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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Making Progress

The list is getting smaller.

Yesterday the tree skirt was completed and looks just fine. Now you can see that the tree is not decorated much because the boys will help me finish it when they get here.

And here is the sideboard decorated with my Santa collection. It's been so much fun decorating this year. Been too long. 

Now I need to go get paint to make the handprints. Figure green and red will be the way to go.
I'll get some tomorrow when I go to Tulsa. Getting my hair cut and run a few errands.

Also was able to cut out 2 set of pajamas but don't know what I was thinking yesterday. I have my list made out for everyday already and today I had listed other jobs. Sewing will need to be later this week.

Today on the list was boxing up the last of the books that are in the spare bedroom that is the boys room. I had moved all my quilting books in there when the carpet was replaced. Now the boys room is back to the way it was and ready for the "little dudes".

Then I hung family pictures up in the hallway. I have been wanting to hang up the large metal tree (46" wide x 48"height) which we purchased years ago. Originally I want to hang it in the livingroom on the brick wall which is behind the wood stove. But "the Man of The Place" was nervous about me hanging it there. Afraid it could fall and damage the stove pipe. Needless to say he wouldn't help me so it never happened. Now today I hung it in the hallway. I am placing picture on and around the tree of the family, past and present.

This is a start. I have so many pictures packed away that I will have to go through someday. Figure since the photo are attached with small magnet strips I can change them easily. 
Beside adding new ones.

Then an oh so fun task of washing windows. The weather was perfect for such a fun job...
After today we are suppose to get had a good cold spell. 

Monday, November 28, 2016

What's Up 11.28.16

Hey it's Monday, and what's Up.
It's a long list for today. 

I started on the tree skirt this morning, going with white with red trim. My intentions are to have the little boys put their handprints on it each year so I thought white would be the best background. Should have that done here shortly but I thought I'd write this first. 

Then later this afternoon my plan is to cut out their PJs and have them ready to sew tomorrow.
 I had ordered their robes instead of making them. Seeing how I got 50% off on the robes. I thought that was a great deal, I could not get the material for that price.

And then I'm going to finish at the tamales I started. So far I have made 4 dozens and I probably have at least another couple dozen to go. I just got tired of making them last night, seeing how I'm doing it by myself, kind of a tedious job. It's more fun when you can do it in a group.

Up on the design wall is still the Vintage Christmas quilt. I have the trees up as you can see and I've been cutting out the fabric for the trucks. I would like to get this put together before my daughters come next week but it's kind a low on my priority right now.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

WOW November Just Flew By

Image result for time flies

Here it's been three weeks since the last time I wrote, seem shorter than that. I have been so busy with getting ready for the holidays. My daughters will be here this year starting next week.
I had intended to share so much over this time and will but right now I'll keep it short. 
With all the decorating, cleaning, baking, cooking and shopping, I have had little time sewing but need to get busy this week. I have plans to make a tree skirt to have the family put painted hand prints on and each year the boys can add theirs.
Also we are going to ride the Polar Express Train out of Stillwater Oklahoma and thought it would be so cute if the boys had PJ's like the little boy in the book

  Image result for little boy in polar express

I have the flannel and pattern, so need to just get to it. 
Update on the pants I cut out earlier this month..... I had made and I guess I hadn't gained as much as I thought I did for the size I cut out.  Very baggy but that's Okay.
I'll just wear them around the house.
Hope not to make that mistake with the boys.

One of the things on my list is to prepare the guess rooms and the boy's I-Spy quilts are finished now and had been on the beds but the cats have been sleeping on them and now they are full of fur.  

I'll wash them but I need to check the backs first seeing how not all was sewn down, did quilt as u go method. 
That is what I have been working on today stitching down the missed spots.

 Along with some weaving. 

This yarn was some more of the stuff given to me years ago and I really like how it is looking, looks like silk but its not. I hoping my middle daughter picks it. 
Working on scarfs for gifts.
Figure I'll make all different colors and patterns. 
And let them pick the one they want instead of me doing the picking. Sometimes my picks are not right.

Hard to believe December is almost here.

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Saturday, November 5, 2016

A Scarf, Trees and Sheep

The past two days have been a time of keeping busy.
Thursday made it a week since the sheep have been doing their thing in the veggie patch. 

Here is what it looked like the day they came.

Now this is what it looks like after one week on them munching away.

They have done a pretty good job so far. I'm thinking at least a few more days to maybe up to a week more.
I'm thinking I need to seriously think about getting a goat. I like goats, use to have one years ago and they make a good pet if that is what one want. Mine was like a big dog. Sweet, followed me everywhere and even would come when you called but he like all the plants I didn't want him to eat.
Will need a place to keep it in, that will take some work.

Yesterday at the quilt shop it was "sit and sew". You bring whatever you wish to work on and bring your lunch. A time for sewing or something and visiting.
Well I didn't take sewing this time, I took my loom and worked on making another scarf. I know I said I was going to use these yarns next but yesterday morning I was in a rush to putting on the warp threads that I just went with a worsted weight yarn for the warp and a skein of Lion Brand Homespun for the weft, just one color.

It went so fast. In 3 hours the scarf was completed. 

So I started another last night with scraps of pink for the warp and another skein of Lion Brand Homespun but in a very pale pink. 

It's almost done.

  Last but not least it the tree blocks for The Vintage Christmas are done and now it's on to the truck blocks. 

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Yarn and Reading

I've been needing to share what I've been making with my little cricket loom. I am so in love with weaving that I'm afraid I'm going to have to get a bigger one. But I believe I will wait till the new year and make it a birthday present for myself.
 So far I've just been weaving scarves. I have a large stash of yarn that have been given to me over the years and seeing how my carpal tunnel is not getting any better this weaving is perfect for using up my stash. And besides that they make great gifts or for donations. 

So here is what I have done so far minus one scarf that my youngest daughter has already claimed of her own and taken. 

After I'm done with this one on the loom which I'm afraid will not be long enough for a scarf because this is the last of the yarn I have.

Next is these yarns here I plan on loading up.
I have seen so many very beautiful scars using all types of novelty yarns and thread. So I'm going to give it a shot myself. I'm really looking forward to what creations will come of this.
After I make a few more scarves I do want to make also some wash clothes. I have knitted ones in the past and have a good supply of sugar and cream cotton yarn. And I need to use it up and what better way but to weave it up.

I'll have to show you one of those when I get it done also.

Now for what I'm reading/listening to. I am listening to Poldark. 

Ross Poldark Audiobook
If you have not seen the series that is being played on your local PBS channel I would suggest that you try to if you can
The first season was last year and seeing how it was shown on Masterpiece Classic, which I watch all the time, that's how I came about seeing it. 

And I have fallen in love with it. Not realizing that it was the serial written 1940's and 1950's that I decided that I just had to listen to the book too.
So far I'm on book one and enjoying it immensely. The show isn't just like the book but that's OK it's very close and the book add of course a lot more.

Like I said if you get a chance check it out. If you have Amazon Prime the episodes are free.
Right now its been on a few weeks and I'm
little late about sharing but I hope you do get an opportunity to see it or read the book.

One last thing yeah CUBS
. You broke the spell now you are 2016 World Series Champions.
That was one great game.
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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

A Finish and A Start

It has been a warm day again, here it is November 1st and it looks like spring out the window

Poor Lilac bush, blooming in confusion.

Took some time this morning to check on the sheep and they are doing a great job so far, Thursday it will be a week and I'll show what a weeks worth of munching is.

Well I'm so excited to have this finished so quickly. It's not like me.... usually I start something  and then get side track to come back later to finish.
 Feels really good to work like that, been a while.

White Birches is a simple design but so pretty.

I had found this fabric a while back and it is just perfect for the back. 
Thought about using it in place of the grey border but decided against it. 

Would of worked but just wanted a more solid color look and this fabric would of looked more striped.

The little birds turned out like I hoped with a little depth to them.

This one is one I plan on quilting myself.

Now for the new pattern that I am so excited about starting.

Its Vintage Christmas by  Erica Arndt at confessions of a homeschooler

When I first saw this at cozy little quilts, she had posted her finish last week and I knew I just had to make this. This will go so well with my Christmas decorations.

Went to work locating fabric. One of the benefits of have too much fabric, you can usually find what you need without having to wait and try to find it at the store.

This pattern is not paper pieced which excites me. But because its not there a lot of pieces to be cut out

Here in this truck block and there are if I counted right over 60 pieces.
But I don't think it will be that difficult. 

Was able to get the pieces cut for the tree blocks. 

Wasn't able to get any further cause I needed to process the deer my father in law got this past weekend.

Ended up with 20 pounds of ground venison and 4 pounds of stew meat. I hope "the Man of The Place" gets one too. 
I didn't use to like eating venison but for some reason this meat around here is very mild and tasty.
It's very lean so I usually cook it with ground beef. 

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