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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

New Scarf Pattern

I'm still working on these socks and almost done, on the cuff now. And I don't know about you but it seems like the closer I get to the end of a project I start thinking about what to make next. Usually there a long list needing to be worked from and then I'll go to the yarn shop and I'll have more projects to add. 

Heaven know I do not need more yarn, but I lose all will power and leave with more.

Did this time, so gorgeous tho.
Red Fish is Forbidden Wooley Babel,
Lime is Ella Rue Lace Merino
and the small skeins are
Wooly Wonka Ceridwen Soak

This time I came back with a pattern to use up some more of my stash too

This one is called "Fringeworthy" and was told it's a very easy.

I was given this yarn and will use it for this pattern. It does need to wash but I'm not sure if I should wash it first or afterwards.
What would you do?
I would like to know if you have had this issue and what worked for you.

Here is a link to the free pattern

Right now I'm listening to Dead Wake by Erik Larson

I'm over halfway done and finding it very interesting.
He not only tells about the story of the sinking of the Lusitania but all that lead up to it, the passengers, the German U boat that sunk it and the WWI that was happening across Europe.
If you like historical novels this is a good one.

Now I want to have it finished by this Friday cause Erik Larson will be speaking in Fayetteville AK. and I plan on going.
I'll let you know how it went.

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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

How to Make a Yoga Bag

For my birthday this year I decided to give myself a gift and it was to take yoga classes from a professionally trained instructor.
Never have and have for decades follow a video or lately an app that is really good. But sometimes I feel I'm not doing the poses right. 

Well there no classes near me so I've ended up going to Tulsa to The Inner Peace Studio. They are very nice, knowledgable and patient.
I have a mat, blocks and a belt which I've stored them in a pillow case.

That was ok for home but after taking my pillow case with me, it's not really the best way to take my stuff with me.

So after a google search, came across lots of bags like this

but they only held your mat and I needed something that would also hold the blocks and belt too.

This was what I needed, right here is a link to the pattern

So here is mine.

I had found some deco fabric for the exterior and then quilt fabric for the lining.

The directions are pretty clear with good pictures. 
It took just a couple hours from start to finish.

Start by cutting both the exterior and interior (lining) fabric 33 x 14
need two from each fabric.

Using a 2" wide canvas webbing, two 52 long and sew on to the exterior like so.

Attach the loop for the button
Sew the 2 pieces together leave the top open on the exterior and the same on the lining.
And then put the exterior and lining together 

turn inside out and topstitch the edge of the opening.


Now I'm really for class tomorrow and will be able to carry my stuff in a easy, comfortable way.

Beside it very pretty too.

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Monday, March 28, 2016

What's up

Up on the design wall is my finished March rainbow scrap quilt. I can now say I have another project to machine quilt on, and another baby quilt to find a home for.

I'm working on the rest 
of my Quilty Circle 365 for the month. I found some new novelty prints at the Dallas quilt show earlier this month and I'm taking the time now to cut out I spy circles. 

Not sure if I will get them sewn  today or tomorrow, seeing how I really would like to start machine quilting on the baby quilt. I've been looking at images online of other urban nine patches. Wanted to get some quilting ideas on how to go about doing mine. I had to keep in mind that I am a beginner and cannot get some of the patterns that are shown accomplished because they were done either on a movable long arm or by a professional.
But nonetheless I have gotten some really good pattern that I am going to attempt

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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Scrappy Saturaday

I wanted to share this this morning before I go out and help 
"The Man of The Place" put out hay.   

It's the first time to show what been done for this months RSC baby quilt. It's been a slow process this time, which is odd since it started out with orphan blocks.

Had some of the fabric left over that I used with the blocks to make my daughter's quilt. I have written about earlier here and here

I have the sashing in mostly now and the next step is I would like another border around.

Deciding what I have in scraps that can be used is where I'm at now.

Seeing how it's suppose to be for a baby I would like to lighten it up some. Right now it's on the deep purple side and doesn't really read baby to me. 

If it wasn't going for a child I would definitely use the darkers. 
What's your thoughts?

It will be a while before I get back in the house to work on it so you have time to weigh in your ideas.
I'm game for anything.

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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Cat Play Box


I had never seen this before and was post by someone on facebook and thought this was a cheap, fast and easy idea for the cats. 

And here I am knitting a cat cocoon which is pretty much the same idea. I have to say that the T-Shirt cube is way so fast. 

Maybe the cats will like the cocoon better, won't know till I finally finish it.

So here is what you need;
1 large T-Shirt (easier with a large one)
A box the size of a milkcrate or little bigger (not too big that your shirt won't stretch around)
That's it!!!

You'll stretch the shirt around the opening of the box, 

making sure the neck opening is centered in the opening of the box.

Next is to tie the best you can in the back of box the T-Shirt. If your box is bigger and if you can not get enough to tie, I pinned with a big safety pin the extra shirt closed.

Then the sleeves are tuck back into the armhole like so.

Now That's it
Just so simple.

Now I guess my cats are getting too old or lazy to play it like I feel a younger cat or kitten would.

Here is a Youtube video  showing the way.
Not by me tho, it's the one I watched.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Yarn Along

I have finished a couple projects since the last time I wrote about what I had been working on.

I was able to finally and I mean finally finish, a pair of socks that I had started over 3 years ago. I remember working on them while flying to California.

Now I have to decide who will be the recipient. 

I also started and finished a scarf with some yarn that I had in my stash. 

Effin Scarf

Found this pattern that I thought was so cute and before using some expensive yarn, made it with the stash yarn. 

Turned out just as cute as the picture and that doesn't happen all the time for me.  

It was very fast and easy, a no brainer.
Going to start another using this yarn here.

I was also able to listen to a couple of books too. 

The first was

Product Details

It was a fun spooky little book. Not too gory. 
It was one I found out about on another blog here on Ginny's link up a while back. Thanks to all the others who link up I have read some good books and found a project or two, beside being inspired.

The second book was another in a series of Alafair Tucker Mysteries, # 7

Product Details 
I love her books probably because they are written about a real place not far from where I live in Oklahoma. And she brings so much of life here to the page I can relate to.
Oh ya and its a mystery. 
I like a good mystery.
This book was a little different then her others I thought because the murder would be very soon in the book where as this one she waited till about a third in.
Still enjoyed it.

The recent finished was

Product Details

Loved it.
A challenge at times to keep straight the timeline because he would jump from the beginning of WWII to near the end and in between.
There were two main characters and would jump with both.
here is the write up from Goodreads

From the highly acclaimed, multiple award-winning Anthony Doerr, the beautiful, stunningly ambitious instant New York Times bestseller about a blind French girl and a German boy whose paths collide in occupied France as both try to survive the devastation of World War II.

It goes on to tell more and I would recommend you check it out.

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