If you want a golden rule that will fit everything, this is it: Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.William Morris.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My W.I.P. on my mind

I just finished my chores outside and I am all cleaned up and ready to tackle the inside jobs, (and no it's not housework) it's my W.I.P..  Now by the looks of the pictures you are probably thinking this woman has issues and you are on target there. I just have too many projects going that I am determind to finish.
Today my goal is to finish the machine applique stitch to the snowman.
Finish glue basting the small yellow dots to  the red circles and then I can say I have finally the first block ready to stitch of the Beyond The Cherry Tree Quilt.  I have only been collecting the patterns for over a year and had the fabric all picked out but just kept saying to myself "I am not starting another project". Well I did complete a couple tops I had been working on, so I decided it's now or never. Beside I just could not stand waiting any longer.

And with high hopes I hope to at least get the last block copied onto some freezer paper so I can get one step closer to finishing the last block to this quilt.

Oh ya, the first picture of the tree, I need to glue baste on some more circles, 2 birds and 2 large leaves down at the bottom. Now I have them all ready to go and when glued on that will be the last of the appliqued pieces. I will still have some embroidery work besides the hand quilting. This pattern came out of a Quiltmania Magazine last year. I just love it. To me it has the Arts and Craft feel to it.

So this evening when I am done for day I will post what I was able to get accomplished. You see this is my way of making myself accountable.

Till this evening

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Why Quilts Matter on PBS

Today I was checking my email and I had received this message from a guild I belong to. It is about a documentary on
quilts that will be aired this fall called why quilts matter .
Check out the trailer if you haven't seen it yet.  Sounds interesting to me and I'll be looking for it on my PBS channel.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Pouting Chickens

Have you ever seen I pouting chicken?  That is what mine are doing or they would if they had lips. Maybe it's more like sulking. It's because as "the man of the place" put it so well, 
we now live in a
no-fly zone.
The clipping is now a 100% efficient. We had to remove more of the spry white ones wing and it worked.
So for the last 2 days the egg production has picked up. I was getting 3 - 5 eggs a day, now it's 8 - 9 eggs now. It should pick up more now that the young girls are now starting to lay. I have 25 hens.
I think "the girls" might be considering something like this

Off the subject but I'm writing this while watching  my soap, All My Problem Children.  I have watch this soap since near the beginning in the early 70's. I missed the first year. Now I know a lot of people do not watch soaps but for the ones who do, I can not believe they are taking it off the air. What is Erica going to do? And to think they are replacing it with another cooking show. My goodness there are channels for all of those cooking shows. I love to watch cooking show sometimes but come on now. OK, I'll stop ranting. I just realized I"m pouting/sulking just like my girls. 
 Till next time

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Something Sunny

This is a postcard I pick-up at a 24/7 in Hays, Kansas.. I figure that since I wasn't able to get a good photo of those fields of sunflowers in Kansas, this was second best. Except the ones in the field did not have their sunglasses on like these guys

Way too cool

My New Look

I'm playing around with my blog while waiting for "the man of the place". Thought I would try adding a picture to the title. Now let me tell you, I know I'm not much for this computer tech stuff and trying to do this only proves it. It took me over 3 hrs just to get that up. And I am not sure about it after I did get it up there. But after all that it is staying there for a while. I'm exhausted.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

It's 90% Successful

Only 1 out of 10 "flew the coop" and of course it had to be one of the spry white ones, they all look alike to me.
So when the "man of the place" gets back from the feed mill, I'll see if he has any ideas on how we can resolved this dilemma.

This picture reminds me of the new entry they are going to put in the Webster dictionary,
"Boomerang child" 
Leaves the coop and as a adult wants to move back in. Now grant cha, it is not due to financial reasons here unless we can count that the food source is in there.

I'm off to go make sweet relish, oh yeah did you catch the Pioneer Woman debut on the Food Network this morning? She now has a show, showing her and her family on the ranch here in Oklahoma and cooking. She had made Chicken Fried Steak, now you would think that since I'm now a country girl I would know how to make that but I really don't. I just have learned how to make proper gravy only in the past few years.
So I guess I could give her method a try.
I know the "man of the place" would love it. He is pure cowboy by heart.
Till next time

Friday, August 26, 2011

It's True Confession Time

OK I need to come out and admit to all out in the blogosphere that on occasions I can procrastinate. The Confession. Now to my defense and being honest, I do not do it all of the time. But this is one of those times. Do you remember when I had wrote about the rogue hen

And I had said that I needed to clip the wing on her so she would stop flying out of the coop.
Well I did not do it. Kept telling myself I'll get around to it and never did. 
Today was the day, I was walking up the hill after feeding the calves down at the barn and walked past the old homestead, something caught my eye.

I get closer to the house and low and behold what do I see but  this huge amount of eggs under the house

There is 14 eggs there. Can't tell you if just one girl laid them or if there were others involved. There is a group of them that can fly over the fence. So today I got out my book, "Storey's Guide to Raising Chickens"
Great resource, so on page 258 is this diagram on how to clip their wing.

Well when "the man of the place" came home from work this evening I asked him to help me do the deed.
So we clipped all the new White Leghorn girls, they are not heavies so they can fly wonderfully and then did the Ameracana girls (they lay the green/blue eggs)
 It went well , I just wish I could of video taped it. They were so excited running around inside the hen house, us trying to catch them and they are all squawking. Boy it was loud. I could not help but stop and laugh at it all, very comical.

So there it is, my confession.
Now in the morning, I'll find out if we cut enough feathers to make a difference.
Till next time

Creamy Fudge

I made some fudge this morning for the "man of the place". I have spoiled him with desserts but what he doesn't know is that I usually redo the recipe to be healthier or its one of my W.W. recipes. That is what this one is. I use to make the fudge my Mom made and it is higher in fats and calories, so when I found this one and tried it, it won out over my Moms. Plus it is a lot easier to make.
What you need is;
 10 oz. bittersweet or semi-sweet chocolate chips, finely chopped
 1 (14oz) can sweetened fat-free condensed milk
 1/2 tsp. vanilla
 a pinch of course salt

You need to line a 8 x 8 pan with plastic wrap making sure at less 2 inches hang over the sides

Combined the ingredients in a large heavy saucepan

Heat mixture over a med-low heat. Stir until mixture is completely melted and smooth, approx. 5 min.

Transfer fudge to prepared pan, spread evenly with rubber spatula.
I sprinkle a little salt on top before I cover with plastic wrap. Refrigerate until firm, at least 2 hours or overnight.

Uncover fudge, remove from pan by lifting overhanging plastic wrap. Invert on cutting board, remove wrap. Cut fudge into 8 strips, then cut each strips crosswise into 8 pieces. Can refrigerate up to 2 weeks. Serve at room temp, but I do like it cold also. 2 pieces is 2 pts.

Yum Yum

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Been Catching Up Around the Farm

The past couple of the days I have been taking time to get out in the garden and harvest veggies and checking on how everything was doing.

Then there is "the girls". One of the older girls decided that she needed a new wardrobe. She has a twin in the group and this how she did look right before I left

Beautiful hen isn't she, white, fluffy and very clean

But I notice a few days last week all these white feathers around the hen yard and that the one I speak of was losing feathers. I did not take the time to take a photo but this is how she looks now, a week later
Looks like I have been getting her ready for the stock pot.

 They sure grow back fast. I can't wait to see how white and fluffy she'll get.
Thank goodness they do not have a mirror in the hen house.  I do not think she would like the new look, thou a lot of older ladies like to get their "do's"  cut short,  if you know what I mean

The cows are good, "the man of the place" has them in the pasture on the other side on the creek, up the hill so I haven't seen them since I have been back. He saids they are enjoying all this new growth in grass.

Speaking of "the man of the place", he was in charge of the all that I do and he did a good job. I only lost a couple of the potted plants, no chickens and the garden is still  alive and producing.
One of the things I asked was that he please pick the veggies for me. Now I have to say he is all man, thinks like a man. So when it came to picking vegetables he believes like a man, bigger is better.
(If you know what I'm saying)
So this is what happened

His on the bottom, mine on  the top

Now I had to tell him that the doesn't hold true, at least not when it comes to okra, if you know what I mean. 

And those darn tomato worms were very happy I was gone but I had to bust their bubble thou.
I pick over 20 of the these big, ugly, gross worms

They are so big, ugly and gross the chickens won't even eat them.
Boy I wouldn't either. Yuck!!

So things are fine and what a relief.
Now I need to get busy and do some canning. Relish is on my list next.
Now if there was some way of using those huge okras I would but I believe they are way too tough, even too tough  for the chickens.
Till next time

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Woo-Hoo WIP done

This is a Jo Morton quilt done in her new line "Sweet Emilie". All those hourglass squares and then there are over 550 1 inch squares. Boy I am so glad it turned out as well as it did. The picture does not do it justice. 

I started working on my "Beyond The Cherry Tree".  

Oh heaven, the WIP list just keeps getting longer.  What am I going to do with myself
One of these days I am going to figure out and post all that I have in WIP's. But to make me feel better, I will also put up what I have completed.
Then maybe I can breath a little.

Till next time

Mr Groundhog's cousin

The Prairie Dog

I forgot to show you this in my last post.
They are so cute but I bet they have their own falsies too.

This was the picture I was able to take with phone camera. There was a whole colony of them but could not get a good zoom shot. They really do bark like little dogs and they have short tails they wag. Reminded me of squirrels.

Found this cartoon on another blog, thought it was cute.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Home Again

Howdy y'all,
My goal was to write each day I was in Colorado but between not being able excess the internet and being tried, it didn't happen. That way I could of gone into more detail, but I'll try not to make this too long, (ya right, since when).
I was so tired each day from being very busy. And I thought I was busy here on the farm. It was a nice show and I met a lot of neat peoples. Some of those nice peoples were across from our booth, these ladies have a line of fabric with Moda, their line of fabric is call Sweetwater. I had taken a picture of their booth but it did not turn out for some reason. It was a really cute booth, I just love the color of their fabric.

Then there was a shop from San Diego that was right up my alley, ALL APPLIQUE

The name of the shop is called Amidon Quiltworks, it wasn't that they had really anything new, it was that the owner was very knowledgeable in the technique I like to use when appliqueing. She taught me a few new tricks and boy am I so excited to try them out. Didn't get a chance today but I'm going to find time tomorrow.
I would call this show an art quilt show, they had some major exhibits there like the Hoffman 2011 Challenge, Thread Tail and Vapor Trails in  honor of 100th  anniversary of Navel Aviation, plus a collection of  Irena Bluhm quilts. We were right next to her booth. Here is one of her quilts.

Here are just a couple of the quilts that were there.
"Nanna's Garden Party" made by Colleen Little Ft. Lipton, Co.
"My Grandfather's Flower Garden"  made by Linda Rhoads of Colorado Springs, Co.

"The Grand" made by Betty Sutton of Loveland, Co.

I really did not have much time away from the booth so the pictures of quilts are very limited, the Hoffman challenge was gorgeous

The second morning of the show we woke up to the van's front tire being almost flat so we had to have the donut put on. It wasn't until after the show that day were we able to get it repaired.
Now if you live or been to to Loveland, then you are aware of the fact that there are very few stop signs in the new areas. They have what I call traffic circles. I know of only one in Tulsa Ok. but I really like them because we didn't have stop all the time. That's what I'm all about go, go, go.
So the show was over, we were packed  and ready to drive our way back to Oklahoma/Arkansas.
We decided to get out of the Denver Area before we stop to eat breakfast. So we thought we would go to this diner Pam found on the internet called I-70 Diner. It is in the town called Flagler Co. and you can not miss the the pink Cadillac on a tall pole in front of the diner.

The food was good and the portions are way too much. You see I have this thing for pancakes, so I have to try every ones and then judge them. These I would rank right below my favorites at the Harvest House in Kansas, Ok. The inside of the diner is cute and the stool covers I liked.
So we plodded along and then had to stop and take this picture, it goes with the other one from the other side of the road

Till next time Colorado

Friday, August 19, 2011

Set Up Day

OK I can share some photos that I took on the way here to Colorado. While driving through Kansas you pass by fields of corn, millet and sunflowers, you know how I love sunflowers so I try to take a photo of the field while driving past them. This is what I ended up with
Now use your imagination and tell yourself "oh what beautiful flowers"

Then we are plodding along and before we knew it (yeah right, 8 hours later) We are crossing over into Colorado. Of course I had to be like most tourist and stop to take a picture to document this historical occurrence.
So that was yesterday, like I said yesterday we were pretty tired so that was about all we did.

Today we went the Event Center for the Rocky Mountian Quilt Festival to see about when to set up and we lucked out and was able to start earlier than we thought. This was the first time that I have been present to help set-up the booth. I have in the past just shown up to work the booth the days of the show, boy there is a lot to it.
Here is just a started look,

But a few hours later this is how spectacular our little space looked

It's my friends shop that has the booth but she representing Studio 180 Designs so that is why this time there is mostly rulers and quilts made using these rulesr. Which I'll tell you they are worth switching to. I said before I would not buy anymore rulers, heaven know I have a mess of them but for some reason her designs simplify making traditional blocks. No new way of doing things, I still make my blocks to most part the same. So I did not have to reinventing the wheel, which is good thing, cause I am a creature of habit.

Afterwards we did drive up to Estes Park but I forgot my I-Phone in the hotel room.  I'm going to try use my friends pictures tomorrow, I'm alittle tired right now.  
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