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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Binding Finish

Yeah, I finished the binding just in the nick of time. I wanted to be able to have anoher one on my list to be completed and checked off.

I was able to make this completely from scraps I had, what a great feeling to know that I use up somthing that could of been tossed.

I used the Creative Grid Curvy Log Cabin ruler, I know that it can be done without it but I had it and like how easy and prefect the blocks work up. 

The quilt is 90 x 75
Hobbs 80/20 cotton batt and was professional machine quilted on a longarm Gammill using the Methodist Fan Pattern
Beside Bob my cat,
Elmo and Grover had to inspect my work.

Im linking up on the 1st to
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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

More of Dallas Show

Okay I said I'd  probably have no time to sew any but I just had to work on something. So I added the binding to my Log Cabin. 

Trying to finish this by the end of the month so I can add it to the list of finishes and link it here
 Binding Blitz

So enough of my simple quilt 
on with the beautiful ones from the Dallas Show

Monday, April 27, 2015

What's Up 4- 27

Today I decided that I would make the pillowcases for the "Little Dudes". They are really into Thomas the Train, Dusty from Planes and Lightening McQueen from Cars. Found some really cute fabric to make them out of. I believe they'll go nuts over them, plus I made a set of dinosaur one too.
I used the sausage roll method you can find here the pattern .

Very easy and all the seams are finished when you done, no raw seams.

Now up on my wall is another UFO that I have on the list I made at the begining of the year but I'm affaid it might be up there for awhile. Seeing how I'm going to my daughters house for a couple weeks next month and I'm trying to get my garden and other things  done before I leave, so sewing right now is low on my priorities.

It was one of those Buck a Blocks that a quilt shop was offering. You purchased the package for the block for a dollor but when it came to the finishing up the quilt they offered a kit for $$$.
This was a deal that would use Thangles. 

Now they are a cool way but I hate tearing paper off, thats why I do not do much paper piecing.

So I figure out from the paper the measurement to mark on the strips that came in the month package.
Easy enough and no paper to tear off.

I have only four blocks left to do, so will see.

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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Slowing down this evening

After a full day of working outside I am more than ready to spend the evening relaxing and doing some embroidery work. 

I am so close to being almost done, I am getting excited. After all these years of off and on working on this project, it looks like I might be able to give these quilts to my 3 girls for Christmas this year. 

I am making each one and myself, so a total of 4 times 12 blocks 

Thats right 48 blocks, now you know why I am so ready to have this finish.

I have just two blocks left,

As you can see its December's block.

The pattern is Ruby's Garden by Waltzing with Bears from 2007 and I believe that is the same year it was offered as a BOM. I decided to just recieve the pattern without fabric. Chose to pick my own. 
Maybe this part can be completed before I go to my daughters for the "Little Dudes" 3rd birthday.

A proud Grandma here.

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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Dandelion Jelly

This was one of the things I have done this past month while I was MFB (missing from blogging)
Seeing how I was loaded with dandelions in my yard I figured I ought to find a way to use them beside eating the leaves.
I looked for recipes and came across this one, thought it would be a tasty one.

It said to pick 2 quarts of flowers but I came up a little short

by a couple of cups but I went ahead with the recipe as thou I did have enough. I did make my tea different from how this recipe said. I steeped my clean flower petals in 4 cups of boiled water in a glass jar for overnight and then strained it through a coffee filter.
Also I did not have the  Lavender Sugar With Vanilla but I did have sugar that had been stored with a vanilla bean in the container with it. So I figured that was a close substitute.
This was the first time I have made Dandelion jelly and it will be one I will try to make every spring. I like the light, honey like sweetness of this jelly.
You can not tell by my photos but it is also the color of light honey, which I was suprised by cause the tea was a green color and I was affraid that would be the color of the jelly but thank goodness it changed durning the cooking process.

Very pretty and tasty

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Been One of Those Days

It's been one of those days when you plan on doing one thing and end up doing something totaly different. First of all I planned on  writing this morning when I am better at it but that is also when I have the most energy. My plan was to work outside for a while, then come in and write. Well I didn't work outside because it looked as those it would rain. So then I started putting around the house and couldn't stop. By the time I did, it was lunch time. Sat down to have a sandwich and play around with our new TV. Our old (22 yr) TV finally went caput. Being that its a smart TV we get internet programs like Netflix and Amazon. Starting looking up shows and found I could watch a PBS Masterpiece Classic "Endeavor" 
You can see where this going can't you. I ended up watching season 2, all 4 episodes.
Now mind you it wasn't a total waste of time. I did do some quilting and crocheting.
I have started my Christmas gifts and these are cotton pads to remove make-up that you can wash and reuse.
I figure I'll make sets of 10 to give.
I plan on making bars of soap, wash cloths and some other items.

And for quilting I'm still working on the 30's sampler still. If I would get the surgery done for the carpal tunnel snydrome I have in both hands maybe I would have this done a lot sooner.  I just can't find a good time to have it done.
So its been a slow go at it.

The other part of this post I want to share is what I have been reading this past month. I made a personal goal to read/listen to at least 25 books this year.
I have 5 books to add to my list.

I found all to be very good books. Do have a favorite one of the group and that is 
Prayers for Sale by Sandra Dallas  Loved it
The others were,
This Happy Year by Will Bowen
Strawbale Gardening by Joel Karsten
The Sky Took Him by Donnis Casey
Mindfulness by Ellen J. Langer

Oh by the way I didn't spend the whole day inside, I did go out and mow the yard.

Believe it or not "the man of the place" would have me do this all the time.

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