . . .  WHEW that is a lot, glad I didn't think about this before I decided to make this. 

It will remain my leader and enders 

Made one of each nine patches needed, 3 different styles..... had to see what they looked like. I'm a little giddy about getting the first step done and now it will start looking like something. 

While working I took a minute to snap a picture of the bird feeder outside my window. The Goldfinches are such a bright yellow, pretty little birds. 

Also seen a little later a young groundhog come up towards the house. Now this is unusual to see groundhogs so close to the house. They are very timid animals.

Let alone come up on the back patio.
He was a little bigger than a squirrel but he like the sunflower seeds too.  

This evening I was able to prep a little more  on sashing for this quilt that's a Blackbird design.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Making sub strip sets

Tuesday I was in Tulsa all day. Had my hair cut and ran around town. Favorite part was shopping at Costco, I can always find items I didn't realize I needed.
Go without saying but I will, didn't get a thing done in the sewing room.
But I made up for it some today.

I finished up sewing 36 strip set which means I'm done with that step.

Now it's time to press and starch the strip sets, ready for cutting into 1 1/2 sub sets.

Had made approximately 140 strip sets. Cutting the strips would be tedious if done like I had in the past but now that I have the Go cutter, it has made this step so much easier and faster.

Here I press and put 3 strip together and cut into 7 1/5 section to fit on the cutting board. Loaded it up and cut. In just minutes I had around 80 subsets..

If I did my figuring right, should have enough for the 595  
9 patches needed and maybe a few extras.

Didn't get them all cut today but will tomorrow.

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Monday, July 24, 2017

What's Up 7.24.17

My MoJo is back, in fact I just wanted to work in the sewing room all day. 
But I had other tasks on my list to do too like clean out the refrigerator, change and wash sheets on bed, vacuum... heck you get the idea.
Did tho in between all of that was able to get some sewing in.

Started with making freezer paper template for the sashing.

First I just used the one I made for both side and realized that it was off, not the same curves. Now I'm picky at times and this just had to be one of those times. If it wasn't for the fact that the look was frames around each block and they are side by side I thought there needed to be more even.
So I did a reverse of template. 

Like it so much more.
Only doing a few will tell.

Then worked on the leader and ender project that I have been working on the past year and pretty close to finishing the strip sets. 

Want to get the strips finished so I can cut the strips into 
1 1/2" subsets. That for making the multitudes of nine patches, a few hundreds. 
The working on 9 patches will be easier to to take to the retreat for my leader and enders.

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Sunday, July 23, 2017

Slow Sunday

I can say for a fact, my Sunday has been slow, a slow progress was made. Today I have spent all day prepping various projects I plan to take to a retreat I'm going to in two weeks.
Well at least that was my intention. I think I got a little carried away when I went looking for some fabric out in the garage and found a couple projects that I've been wanting to do for a couple years now.

Image result for Dreamy Hexagons Medallion Quilt

One is a Kaffe Fassett kit I had purchased on one of our quilt shops bus trips. 

And another was one that I had started, Oh it least seven years ago. Have all the appliquéd blocks completed but need to do the sashing and borders.

But the ones that I intended to do, which is a QAL over at Confessions of a Fabric Addict which is her Trip Around the World. Part of her 12 days of Christmas blog hop. Got the strips cut and now ready.

Image result for tumbling triangles pattern

Another is going to be a baby quilt using one of Deb Tucker's patterns called Tumbling Triangles. I have the strips cut out for that also. 

I cut out enough hexagons for at least another three diamonds to take with me to the retreat along with working with on the ones I had already prepped here before. 

In fact my Go cutter has been very busy today besides the strips it's been cutting the hexagons I've been working on also. 

Then I was prepping the hexagons for the Kaffe Fassett quilt top, which I needed to actually cut fabric and the paper hexagon shapes.

Now I have to say this is basically the first day I've been in my sewing room since the boys left Tuesday. I spent Tuesday napping when I got home. 
Then Wednesday I went with my parents to my mom's doctors appointment in Tulsa. This is been the first one I have been able to attend since the end of June. That was basically an all day event too.
Thursday I pretty much spent the day home other than going to the post office and getting the mail. I spent all day cleaning which was long needed after the three week visit of two five-year-olds.
Friday I went to Grove, Oklahoma because they were having their annual quilt show and also "Bob" was going to be there and he had brought my cutting table he made with him. So besides seeing a bunch of beautiful quilts and trying to get my mojo back, I also picked up my cutting table.
And yesterday Saturday, I spent most of the day inside putting around the house until it was time to meet my parents for dinner to celebrate their 56 anniversary. It has been so hot. Not just hot but also very humid this past few days that I have done very little outside other than trying to keep my plants alive. Haven't been able to take my morning walk or any other type of physical activity outside the past couple days
So yesterday besides putting around the house I also gave a lot of serious thought to what I want to bring to the retreat into weeks. It's a four day retreat so I'm capable of getting a bit done. And this year I'm going to have everything precut and ready to assemble and sew like crazy.

It feels good to write again,
so till next time
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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Up For Air

I'm into my third and last week with these very active five year olds. I can take breathers (short) now, figure I would give a shout out to everyone. I am going through a need to touch base with adults.

I was able to finished crocheting the afghan of the American Flag.
I went with the design of the first one, 13 stars.

Been only able to do just a little hand stitching. By the time they go to bed, I'm too tired to even do mindless hexies.

Been able to do a little blog reading and finding it very soothing.

They are up now so I need to go for now. 
See you next week

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