If you want a golden rule that will fit everything, this is it: Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.William Morris.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

2nd Finish

This is the fraternal twin to the other Flying Geese Quilt I finished last month and is also one of my my finishes for

 2015 FAL at On the Windy Side

They both turned out better than I thought and they will make great present this Christmas.

Had an audience while taking these shots. Believe these young heifers wanted to have their picture taken.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

What's Up

Had intended to post this yesterday like normal but I spent the day in Tulsa. That was not my plan, so I didn't get one lick of sewing in.
Wanted to show the progress made on the 2 baby quilts. 

The first is done in turquoise and gray with the Twisted Blossom pattern that was a QAL by Sew Kind of Wonderful. I just love their Quick Curve Ruler, it's a lot of fun to use.
Actually  enjoy it so much that it's also the tool I'm using for our stitch groups paint chip challenge.

I'm going to use their pattern Urban Nine Patch.
Now if you haven't heard the paint chip challenge this is our stitch group spin on it.
  We take the first letter of our first name, our middle name, and our last name.
Our twist is we added the first letter to our maiden name that makes now 4 choices.
From those letters that you have in your name you are to find a paint chip color that name starts with that letter
Here are mine.

My initials; K L B C

Then you're allowed to use a neutral which can be white, black or gray..... your choice
I chose grey.
Total now it's five colors.

We decided for the pattern it will be a nine patch.....
 any type of nine patch....
no limitation on what kind.

We also decided that it would be the size of a baby quilt so when we are completed we will donate our quilts.

This is what I have so far.

Lousy picture.
I had all these pinks that match one of the color chips nut not enough fabric. 

I have to look for some on the shop hop this weekend. Taking a bus to 3 states and 9 shops. 
Going to be fun.

love laugh quilt

Sunday, September 27, 2015

The good life

Some days you think life could not get any better. This weekend was one of those.
It was quiet which gave me time to reflect on my life.  What I've done, where I've been, where I'm at and where I see myself in the future but not just myself my family too.
That's what sewing does for me sometimes, give me that quiet time to think and reflect.
So this weekend I was able to have enough time to finish my RSC 15 blocks. 

And finish prepping the Words to Live By  blocks and if Scandinavian Christmas that I have been working on off and on all week. 
I had also given it some thought about a couple projects I had started and where I see myself going with those. 

And decided that instead of making a full size quilt out of the twisted blossom block I'm just going to make a baby quilt.

Using this Grey and turquoise. 
 So today I will spend part of it cutting out what I need to make this baby quilt and another. 

And should have enough to put up on the design wall to show tomorrow.
Then I spent time just relaxing and going through old quilt magazine.
It's something that has been needed for quite a while
Cannot think of a better relaxing activity then to sit on the back porch and browse through magazines
Sharing this with Kathy's Slow Sunday and So Scrappy

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Hump day

Image result for hump day camel

Well it's Wednesday and the middle of the work week.  Even though I can't say I work outside the place, I do work at home which in some ways my week is all week and not five days.
This week I've been trying to accomplish some fall cleaning. I have washed the cabinets down. Today it's steam cleaning the rugs
I need to do the windows, they look terrible.
That's another day.
But when I'm not doing any of this cleaning, I'm able to take break and work on prepping of the blocks and a little bit a knitting.

I'm almost done with heels and almost time for the cuff
Not sure if I will have enough time to get them done by the end of the month to put as one of my finishes for this quarter but I'm gonna try.
Last month was my first time I attended the book club with my friend Donna and I thoroughly enjoyed it. 

Product Details

Next month read is Dietland. 
I haven't started it yet and really do not know much about it I just downloaded it the other day. I hope to get started on that soon and I can tell you more about it.
Here is what described om Amazon

An Amazon Best Book of May 2015: Warning: this debut novel from a onetime writer for Seventeen and Mademoiselle is not what it might at first seem to be: a funny send-up of the beauty industry and the media that support it. Well, ok, it is that, at least for the first 50 pages or so, but it soon becomes one of the more intelligent, and not a little subversive, depictions of women in our society. Oh, drat: that makes it sound brainy and Feminism 101-y, which is not right, either. So... trying again. Read Dietland, the tale of a young, overweight woman who hides behind a skinny-girl persona to write an advice column for a women’s magazine – and is soon drawn into an underground community of women who forthrightly and fabulously reject that culture. Read it not only because it’s smart and timely (and shocking: it explicitly takes on the adult film culture as well), but because it’s heartbreaking and tragic and very very comic (as long as you like your laughs dark) and because it will guarantee that you never look at a lipstick or a pair of stilettos or a bathroom scale the same way again. Sarai Walker is some kind of twisted sister. And of course I mean that as the highest possible compliment. – Sara Nelson

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Can't Believe Everything on the Internet

I had read somewhere on the internet that groundhogs were solitaire animals. A few days ago something dug out the dirt from the previous hole in the chicken house. 
Put the cage out by the hole day before yesterday, just like the first time but didn't get any activity. I expected that to happen.

 but  yesterday afternoon another groundhog was in the trap. 

It's a big one. The Man of the Place thinks it's bigger and fatter than the last one. I think it has more brown near its chest. 
I think they are cute and they really don't bother us much but just can't have it stealing chicken food and scaring the girls. Bad enough they are molting and that alone can lower egg production. Then being scared on top of it....
no wonder I'm getting no eggs.  

So cutie here 
 spent the night in the back of the truck away from predators.
And this morning he was move to it's new home. 

Image result for groundhog clipart

Monday, September 21, 2015

What's Up

I'm prepping some projects that I have started and they're doing a rotation on the wall today

I'm preparing the 4th and last block of Scandinavian Christmas. Don't you find it exciting when you get down to the end of the project. It's will be ready to appliqué, then I will do the embroidery work.

For the appliqué pieces of Scandinavian Christmas you can use a wash away appliqué sheet which works beautiful. I run it through  the printer then I roughly cut the shapes out and press them onto my wool or cotton. Will turn under the edge and glue baste it down. Now they're ready to be appliquéd. I've used freezer paper using this technique but some of these pieces are so small I find it easier to use a product like this which will wash away and you can just print it in your printer.  Small pieces can be quite challenging with freezer paper. 
The products I've tried are C&T and the other called Hugs and Kisses. Both work equally well, I just like to needle through Hugs and Kisses better. It seems to be slightly thinner paper. The only problem with that product is that it is hard to find in the United States. It's from Australia and so I had to special order it

Speaking of embroidery. I'm prepping some of the blocks to winter wonderland. I had started this a couple years ago, worked on it and then it's taken a backseat to Ruby's Garden and another project. But now it's back to working on this one. Being that the top fabric which at the very pale blue, you can see through it, just like you can with a lot of fabric that you do your embroidery work on. You need to back it with something. You can back it with a fusible  lightweight fabric that I have here.

Or you can take a piece of muslin as the back fabric. 
 When I use muslin I take basting spray and put a very light coat on the muslin, then I place the top fabric on top of that and smooth it out to get any wrinkles out... that works just as well as the product that you can buy from Pellon that you can iron on.

And on the snowman quilt I have used both a printable sticky back transfer-eze or draw the design.. 
I use transfer-eze when there's a lot of detail to the block and do you not want to spend all of that time tracing. 

For the one's aren't that detailed or I need to fill in gaps I just use my fusion pen and trace out with the lightbox to help

I prepped for the paper piecing patterns that I will need for the laugh two blocks of Farmer's wife for month 4.

And then like I haven't done enough already I am prepping the last blocks of "Words to Live By" to be appliqué down. 

Have 9 blocks completed and almost done with #10

I have four small corner blocks, the large center block and three at the 12" blocks left to go. It will be a gorgeous quilt when it's completed and I can't wait.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Seeing orange

I here it is the middle of September and I just started this month color orange for RSC 15
To think that this is the 3rd Saturday that So Scrappy has had her link up. 

Didn't spend that much time working on this, got side tracked with watching an episode of Doc Martin and quilting some. 
Finished this small block

And now on to this portion. 

I have already been thinking about patterns for next years RSC. Seeing how I haven't really made a dent in my stash or scraps. I think I might attempt something different.

I'm thinking I might do is make one baby quilt a month in the color chosen. That way would end up being 11 small quilt for the year.
And thinking I'll even go a step further and attempt practicing machine quilting on each one. I didn't do that the first time I had  done making one baby quilt a month

Just now thinking about it, the thought of having say three patterns to pick from, I could alternate them. 

Could also choose patterns for the amount time spent on them.
Like have one that's a real quickie for the month when there's not much time to do something. Could have one that takes a little longer and then when that maybe would take a little bit more time to complete.
Seeing how I don't care to do the same pattern over and over again, Find it kind of monotonous. 

Thinking that having a set to pick from would be the way to go.

And if I have the patterns picked out ahead of time all I would need to do is collect the fabric.

Can you believe it there's only 96 days left till Christmas
Which makes me think about taking inventory of what is already  completed as gifts for Christmas.
How about you, how are you doing toward your making Christmas present?

Five on Friday

Five on Fridays is back on Amy's blog so skip over there and give it a look to see what others are posting for their five
My five this weeks........
 Is lessons learned on straw bale gardening

This was my first year to attempt straw bale gardening. It's a very ingenious way of gardening if you do not have good soil, the space or energy to have a garden.
It's temporary so if your're a renter, you don't have to worry about making any permanent changes to the yard.
It can be done on concrete if you don't have any place for garden.
I do not fit any of those criteria's but I wanted to give it a try anyway.
I have a large enough garden to keep me busy all year but I was fascinated by this idea and wanted to give it a try so here are the five things I learned from my experiment this summer

1. I found out that you will need to look for a tightly compress bale. Mine were loosely packed which created some issues when coming to planting the seeds, holding their shape and keeping up right.

2.  Because the bales were loosely packed and leaning, the water would just run off the top. So it is very important that there are erect and if not use a support of some sort to keep the bales upright. I learn I should of used T-posts to do the trick. Will next time.

3. Conditioning your bales to get them to start decomposing is a major part of this method. I went the organic way and use blood meal. Well I'm not really sure how important that is, other than just principal. The cost with a lot, lot more than if I would've went with a fertilizer. Another thing about blood meal is the smell. Smelled like something died in my garden. If you were to do this in a residential area, where neighbors were closed... I wouldn't advise it

 4. Fertilizing is very important and essential. I believe I did not fertilize enough. We did have a lot of rain here and I believe that  my attempt of fertilizing, just leach out. I have bought a Miracle Grow fertilizer dispenser for the hose and I will be giving that a try the rest of the season and see if that helps. I have a liquid organic fertilizer.

5. You know that saying.... location... location...location
Is so important.
 Where I located my bales I thought was a good location. Prepped it with some weed barrier cloth underneath the bales. And as far as that part goes, it work really well.
 What my issue was with the adjacent pasture next to where I had  them. Had problems with weeds and vine plants outside the garden but near the bales. If you can, try putting them on concrete or gravel somewhere, where there's no weeds. And put down a weed barrier, that works good. Just take notice what is a foot or two away from your bales.

OK this is not part of Five on Friday.....
 for my conclusion to my experiment is operator error. 
Should of started with less bales and will next year.
  Will make sure to get tight bales.
 Second I'm going to get the bales here at the end of summer instead of waiting till spring when bales are hard to find and choice of quality is poor. By getting them now I am going to let Mother Nature do the decomposing of the bales with very little help from me. 

And you can see from the example here, a couple of bales were left in the chicken pen over the winter and they decomposed on their own. 
Will move the location of the bales also. Making sure that the spot is flat and if not I will give it some sort of support to keep them from leaning.
  Will continue with a drip water system.

Lessons well learned

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Making Progress

I have been able to make a little progress last night and this morning. I finished the rest of the cross stitching, plus was able to even do the little snowflake block.

 So this morning I trimmed up the block and made 4 churn dash blocks. They're little filler blocks. 

Now I can say block 3 is completed and it's on to the last, block 4.

I didn't get all the Farmer's Wife blocks done like I was wanting. My goal was to get the 6 blocks done so I could drop them off at the quilt shop on my way to meet my friends. We try to get together at least a couple times a month to visit and stitch.

Was able to get 4 blocks completed, took these to the shop.

When we meet someone usually has a finish quilt to show and this time Joan had a beautiful one,.

As a group project we decided to make the Pea Ridge Lily. 

I have mine done.

Pam had hers done 

and now Joan does too.
Plus it's quilted and bound.
I believe she is the only one who does.

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