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Monday, January 21, 2019

What's Up 1-21-19

Up on the wall today I have still the boho ornament afghan with just the 2 rows completed that I shown last night. That's because I haven't worked on it today I plan on it while watching TV tonight. Maybe I can get at least a couple more rows done.
 That's my hope. 

 I was able to do some sewing.

 I did a few more blocks of the blue scrappy. 
Speaking of scrappy, which I'm also little late, but did get made was my first RSC 19 block.

 This month color is red and I'm working from a box of scraps.
Pure scrappy!

 This is the first one I've come up with I'll show more of the pattern and share my thoughts later on .

Saturday I had started some seed for sprouts and this is how much they sprouted in 2 days. Now the sandwich blend was packed in 2015 so we'll see how much germination happens. doesn't look that much right now. 

Sandwich Blend

Mung Beans

Also Saturday our temperatures got down to 17 degrees so when I went out to let the chickens out of their house, I had to break up their water pot. This water pots my husband made from the inner lining of a hot water heater. Which he cuts in half and then welds on some legs. 

You can see that the ice was pretty thick in just one night. It was approximately 2 inches. 

And the last thing I wanna share is we have another new calf. Unfortunately I do not have a picture of this one.
 This cow is out in the front pasture which is rather large and has lots of places for her to stash her calf to keep it safe and warm.
 But hopefully sometime this week I can get a picture of it. It never fails, they always seem to have their calf when the weather turned bitter.
And thank goodness we did not have any problems with these 2 birth. 

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Slow, Slow Sunday

I had full intention to write this earlier but I took a nap and it just threw my day out of wack.

Being that it is late, late enough to see the Super Blood Wolf  Moon,
I'll make this short.

What I worked on was assembling the blocks to the Boho Ornament Afghan

 I'm finding it a little challenging trying to keep them straight and not twisted.

Made it through 2 rows so far..

Have a couple of other things to share

First is an announcement about the Gathering Place in Tulsa making the top  New Attraction in the US.  It is some park and to think it's free.
Took the grandsons there when they where here a couple weeks ago. My DIL took lots of pictures and posted them on her Instagram account.
Well the Gathering Place saw them and decided to use one of her photos to post with their announcement.

And that is my Grandson Blake.

Very nice photo.

The other is we have are first new calf.

A pretty little girl.

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Friday, January 18, 2019

No Finishes, all WIPs

Today I got to stay home and was able to get a few things done. 
Besides cleaning the house I was also able to layout the blocks to my Boho  Ornament Afghan that I started a couple months ago.

I don't remember if I posted any photos here on the blog but I did on Instagram. 
Which reminds me, I need to learn how to put a link to my Instagram here on the blog

Now all I have left to do is to attach all the blocks together. I'm using grey yarn that I had leftover from another project 

Now the first picture shown is of the floor where I laid them out thinking about how I wanted my blocks arranged. 
But I decided to put it up on the design wall for couple of reasons: first the cats. You just can't leave anything laying around with cats in the house. Second was in a couple hours I was having the telephone company, who provides our internet to the house, they are going redo the line for the modem. Put it closer to the TV.

It was located in the sewing room which is far from the TV and there were times when you would be watching Netflix or YouTube and it would buffer or just totally lose connection. They came and did that. 

 I had get to a couple of things done to get ready for the cold snaps we're supposed to be having this weekend. I made sure that the stove was cleaned out of most of the ashes. And then I had to bring in some wood so I could get a fire started. Because I hadn't this morning due to the fact that was just so nice outside. Today it was in the 50s but very, very windy . 

This afternoon I wanted to sew on something but I didn't wanna start a new project and I really didn't know which WIP I wanted to work on.

 So I just grab the first thing I saw which was a stack of blue squares I had cut out for a Quilt top. Our stitch group had started doing this one together. 

 That's what I worked on this afternoon.

I decided this evening while watching TV that I was gonna go ahead and try to finish up sewing down the binding on the snowman quilt instead of starting the assembling of the boho ornament Afghan 

Being that it's supposed to be in the twenties tomorrow and a little bit warmer on Sunday I believe I'll get to it sometime this weekend, knowing I'll be inside staying warm.  

Yeah 3 eggs today.

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Back to the some paper piecing

Today my mom had her congestive heart failure check up. 
When Mom or Dad have a doctor appointment in Tulsa I'm usually away from the house for 6  to 7 hours. Makes for a long day.
 Her appointment went well, she's maintaining which is good. 

I always take some sort of handwork with me when I go to the doctors appointments and today I did not have a small crochet project I'm working on so I picked the bag with my hexagon Diamonds that I've been working on for the past 2 years 

I started this project  almost two years ago when we went to Houston Texas to MDAnderson Hospital for my mom's cancer diagnosed at that time.

.Sue Garman: A Hex on Blog Time Sneaking Up on Me!:

 I have seen this picture online on Pinterest and just loved this quilt and I thought well I'll just start this.

 I had not taken anything with me because we thought it was going to be a short trip, well we ended up being there for a month. So I went by a quilt shop and picked up some charm packs and some paper hexagon to start working on this paper piece project

I have quite a few of the diamonds made

Made the outer row of hexagons in this Grey grunge, well after a while I realized that some of the fabrics were too close in tone to the gray I was using. You could see it in a photo a lot better than you could just up on the wall. That's when I decided I needed to change up some of the outer hexies

I decided then to change the outer hexagons on the diamonds to a beige color of the grunge. so after ripping off some of the gray to replace it with the beige I've been putting them back on as beige and so today that's what I was working on.

 Now heaven knows how long this will take me to finish seeing how  I started this in May of 2017 and here it is January 2019.
I maybe have a quarter to a third of the diamonds completed, so needless to say this will take awhile.
Plus I'm not sure if I will do the same lay out I liked because of using two colors for outer ring. 

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Update on the Girls

I wanted to give a little update on my chickens.
 Seeing how I hadn't written that much last year, I didn't include much about the chickens.

 In December I lost five chickens to some unknown wild creature. For the longest time I would always let my chickens out and do what they call free-range, out of their outdoor pen. Well that's how I lost the five chickens, they were out just doing their chicken thing.

So since then I decided I'm just going to keep them locked up in their pen area.  It's winter now and there's really not much for them to forge for, so I just supplement their feed with some scratch and just let them fend for themselves in their pen. 

Since I've been doing that I've also been  getting more eggs.

 I'm down to six hens and I'm getting about three eggs a day. 
But when I had the 11 and they were out roaming around I was lucky to get an egg in their nesting box, say once every three or four days. The only thing I can think of is that they were laying outside the hen house and now that they're cooped up within the pen and hen house area they're forced to lay in their nesting boxes. So that's a good thing. 
The girls are healthy, they are older girls, on the average 4 years. 
 I thinking maybe this year I'll probably end up getting more pullets. But not positive on that yet but maybe. Well that's what the girls are up to lately.
 I do enjoy getting eggs again, instead of buying. Just no comparison. 

Monday, January 14, 2019

What's Up 1-14-19

First what's up for the year...

And whats up on the wall is the Snowman quilt I thought I lost.
For over 3 years I did not know where this quilt was and I looked everywhere. At least I thought so until one day I was out in the garage rummaging for something and at the bottom of a box with old kitchen stuff there it was.

Had it quilted a few months ago and had plans to get the binding on in time for Christmas but that never did happen.

Decided to go with a solid indigo, something I have a lots of.

Only took a half of yard thou, I make 2 1/4" strips for my binding.
I like binding more on the thinner side.

Got a start on it this evening after dinner, which by the way was pretty good. Tried out a new recipe I saw on a YouTube channel.

It's called Pizza Casserole

It's a low carb friendly and very tasty plus "the Man of the Place" liked it also, which is good. Some of the recipes I try out he doesn't care for.

You can find the recipe here
I added mushrooms, onions, bell peppers and olives making it a supreme pizza. Had this with a green salad.

Never did show you this pretty neat display for a Tillandsia in a small glass terrarium.

So pretty with the mini lights inside

Here is what it looks like with a flash shot.

My daughter Crystal and I purchase each one at a Lowe's in Stillwater. A little tricky to water, normally I soak mine in water for about 30 minutes every week or two. This one I've been giving it a heavy sousing.
So far its been working. We bought these right after Thanksgiving, about 8 weeks ago.

I'll leave you with a picture of one of the cows we have in the maternity ward (pasture)

Sassy thing, sticking her tongue out.
She's getting rather wide....soon a calf

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Not Slow Sunday

I have to admit it wasn't as slow of day as I would of liked.
Between cleaning, cooking and helping "the Man of the Place" loading and unloading wood to the back porch.

This is are 3rd pick up load and smallest so far this winter. we only burn wood to heat our home. Love wood heat but boy it is messy between the tracking in of dirt and wood shavings, then the cleaning out of the stove. Wish they made self cleaning stoves like they do ovens.

Also finished up cleaning my sewing room which I started yesterday



It was such a mess from pretty much being a catch all during the holidays

But now it's fit for me to get back in there and do some creating.

So I wasn't able to get to any handwork till this evening

Working on a Garden Party block

Over half way done with this block

Like how the butterfly looks

While I was picking up I noticed the underside of the box the little plants were mailed in. 

I think this is cute.

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