If you want a golden rule that will fit everything, this is it: Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.William Morris.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Little Progress

I was able work some more on the strip pieces but only with help from Bob of course. At one time I had to lock him out of the room, he just wouldn't stay off the table.

This months RSC is almost completed. Just a few more block of curvy log cabins to go. 

I will be taking to the retreat the large block that is made from 30's reproduction. 

This is the pattern but I'll be prepping this months red along with May and June (bright green and baby blue) to take. 

Linky up with so scrappy

Friday, July 24, 2015

Not much to say

Its been a little boring the past couple of days around here. I have been trying to get some projects ready to take with me on a retreat I'll be attending next week.
My goal is to have 3 or 4 prep projects to sew on the machine and then I'll take the blocks I have ready for "Words to Live By", plus some knitting too.
I've been going through my scraps for strips and then cutting up squares and rects. 

And the strips for this project.

Figure I would sew up strips to take with me so all I'll need to do is trim them up and make the units.
Will see how that works out. They'll be 3 of us in one car and we try to keep it down to the minimum, so my plan is to have everything cut and ready to sew together. I'll be taking no extra fabric.

Bob is feeling like himself these days and I'm so happy to see it. Except he is into everything. Helping with the scraps.

He thinks I need to help with appliqueing too.

But he will rest and this time he wanted to rest with Pete. 

Surprised Pete was comfortable with Bob on him like that. Very cute thou.

Yesterday I did put up some more tomatoes, 

4 quarts and 3 pints. This time I froze them, way too hot to use the canner.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

#3 is Finished

Well I did it, #3 Ruby's Garden if done.

I really like how it looks with those muted colors and that splash of some very muted lavender

Now it's onto the last one, mine.....

I have the fabric picked out and now time to start cutting.

And last night I finished block five of "Words to Live By". 

There is 12 of the smaller blocks that surround a larger block in the center. 

I'm thinking about maybe making all those HST  leader & enders.
That way I'm not trying to get them all made at one time, I can spread out the joy..
Seeing how it will be awhile before I'm ready to assemble anyway.

Monday, July 20, 2015

What's up

What's on the wall this morning is all the blocks for #3 Ruby Garden Quilt,

I really like how the muted colors turned out on this one. 

I hope to get all the blocks sewn together and get that one off the wall so I can start working on # 4,

I know I haven't written much this past week but I have been busy. I did finish appliqueing a block for "Words to Live By"

 and I'm almost done with another.

I have been doing a little quilting on my 30's Sampler this week also.

I've been doing a little catch-up also on my RSC15. 

I'm about halfway done with the red which is this month 

but I still need to catch up on May and June
Today is my dad's 83rd birthday, and yesterday we had just a small gathering at mom and dads house to celebrate, so I hadn't done much over the weekend.
And update on Bob. 
He was able to come home from the Vet Saturday so I drove to Stillwater to pick him up. 
He's doing good. He's starting to be like his old self but one thing I notice and I guess it's from being gone for three days, is that he's very close to me. He will not let me out of his sight.

Laying in my lap a lot more than they used to. Sewing around him is a challenge too. 
He wants to be up there where I'm cutting on the cutting table or he wants to be near where I'm sewing. Wants me to pet him which can be kind of cumbersome.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Five on Friday

It's time for my Five on Friday. I'm going to share some firsts.
 My first first for this week is:
1. I harvest some zucchini. I have four plants that are doing wonderful and this is the first picking of the year.

2.  Another first for the week is my Manx cat Bob had to go to the Vet and spend some time. Wednesday he was acting strange and was hiding in every little dark place he could fine. Now this is not the behavior for Bob. Bob is just barely a year old and he is in full kittens mode, so after having a day of him acting like this I was really worried. I called my daughter who works for a Vet and asked her if I could take him in to see the Vet. That's right there are vet that just specialized in cats. After examining Bob she told me he was very dehydrated from not eating or drinking for the past 24 to 36 hours and due to his other symptoms of vomiting, diarrhea he needed at some fluids and some test to see what would cause this. 
So Bob had to spend the night at the Vet and come to find out he'll have to spend tonight again, he's not quite up to par yet.

Scared little guy

3. My first batch of canned tomatoes for the year. Last year was a lousy year for tomatoes and I was only able to put a few bags in the freezer at the end of the year but this year seems to be more abundant and I am very excited.

Seven quarts

4. I'm on my first listening/read of Harper Lee latest release of her book "Go Set a Watchman".  I'm about 40% through it right now and I'm enjoying it but I'll tell you more after I finish it.

Product Details

5. Our 30's club at Sager Creek Quilt Shop, is going to make "The Farmer's Wife 1930s Sampler Quilt".

It will take us 18 months to do all the blocks that are in the book and I have my first installment of the first five blocks for this quilt.

Thank you for checking out my fives.

Tomorrow I hope to pick up Bob and while driving to Stillwater I'll be listening to Go Set a Watchman.
And being that it is going to be dangerously hot I plan to get some sewing in.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Five on Friday

I have just came across Amy at Love Made My Home Five On Friday.
Here in her own words of what it is:
Five On Friday is a way to share Five things - on a Friday!  They can be connected, or not.  You could choose to share five quotes and say why they mean something to you, five pictures from your garden, five favorite flowers, five cakes, five anything that you like!  

I read that and realize this was something I felt was a wonderful idea of sharing a little something without have to fill a whole post. There are a lot of things here on the farm that I don't feel I have enough to write about. Partly because I'm not a writer and its hard at times to do. This is a lot like how at times the posting of pictures I've done on Saturday but with a little narrative.  

Amy has a link up for bloggers to post there Five On Friday and for us to read and see what others have contributed.

So here is my first attempt.

One - Over this pass week we have had some unusual amount of rain, here it is July one of dryer months and we received 5 inches in 3 days. That's a lot. 

Two -  With all that rain, the seeds I planted thrive in the straw bales. The bush beans are doing good. I do see thou there are a few spaces I'll need to reseed.

Three - Now not all the veggies in the garden cared for all that rain. My onions did not get very big this year. We have had a wet and cool spring and the onions just didn't get what they like. Then with all this moisture I had to pull them in fear that they could rot like my cabbage did.

Four - The tomatoes are digging it. Check out all those green tomatoes. I am weary that they might be infected by a soil borne virus cause from all the rain.

Five - I little beauty from outside to grace the inside of my home. Nothing I relish more than what nature offers.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Did it again

I did it again, I got in that cleaning mood. The picture I took yesterday of underneath my sewing table drove me nuts. So first thing this morning I had it on my mind I was going to clean that up under there 

And I did, what do you think?
I like it... makes me happy
Now I have a spot for my current projects underneath my sewing area so I know where they're at when I'm ready to work on them. 
I  can't believe it, I also found a project that I have started when I first moved here to Oklahoma in 1994.

I had started cutting out from all my scraps, apple-core pieces.
Then I went to working again and as you know,  things happen, projects get put away.
I'll have to put that one on the list of to do's, this one is not on my current list of quilts started. 

Photo is a little washed out

 Got the strips cut for the Ruby Garden quilt and started sewing on them.
Next I need to get the containers with my colored scraps in here so I can start cutting up for the RSC15. 
We are supposed to get rain again tomorrow morning so I might be able to get a little bit more done as far as sewing goes in the morning

If not I'll be out in that garden trying to finish up the weeding

I've also been trying to collect projects that I want to add as my ones to finish and post as my FAL Q3 goals

Here are the ones I have. 

I have a red string quilt

Checkerboard shuffle made from 2 1/2 inch strips

The twisted blossom that I just started

I would like to get quilted and bound the two flying geese lap quilts 

and the Thangles lap quilt I just finished

The nested churn dash quilt also quilted and bound. 

Then some knitting projects to finish. 
I started some socks and want to knit this scarf for my daughter for Christmas. 

Not too bad, have 3 months to try to finish these.

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