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Monday, December 31, 2018

2018 Reflection

Boy another year just quickly flew by, especially the last half of this year.
Seeing how I hadn't written in two months I have been reflecting on how this year went and what I would like to see in 2019.

I have come to realize that turning 60 this year really effected my 
mental state.  Never though it would. Thinking about what I wanted in this stage of my life was overwhelming. Actually for the last part of this year I became melancholy. But with time and lots of contemplation, I have work my way through it.

My focus has changed some and at one time I wasn't even sure if I wanted to continue blogging as shown with my lack of posting. But I realized after seven years I still do enjoy blogging and have ideas on where I want to go with my blog. I want to go back to more what it was when I started. A reflection of my whole life not just mainly quilting. I'm not stopping, just want to add more variety.
Decided not to try to do everything, need to be selective. It's to easy for me to want to do it all. 

My word for the year is Centered

It means that you're present in your body and connected with the earth, allowing you to feel centered and balanced no matter what's going on around you.

boy do I need this badly in my life.
Something this blog helped me in the past to achieve in some ways.

Lost for a while was my creative juices but finally I want to plan and actually do stuff. Something I look forward to.

Also became aware that there is so much more I want and need to learn.

First one that I need to learn that will help with blogging is my new iPhone and the cloud. When I upgraded to 8 plus and a new laptop, I have struggled with getting my images available. Have to admit also I just haven't wanted to but now know it's needed for so many reasons. Images are a big part of my blog, writing comes second.

Time management has and still seem to be a constant fault I have.
Have gotten better over the years but it's something that needs consistent focus. My mind has always wander so easily and using my Bullet Journal helps immensely.
Right now I'm setting up 2019 and will share when I have it completed but right now running behind some because I've been getting ready for daughters and grandsons visit. We'll be doing Christmas this weekend.

I feel I've babbled long enough with no pictures.
So I'll end here but will have more to show and share in the New Year.

Love you all and sorry for being absent so much.

Till next time


Tuesday, October 30, 2018

What's Up 10/29/18

Again October has gone so quickly, my favorite month.
I wish it would last, oh say 6 months..... heaven.
The 2nd week was our anniversary and we took time away to celebrate, then last week was all of Mom follow up doctor visits (which she is doing good). This week has been a little bit of a breather with catching up on cleaning and projects.

One is the Scrappy Nine Patch that came back from the quilter. Now it's time for binding  

You can see from this photo that it was done in the Methodist Fan

Time to get out the big rulers and trim

Next just getting the binding sewn on,  think I'll use the background fabric.

Up on the design wall is a current project that our sewing group started at our last meeting

The pattern is Windmills from Cultural Fusion Quilts book

I'm doing mine as you can see all in blue fabric.
I have a love for blue and have tubs of blue and really needed to get to using and not just collect.

This is a easy, no thinking pattern. Love it.
This is what I was able to get done in just a couple of hours at our meeting. 

This will be perfect project that I can pick up at anytime without thought. Especially since I have been so sporadic at getting time in to sew these past couple months.

Till next time

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Slow Sunday

It has been a nice slow Sunday, stayed home, enjoyed the rain and just vegged out.

I've started a cardigan a couple weeks ago for myself but I'm afraid that it might be too big.

Using a new yarn for me by Lion Brand called Comfy Cotton Blend. I'm really liking how it's working up and it has a real nice feel to it

I did do a gauge swatch and it measure out the way it should but when I took a measurement of the back I completed it was a size too big.

Now that shouldn't be that big of a deal but the pattern is already over-sized which could be an issue.This was a PDF pattern I purchased.

So if it is after completed, still big..... I will make a gift of it to one of my daughters.

I'm working now on one half of the front.

And all is going well and crocheting is much quicker than knitting for me which makes it so much more enjoyable.

Hope your Sunday was a good day for you too.

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Thursday, October 4, 2018

Plugging Along

This past month I have made a little progress.

I have one of the Halloween dish towel done

I have embroidered two more but still need to add the printed binding 

Seems like I have more starts than finishes right now

Did finished another afghan and I have plans for this one.
Pete had to break it in.

I am planning on getting a Class B RV, also know as a camper van.
And this will go in the van.
I know what I want it's just convincing "the man of the place"

Up on the wall is the Hexie diamonds I have completed 

Also started prepping the Garden Party quilt by Laura Heine 
I wanted the feel of being at the beach, soft and soothing.

I had some help as you can see.

Till next time

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

So Many Ways

I have been playing catch up with you on what is going on this past week.
I hadn't mention my Mom and her treatments for Melanoma has been going. She did just fine with the surgery to remove the tumor (which was a success) but now she is dealing with a spot on a lymph node near where the tumor was. Finally she started radiation this week. She should have little reaction they say because she is having Cyber-knife radiation. Because its a pin-pointed form of radiation, there is less damage to surrounding tissues or organs. Which sounds all good to me. 

So from what I have posted in the past, I always take something with me to her medical appointments.

Most of the time it is something small to carry along with me, something with very few pieces and crocheting seem to be the main go-to project I grab

What I've been taking lately is crochet wash clothes.

Still working on using up the stash yarn, there is a tub of Sugar n Cream cotton yarn I been working with. It's done in a waffle stitch pattern.

It takes one ball per cloth. As you can see, just a little remain after one is completed.

Would like to also show others stash busters projects that I have completed these past couple months. 

Another baby blanket for a girl.
Sweet pink and white.

Then this blanket here. 
All with stash yarn too.

Love this pattern
It's a PDF pattern I found on Instagram.

Pete is modeling the latest one I am working on.
Done in the same pattern as the blanket above but in only one color (variegated) skein.

Have a little more to do on it before its done. It's become so big that's I'm unable to take it to Doctor appointments, that's why I have been working on dish cloths too.

So now caught up on the progress of crocheting projects.

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Moving Slowly

It's not just slow Sunday but I have myself been moving slowly and stiffly. For some reason unknown to me, my sciatic nerve is bothering me. 
I'm having no problem fitting right in with the theme today of
 slow Sunday
but it does hurt a little if I sit around to much or long.

But while I am, a little embroidery work is what I'm doing today. 

It's Winter Wonderland by Crab-apple Hill design 

I final finished the largest section last month. Boy was that a lot of work. It didn't seem that it would at first but those trees were for me what took so long.

 Also finished another smaller one since the last time I posted a picture back on May 20.

This is how many sections that are completed. 

This next section is also a large section but at least not as big as the other. Expect this to take me a little while too.

For the Winter Wonderland and many other embroidery work,
I use a product that is printable, sticky back and water solvable.  

These are two of the three I have tried. Missing is Transfer Eze
I like them all and pretty much the only difference is in price.
Floriani being the most.

I could trace this next project but I'm being a little lazy

Halloween dish clothes
This pattern is also a Crab-apple Hill design and I've had it for a few years now, just never got around in time to do them. Have it all ready now. Will be a nice break from the snowmen and should take no time to finish (sure)

While my daughter was here a couple weeks ago, we went to a few cross stitch shops in Tulsa, I came across a small cross stitch.
Cross Stitching is something I use to do a lot but had put aside for some time now. It brings back memories and my oldest daughter is very proliferate who does excellent work. 

I like what it says:
Gratitude turns what we have into Enough

Another thing I like a lot in the Instant Pot I purchased back in 2015 and have used it often but pretty much for the same things and not trying out new recipes.

Hard to believe I haven't done steel cut oats until recently.

If you ask me there is no other way to get a good bowl of oats.

And another is to hard boil eggs in the pot too.
I've tried a couple ways, steam and manual setting, both work out just fine. The best thing is that no matter how fresh your eggs are, they peel so easily

If you haven't tried it in yours yet, you ought to.
I think you'll be as surprised as I was.

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Thursday, August 23, 2018

Time Flys

I can't believe that here it is the second half of August, where has the past 7 weeks gone.
I have had family visits and been helping my parents but still looking back at that, where did it go.
Haven't gone anywhere and I'm feeling like I need to get away.
Until then, life goes on.

Haven't done sewing on a regular bases. With that said I was able to get 3 tops finished and now ready to go to the quilter.

First is Scrappy One
( update; I had been in touch with the person who has the blog "I Just Love Quilts" . She had made this same pattern a few years ago and I asked if it was ok to put a link to her blog so so you could also see her version of this quilt.
here's the link   i just love quilts

This quilt ended up being large enough for my King size bed 
118 x 103

I just love it and it will so nice on the bed.
All 1" squares

Now this top I had thought I had lost it. I have looked for this quilt for at least 3 years it seems like.
Found it at the bottom of a tub I had out in the garage, and have no memory at all that this was put in that tub.

All I had to finish on this top was the outer blue border
Have no idea why it would be out there and unfinished.
I so thought I had it finished.

The snowmen are so cute and I enjoyed making this.

And this top is all I can show for now until the pattern is publish in a national magazine.
I show this and the pattern when it's published.

Now for what I would like to do next?

This quilt here. 
My middle daughter wants me to make 2 for their camper.
Cute pattern and will be fairly easy to make.
Looking forward to starting. I've gathered some fabric and need to find some more and then I ready.

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