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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Bye Bye May

I know I have said it before and that is how fast time seems be rushing past me.
Here it is the end of May and the first time since the "Little Dudes" have been born that I had missed their birthday. They turned 5 and growing so fast.
They will be here for a visit the end of June and will stay for 3 weeks. That will be here before you know it.

Even though time is quickly passing, I seem to be so slow at doing things and I thought I would be done with the flag quilt today.

But I was able to have all the units made now. It took a little figuring out.

Added a piece to a corner of the background fabric. I could not tell from the photo how it was constructed so I needed guess and measure.

I think I have it figured out. Right now it a square shape that I added the corner piece to and gives it a zigzag edge but I plan on to trimming off the points when it all together.

Part of the reason it has taken a bit longer than I thought it would take is because I ran out of white fabric and picked some up while in Tulsa yesterday to a haircut. 
And while in town the bull we have out in the corral  decided that he need an itch, scratched.

So he rubbed up against the water hydrate and broke it down under the ground. Came home to low water pressure, that's because water was gushing out at the break.

The "man of the place" was out there until midnight last night and today I was able to get a plumber out to fix it.

Took a little time out of my day but was able to sew about half if the rows sewn together. 
Looking pretty nice, liking it.

Did finished appliqueing the circles down and this will  be the next one to construct.

Tomorrow is my mom's first treatment and I pray she has no issues or side effects.

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Monday, May 29, 2017

Memorial Day

Related image

In memory of all who gave their lives, we will never forget them and will honor them forever.
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Yesterday after church and a nap I started working on the flag quilt.
Was working on the diamond rectangles when I was about 2/3 done that I ran out of white fabric. Seeing how I didn't have a pattern and was guessing at it all.
Started with a yard and third, which is nowhere near enough. 

Have a few of the smaller square in a squares completed but still lacking having them all. 

Besides needing some for the border, so tomorrow when I go to get my haircut I'll go by JoAnn's and pick up some Kona white.

But this is what is now up on the wall

I blurred this picture to show how well it looks like a flag

Yesterday afternoon "the man of the place" and I walked down to the creek and walked along for a distance. It's amazing what the heavy rains this pass spring has done to the shape of the creek. Where there was rocks along one side of the bank is now all on the other or sweep down stream. The creek is spring fed and the water is so clear.

It was such a beautiful day.

Update on the the storm that came through Saturday gave us another 3/4 " of rain and thank goodness no hail. We did have lots of lightening, quite the show. Lasted a couple hours and it was gone. 

       Had also been appliqueing done the circles on the Retro Air-Ship Propeller blocks. 

Have only 11 left to do and I appreciate the comments so far and as soon as they are finished maybe I will have decided by then how I'm going to put it together.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Memorial Weekend

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Here in the States it is our Memorial Day weekend.
A day to remember our veterans.
My father and two of my daughters have served in our military and I am so proud of their service to our country.

It made me think about making a lap quilt, flag pattern.

So while surfing pinterest I came across a quilt that was made using the storm at sea pattern. Went to the site and it was no help on who made it or the pattern used.

Did have reference to Eleanor Burns.
Googled her and that pattern and all that came up was that one pic of that quilt.

I'm not going to show the pic cause I have no one to give credit to, so I'll just post what my progress is.

So far I have made the square in square blocks, they're double square. Six inch block.

I'm using Deb Tucker's Square 2 trimmer and my friend Pam's pattern she designed for Deb, to get the measurement for this block.

There will be a smaller 3" version I still need to figure out.

But right now I working on the diamond rectangles. 

Had to stop this afternoon to reorganize the garage so I could my car inside.
We have some severe storms heading our way and need to protected my car from potential large hail.
I have too many books and most of my fabric is in here.

and rushing to get this posted, need to unplug the router and modem, they have a tendency to get fried from lightning.
       I'll let you know tomorrow about hail size if we get any. Of course the weather persons are say up to baseball size is possible.

Till later

Friday, May 26, 2017

Some Sewing Time

Other than cleaning and yard work
I finally was able to get in some sewing time this week and worked on the Retro Air-Ship Propeller blocks.

Have 42 blocks completed, well sort of completed, I'm appliqueing the center circles on now.

Have enough blocks to set on point like the pattern Steampunk by Jen Kingwell.

These are just part of the 42, didn't feel like putting them all up on the wall. Being lazy

Or plenty of blocks to do straight rows and add a border.

Like in this book of 1930's quilts.

Haven't decided which one,
can you help me decided.

I would greatly appreciate another opinion.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Home, Sweet Home

I'm home.
Arrived back Sunday evening and after all the tests and scans it is agreed that Mom will take treatment here in Tulsa but will go back to Houston for progress follow ups. 
I left leaving MD Anderson very impress with the facilities, staff and the efficiency. I feel my Mom received the best care while there.

Now that I'm home I have been getting back into a routine, funny how I missed that.  I don't live an exciting life, (it's a good life) but I did missed it.

I just have to get back (long time gone) in the habit of writing.

While gone I did get another baby blanket crochet, spent a lot of time in waiting rooms.
Turned out sweet and now I need to find a baby to give it to. 

 And did start another one. 

My Mom was making this pattern and thought it was so pretty.

Since I didn't take a sewing machine with me I just had to have something to sew. Seeing that I have many things started and didn't want to duplicate one of them decided to start a quilt I've been wanting to do for a while but had put it off.

It is an English paper piecing pattern 

Sue Garman: A Hex on Blog Time Sneaking Up on Me!:    

It's an old layout but I believe this one is from the late Sue Garman.

So one day while in Houston I went around to a few quilt shops looking for a kit I could do 

and with not finding one I went ahead and purchased some hexies and charm packs. 

Got a good start and to took only a couple tries to get the hang of it.  Been awhile since I have done EPP.

Did this one with 1/4" hexies I think 7 years ago. Measured out the same as a sheet of paper, 8 1/2" by 11"
Now it's framed and hangs in my bathroom.

Now that I'm home I'm going to look for fabric in my stash to go along with the charm packs.

I did work some on the embroidery I took.

Still have so much more to do, this is the largest block with the most stitchery to do. I will keep plugging along.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Humid Houston

I do not know how people can stand humidity, it's bad enough in Tulsa but here it is May in Houston and it feels like July in Tulsa.
Thank goodness that my parents have a/c in their trailer. 
We got here Sunday afternoon and Mom had her first appointment Monday morning and for the next two days she had so many tests and scans. So today was the first day that we hadn't had to be at the hospital.

While waiting for Mom, I had brought with me a bunch of baby yarn to make some blankets. 

This is what I have so far, this pattern I haven't done before and I'm liking it. Fun one to do. I bet I'll have this completed by the time I go home next week. At least I hope to and would like to have another one at least started.

Hopefully we will have positive news when the doctors get back with us on options of treating her cancer. We are not sure if the treatments will need to be done here or if we can have them done back in Tulsa. There is a MD Anderson satellite center at St. John's Hospital.

I had thought of bringing one of the featherweights with me to work the Air-ship Propeller quilt and wish I did. Feel like sewing to help make the days go by.
 Did tho bring along one on the embroidered blocks to the snowmen quilt.

This is the largest section.

Well that's all for now

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

So little progress

I can't believe again it's been already a couple weeks since I last posted something. Feels like a heck of a lot longer if you ask me. I've been preoccupied lately dealing with my mom's health issues and will be for sometime in the future.
I'm afraid my posts might become sporadic, not saying that they already are. Just a warning that way you have a heads up, so please don't give up on me. My blog is my refuge and something that I'm going to use in need.
Well with that said, I haven't been able to get something completed these past couple weeks. I have been working on things. 

Oh I'll take that back, yes I did complete at a baby blanket that I was crocheting. I take that along with me to doctor visits when I go with my mom.  In fact I started a new one with some yarn that my mom had in her stash to add to mine. So while we're in Houston, I will be working on that plus I'll take some embroidery work with me too.

I have been working off and on the past couple weeks on my retro airship propeller blocks. Had all that I believe  needed cut out and have about half of them finished and partially done with the other half.

When those are completed, the last thing I need to do besides squaring them up, is appliqueing  circles in the center of the block. I have thought about taking those with me down to Houston also and I might still. 

Don't they look so sweet.

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