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Saturday, September 30, 2017

Hodge Podge

The past couple of days I have been spending time at Mom because her CHF is acting up and she wasn't feeling very good. We would sit and crochet while talking, which was hard for her yesterday because she get breathless just talking sometimes.

I was able to finish my sister's slippers and they feel good on. I am definitively going to have to make myself a pair. Before I go and buy some yarn, need to check out the stash and see if there is some soft yarn like the stuff I used for my sister, That yarn was from Hobby Lobby "I Love This Yarn" but not sure if there is any here. Hope so, really would like to use up my stash

Speaking of which I'm doing that with this pair I just started for my youngest daughter who is a OSU grad (orange and black) and still lives in Stillwater (my future quilter).

Had to change pattern because this yarn is lighter weight and the pattern used on my sister's slipper just wasn't working out, turning out smaller and thin.

But this new pattern so far looks like it's a winner. With this pattern is starts with the cuff and ends with the toe where as the other was the opposite.

Also completed another diamond. 

Been reading about Hygge 
simply said here

Right up my ally and a way to learn more about where my family comes from and the culture. My grandfather came here to the US as a child with his family before WWI from Denmark and while my sister was here we were reminiscing our childhood and the memories we had of grandpa and the holidays. Most of them past away while I was young but do remember some.
Christmas was a big deal as kid and it is with the Danes.
We celebrated on Christmas Eve with dinner and church.
Food was a big part and it was the same every year.

Been trying to find recipes of some of the dishes I remember, seeing I have none from family.

Mom would make Frikadeller (Danish Meatballs)
Loved those so much.

Made some and sure brought back memories

Here is the recipe I found  

Next dish I want to make is Danish Red Cabbage, I love that stuff and I here homemade is so much better than the stuff in the jar from the store. 

Hard to believe it's October, my favorite month.

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Thursday, September 28, 2017

Groundhog Expressway

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I need to tell you about how the hen house is again a drive thru 

A couple of years ago I had a groundhog dig a tunnel from the outside of the hen house to an opening inside. They seem to have a love for chicken layer pellets. We were able to set the trap inside the house where the opening was and succeed to trap it. We relocated him and filled the hole.

Hadn't had any problem with them until recently.

Have seen a few around like this on the the back porch

But a little over two weeks ago my sister came across this one while out letting the chickens out of the house.

Now we have a problem, they do not bother the hens but they can eat a large amount of feed. I had hoped I had scared it away but that was not the case. My sister spotted it again but this time it was running out of the house through the yard and under the fence.

I figured it was coming through the hen door out to pasture so I was a little surprised but also pleased cause I would have a better chance of trapping it.

So Saturday put the trap out by the opening in the fence and sure enough caught it. 

Like the last one we relocated it about a mile away.

Then Tuesday I thought I would set the trap again just in case that wasn't the only one and it wasn't 

caught this one Tuesday and another yesterday.

That is were I came up with the phrase Groundhog Expressway, seeing how more than one was using that hole in the fence. Which is interesting because from what I have learned they do not live in groups but we do seem to have a lot of them around.

They don't bother me other than eating the feed.
I think they are rather cute and like to watch them when I can, they are very timid animals.

I will set it again and I will wait until I can go a week without catching one before I fix the hole in the fence and close the Expressway

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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Tomorrow is always a Day Away

I have been wanting to write all week but have had things pop up and I catch myself saying "tomorrow".
Can say for once tomorrow is here and have so much to share.
These past two weeks have been mainly spending time with family and very little sewing. 
No I'll take that back, I've done a lot of handwork because I could take it with me to Doctor appointments and such.

I have spent time in the morning quilting on the blue "Rocky Road". 
I can sort of see this one being completed after 20 years. Yes you read that right...... 20 years ago I started this quilt and maybe started quilting on it off and on 10 years ago.

this picture shows that there is a few background spaces to do and I'll have one side done.

Working hard to get it done.
I have a stack of others waiting to get quilted.

I did get all the fabric I had for the Mosaic Diamond cut out.
My youngest daughter has becomed very interesting in working with EPP. I believe I might have a daughter who will become a quilter. She is prepping the hexes for me and has sewn some on one. So exciting, it's a start.

All I have to show other than the cutting is one more diamond done, now up to 15.

Appliqueing still on the sashing for the Vintage Garden.

Was able to get some sewing in by putting together some of the rows. 

I'm halfway there.

Something new I started was crocheting slippers for my sister. Have for decades knitted slipper but I'm needed to switch to crocheting and found this pattern. Looks a lot like it's knitted  and that is the main reason why I picked it.

Coming along nicely and quickly.

Well that's it for now but tomorrow I'll have more to share and a story about the Groundhog expressway.

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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

It's Hump Day

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This morning before I went to my parents house I was able to get the top row sewn to the Vintage Garden.

Right now I'm working on the sashing for between the rows

That is why it is missing from the today's picture.

I took with me today some piecework.

Brought with me the Dreamy Hexagon center, which I had 2 of the hexagon circles to finish sewing down. Happy to say it's done and time to think about what is next to do.

Had also started on another diamond for Mosaic Diamond.

Mom is doing well and we are working getting strength back in her legs and arms so she did walk a little a few times today.
I spent a good amount of time trying to figure out her medications she is needing to take.
Was a good day.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Fuzzy Cute Visitor

Yesterday my sister went out to the hen house to give the girls a treat. I have been keeping them locked up in their yard half the day and will let them go free ranging the rest of the day. 
Well when my sister went out there she had open the main gate to get in the hen yard, when she did she noticed something in the hen house. Being a city girl she didn't know what it was and shut the door to the hen house before she came to get me.

It was a groundhog.....I believe it to be the same one that I have been seeing around the house eating fallen sunflower seeds under the bird feeders.

 Had posted this picture last month.

They are so cute and are vegetarian.... which means they will not hurt the girls or eat their eggs but they do eat a good amount of the chicken feed I have in the hen house. 

I'm going to have to figure out a way to make it stop. I might have to relocate it if it doesn't stop.

This evening was the 30's Club at Sager Creek Quilts. We had a good crowd with 2 new attendees

We started a new quilt and this is month one. If you are interested I put link here

First set of blocks.. one pieced and one appliqued.

The applique was done by machine...I used Soft-Fuse and a small buttonhole stitch.  

Update on my mom, they released her today to my surprise. I worry about her stability and falling. If she does my dad can not get her up. This has happened before and the neighbor or I had to help. 
Starting tomorrow I'll be spending the day and my sister will be spending the afternoon and evening.  They will be on their own at night unless things changes.

I'll be taking piecework with me for now.

Monday, September 11, 2017

What's Up 9.11.17

Image result for in memory 911 memorial
Hard to believe it's been 16 years ago.... a day we all know where we were when it happened.
Lets not forget the ones we lost on that day.

Later today my sister and I will go visit mom. Sounds like she could be there a couple more days, especially since she got up out of bed without help and fell. No broken bones thank goodness but I think plans for release might be altered. I'll know more later today.

Have up on the wall is Vintage Garden and I hope to get the top row sewn  this morning. 

The corner stones in the next row down need to be trimmed down so right now it looks odd and out of place.

Did get another block of Blue Rocky Road quilted this morning while watching the devastation from Irma. 
Prayers for those effected

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Sunday, September 10, 2017

Slow and Steady Sunday

It has been a lazy day for me.
Woke up to a nice cool morning and had a cup of coffee with the man of the place on the back porch. After that I came in the house and watch some of what was going on in Florida. Just frightening...

Read some ..... had a nap.... did get a little sewing.

Prep some more sashing for the Vintage Garden and did stitch one today. Figure  when I get the top row sashing stitch I'll go ahead and assemble. 

Been quilting each morning this week while watch the morning news. It isn't much, maybe an hour but it will add up. 

I can get one of these done in an hour.

Have 14 more besides the background spaces.
Then of course the last, border.

This quilt has been one of those off and on ones for so many years and I want it to be finished. Just don't want it to be many more years before it is. 

It was also a good day to make yogurt which takes all day to incubate. If you hadn't had homemade yogurt, you are missing out.
I am lactose intolerant and did not know it till about 2 years ago. Here I thought I just had stomach issues of some sort all my life, which I did ..... lactose. I did not connect the two.
But yogurt doesn't bother me... what a blessing 

Linking up to Kathy's Quilt

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