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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Busy Hexagon Day

It is a gorgeous day here in NE Oklahoma, temps in the low 80's and humidity is only 44%...... perfect

Done a little yard work and enjoyed walking today. It was so humid earlier this month which I just do not care for and don't tolerate very well, which means I did less walking earlier this month.

Was able to finish the hexagon circles to the Dreamy Hexagon last night.

Now have all seven pinned in place to be applique and went together better than I thought.

 There are still a gap or two between the hexagons but I believe I will be able to fix it where they will line up together.

Have the thread picked and couldn't resist taking a picture...so pretty 

My daughter is still home and bored, so she decided since she doesn't sew she could cut and prep my hexes for the Mosaic Diamond  Quilt.

So far she has 13 ready with at least that many more together in groups.
I will be set for awhile once she's done.

My test yesterday was clean and do not need to have another for 10 years.....YEAH!!!!!! 

Sunday, August 27, 2017


I have been finishing up appliqueing the hexagons circles to the floral centers. 

I have done this two ways.... one with the shape in and out. 

Found it easier with the shape out.

I would remove the shape and press with some starch so it would be flat and crisp.

Next will be to get them all sewn down to the background which will be the center of the quilt.

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That is about all I can get done seeing how tomorrow morning I'm getting a colonoscopy.....FUN...FUN...

Friday, August 25, 2017


Boy does it seem like it's been a long week. My sister is still here and will be until the 9th of September... besides my sister, my youngest daughter has been here this week also.
You can guess that I haven't done too much but was able to complete the Christmas Trip Around the World.

My first TATW and found it easier than I thought it would be, so much so that I can see myself making another.

Used fabric from my stash... honestly I did not realize I had as much Christmas fabric as I do. Going to have to come up with another pattern to use more of it up. 

Also was able to finish weaving up some wash cloths.

Had enough warp to do 3 cloths.

Wasn't really sure on how to finish the and wanted to just get them done without taking time to find out how.

So I did a small, tight zigzag stitch along the edge before cutting it apart.

The next thing I did remember reading was to sew a hem on the edges.

Looks fair but the true test is how well they work.
Gave one a try and so far holding up...even after a washing.
I'm now planning on the next ones. Figure these will make good gifts for Christmas. 
Really need to start thinking about what I plan to make for gifts.

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Thursday, August 24, 2017

How to Make a Portable Design Wall

I had wanted to get a portable design wall to take to retreats but did not want to pay the price. Looked at various pins on pinterest and took ideas from more than one to come up with my verison.

It worked out great and only cost a fraction of the price.
The PVC pipes, joints and 2 yards of felt cost under $22.00

My design wall is 4' x 4' which stands approximately 5 1/5' tall. For this size need 2 - 10ft length of 3/4" PVC pipe for the frame and 4ft of 1" PVC pipe for the feet
Cut the 3/4" PVC into 4 - 4' section
                                                                                     2 - 1' section
             Cut the 1"  PVC into 4 - 1' section         

The joints you'll need will be
2 - 3/4" elbows
2 - 3/4" T's
2 - 3/4" to 1" T (this will be the base of the Feet)
4 - 1" elbow

Also need pipe cutters (this cost me almost as much as the materials)

Here is the layout for the frame.

 No glue was used so I can take apart and assemble when needed.

This is the feet for the stand. The T is 3/4" at the top to except the frame pipe and the two sides hole are 1". Went with 1" because I wanted more stability. 

Add the elbows 

For the fabric you can use what you have.
I purchase felt from walmart but you could use a flannel sheet or flannel. Do not think batting would work because you'll be stretching the fabric.

Now I sewn mine to fit the frame 
Did this by cutting out a notch in each corner and folded the fabric over to make a tube for the pipe.

I did see on pinterest that some would use large clips to attach the fabric or the backside of a vinyl table.
I couldn't show this because I had only one large clip. 

Once I had the felt surface on the pipes I added the legs and feet.

But you don't always have to use the legs, you can prop it up against the wall.

Of course you need to have a bag to keep the parts in.
I made one by cutting out a rectangle 8" longer than the longest piece and 22" wide.
Sew up one end and up the side.
Then make a casing and add a draw string.

Well now you can have one to take and go.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Sewing is a Stress reliever

It has been a stressful week in a few ways. Not just what happenings here in the States and in Spain.
My mom was admitted into the hospital for a couple days. She was able to go home this afternoon and will need to still do a little recovering.

Then it has been raining a little pretty much each day so far this week, we have received 3 inches this week. That is what we normally get in the whole month of August, we can add what we had the part of the month.

But I loved the change.

Was able to finish putting on the border to "Let it Snow Again"
Finished out to be 67" x 67"

I did go with a thin 1" border of some leftover fabric that was used in the strip sets, with a 6 1/2" border.

Such beautiful fabric, made a pretty quilt top.

Hadn't done any more on Dreamy Hexagon because I had left it at my mom's went I took her to the ER Tuesday morning. I'll pick it when I go over there tomorrow.

So I started on the Christmas Trip Around The World I had prepped for the retreat and never did get to it.

I had been wanting to do this pattern for years and it has been fun so far.

On the loom is the cotton for the washcloths. So far I have woven 2 cloths and started a 3rd all on the same warp thread.
Here is a picture of the pick up stick behind the heddle. Which is the first time I will be weaving using this technique.

Not as hard as I imagined. 

Think I can get one more completed before I run out of the warp thread.

I had to assemble a block of the "leader and enders"  I had been working for the past year.
Really like this pattern, think part of the reason is the 3" nine patch, making the squares 1"

Till later

Monday, August 14, 2017

What's Up 8.14.17

Up on the wall this morning are a variety of projects.

First of all is the "Let it Snow Again" top and the border fabric came today. At first I thought it looked a little off in color but it is from the same fabric collection, Cold Spell by Moda. And batiks can vary slightly I know but the more I looked I believe it will work.

 I had also thought about putting a small border before the larger border. Haven't yet determined if it is needed.

Was going to work on that but was asked to go over to my parents this afternoon. 

Last night I was able to finish two more hexagon circle and pinned them up on the wall. Haven't yet stitch them to the background. I'll wait until I have all seven done.

Oh ya there are 3 sashing pieces ready to applique. Need 12 together so have a bit to do still.

Did finish weaving the scarf and now the loom is empty. 

Got out the tub of cotton yarn and I think I'll do the first
one in a blue variegated yarn. Not sure how it will go so I considerate a practice cloth.  

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