If you want a golden rule that will fit everything, this is it: Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.William Morris.

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Let's ring in the New Year

I have been reading other blogs that I follow and the sentiments expressed and wonder what I could expressed to you . I have had many thoughts come to mind. Looking back on this past 12 months and it has gone by too fast but with lots of firsts. For my age (50-ish) its takes more to be firsts. I can think of 3 and the greatest first is the fact I'm going to be a Grandma and not just one but twins. Next on the list is becoming a part of this blogdom. I would of never thought of myself as someone who could. Another is meeting new friends through this blog that are from all over the world. I have been so use to just my little world here on the farm and outlaid area. It has been a good year and I would like to wish you a Healthy, Safe, and better New Year than the last.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Egg-Special Day

I was so excited to see these today. You see "the girls" have just not been laying these past couple of months

Between them going through a molting period, then the change in the weather by getting cooler or I should say down right cold here for a while.  They we're not happy. And then there is the shorter daylight hours but we are heading in the other direction now.
I have for the pass couple of months just getting an egg a day and that is pathetic for having 26 hens. Because they have not  been laying, it did not alter their appetite any. Little piglets.
I would like to share a really fun and educational site I just find so amusing.  Its Terry Golson  Hen Cam and that is exactly what it is a camera that is in the hen house/yard. Great site for kids, big and small. She also has a blog that she gives excellent advise on raising chickens. I going to put a button on my sidebar that you can use anytime.
Now if the other 22 hens get busy, I'll be back in business.
Egg Money for fabric

Till next time

Thursday, December 29, 2011

So Disappointed

Today I received my Christmas present via FedEx. You see I was given a new laptop from "the man of the place". I was so excited to see it come, sometime I just find it hard to wait. But I did and now it was time to retire this one

It was a good computer and I have spent a lot of hours on it. But it just does not run very well, slow and then it also has been not responding way too much. 

 Then there is the issue of the cord, it's so worn that it will fall out so I got some of the great stuff, "Duct Tape" but doesn't it look terrible.

So I have a new Dell
Sort of, I do and then I don't.
Isn't it pretty, has a bigger screen and way so much more power and memory

It's damaged. That little black piece on the paper is the piece thats broken and unfortunately the other half is inside the laptop. All I can do is just look at it. I guess I could try it out but I would be afraid I would really mess it up and I would feel bad.
I guess I will just have to put up with my old laptop for another week until the replacement arrives.
Oh no, I have to wait again.

Till next time

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Bad Cows

The " man of the place" decided that since our pasture are being grazed down and he is trying to stretch as much out of them as he can before we have to start putting out hay. He figure that for one last time  he was going to let them graze our house yard. Now this is not the first time and I had put up with his idea of  mowing. (past post) 
 That time it was just a few of the older cows, they are slow and not so curious. But this time it was the first time mothers (2yrs old)

Like last time I can put up with the spots of natural fertilizer, that goes away with rain and snow.

I will barely tolerate them pruning my monkey grass. It was looking good and would of all winter, but I tell myself it will grow back.

Then there is that phrase "they are worse than kids", well that is what young heifers are. Kids at least most of the time listen and are not 1200 lbs. of stubbornness.
This one found the broom on the porch and started eating it. I don't know how many times I had to take it away.

Then while in the sewing room I heard this terrible thud. Not sure what it was, I went outside to see what and this is what I found. The post on the front porch is just there laying. One of them knock it down. Luckily no damage to the house, just the post. Wait till "the man of the place" see this.

So I look around and as you can see one of the heifers is just looking so innocent, like saying "WHAT HAPPENED".
Ya right, can't fool me.
Now if this doesn't changes "the man of the place" mind about letting them graze the house yard, I know what will.

You see they are worst than kids, they just don't listen.

Till next time

Monday, December 26, 2011

Apology needed

Now that the rushing around for Christmas is over I took time to look at my blog and realized that I had not finish telling how to go about getting the border on the Christmas Plaid String Quilt.
I was going to change my quilt so I didn't finish it, so I put it off to the side to worked on things for Christmas. One thing led the another but here's where I owe an apology for leaving anyone who was working on theirs and had to finish on their own.
The pattern called for an inner border of 1.5" and outer border 4.5"
Looks good but I had a lot of end pieces left from cutting the triangles from strip sets, you will/or would of also. So I thought instead of adding more to my scrap pile (which if you remember)  is huge. I decided I would cut from my leftovers the  4.5" pieces for the outer border. 
Like so.

This is my pile of end pieces

So I trimmed the end off and then measured 4.5' and cut. But the one on the end did not quite make it 4.5"
So with any that end that way I will just take it off.

Sometimes I can only get a couple good strips.

I also had a few strips left over so I sewed them together and then cut into sections.

I also had a few strips that were uneven so I trimmed to a usable size.
Well that is how I will finish mine off and will post a picture when I get it finished.

Till next time

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Have A Very Merry Christmas

From all of us here on the farm in Oklahoma, wishing you the very best for Christmas.
See you after Christmas.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Oh My, What am I Going to do

Oh my, I just received this email from Sentimental Stitches and she had posted about a new mystery quilt she is going to start in January along with Brenda P (Dear Jane). I just love the idea they are going to do. It iwill be  a 2 color quilt. Can get no better than that. The idea was inspired by Red and White exhibit  of Joanna Sernel Rose's collection of quilts this past year in New York 
I so wanted to go see that exhibit and was unable to. All the pictures I have seen are just amazing.and make me drool, need a bib each time I look. 
And now there is an app I just came across a couple of days ago you can put on you iPhone or ipad or android. On Gay's new blog you will find the links to download, plus they are free (at least the iPhone was, I don't know about the others).
You need to get it, it's just wonderful. Inspiration any time, like when your sitting waiting why not look at some quilts .
I really need to curb my enthusiasm, I have just gotten done writing about the UFOs I need to finish and now I want to do this. I just need to be cloned, cause I do love my sleep too much to give that up. For those who know me maybe know how much I love 2 color quilts, blue and white being my favorite but I do like other 2 color combos. So somehow I am going to fit this in next years schedule.
How about you?
Check it out and see for yourself and also get the app.

Till next time

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My UFO List

I am going to join in the UFO challenge at Patchwork Times for this coming year 2012. You have to have at least 12 UFOs and by the way that is no problem here, not at all. The problem is picking  only 12.  Now I do not have pictures at this moment but I will when it get closer to the time.
I have to confess something, my friend Mary and I had already talked about doing the same thing but just between us, but she knows of my blog and I don't think she'll mind if I make my part more public.
So here goes,
  1. Hunter Star (Blue and White)
  2. Sisters in Scripture
  3. Dresden Plate
  4. Christmas Round Robin (finish last border)
  5. Vintage Garden
  6. Scandinavian Xmas
  7. Tell Wall Hanging
  8. Birdie Quilt
  9. Baby quilt (needs quilting)
  10. Taupe Sampler
  11. Purple Quilt
  12. Select Six

OK that's my 12. I'm off (OK after Christmas)

Till next time

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A site to see

If you haven't been to Pine Ridge Quilter blog I'm giving a link to it here and you must see the collection of antique quilts she has posted. She has been posting one for each day in Dec. up until Christmas. She is on 21 right now. If you love the old quilts as much as I do it's a must see. Not much info on them but it doesn't matter when there is so much eye candy.


Till next time

Festival Of Trees

I have meant to put this out here for a couple of weeks, but I am like so many right now trying to get ready for Christmas besides dealing with daily life. If you haven't yet gotten your tree up or you are looking for new, neat ideas, maybe I have a few for you. At our church we have an annual Festival of Trees where others donate a decorated tree or Christmas idem to be auctioned off. Proceeds go for the angel tree and holiday food baskets. So much fun to see all the creative trees that are offered.

This tree is made with Christmas stories and small items. They photo copied Christmas book covers on card stock.

This tree has a cowboy theme. Bandanna bows, cow bells, little cowboy hats and jute cord to be garland which gives the look of rope.

We had our UMW cluster meeting that weekend so Fern McFarland made these peppermint place mats for all the tables. So cute, and the tables also had added decorations with peppermints candy. 

This tree was decorated with wooden crosses. Oak twigs tied into a cross and pipe cleaners as hangers. Her grand kids helped make the crosses.

A little girls dream tree. All covered with hair bows. So darling.

Hot pink and turquoise. Need not say more

Fern's Peacocks feather and blue rose tree. She used tule for garland, with the feathers and roses just stuck in the branches. Very effective.

I love these

Kim and her husband Jim make these glass trees. They take various glass plates, bowls, cups and vases and glue them together. They have added lights in some and trim. They have left these plain and put them in the garden as decoration. I wanted one so bad but did  not end up with one. I will someday.

This ornament was made by gluing buttons onto a cardboard shape that you can get at Micheal's or Hobby Lobby.

And the last tree is a very clever idea. Take the clear address labels and print whatever you like. These had words of Christmas and attach the label to a domino. You will paint on a clear protective finish. Then glue on a necklace ring as the ring to put your string through. Can also be a necklace if you like.
I hope you found these trees as clever and creative as I did.

Till next time

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