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Saturday, May 7, 2016

I Not Lost

I wanted to say a few words, to just let everyone know I'm OK.
I have been very busy trying to get the house and garden ready so I could go to California to see the grandson. 
Two weeks ago I went on a Bus Trip to 6 shop that were in Oklahoma, Kansas and Missouri. Which was so much fun and came back with so many new ideas but seeing how I was/am leaving there was no time for getting to anything new. But sure do have plans for when I get back. 

Then the next two weeks it was working in the garden weeding, prepping and planting. Was able to get planted 12 tomatoes, 25 sweet potato plants and 9 peppers. I wasn't going to do much this year but did end up doing a bit. So that is done and hopefully everything will do well while gone. Do know the weeds will be as big as the plants by the time I get back.

Did get the house in order the best I could and "the Man of The Place" is on his own now.

Left yesterday and now in New Mexico. My plans of flying changed. My parents wanted to drive their fifth wheel to California. They are in their 80's and having been out like this in a good 6 years or more and Mom is not in the best of health so I came along to help them. That way they can make the trip. So far Dad is doing good driving but Mom is not doing as well. She is unstable on her feet, worries me. 
We are all having a great time.
I will do my best to write more.
I need to because the end of the month will be my 5 year anniversary of my blog.
I have to come up with some way to celebrate and share it with you. I'll have more on this soon.

Thanks for all of you.  


  1. hope your traveling goes ok - hard when the parents get older isn't it. I haven't gotten sweet potatoes in the ground still need to do that. Have fun on your trip!

  2. hope you all have a safe and enjoyable trip; we oldsters do get shakey on our feet...for sure. Hugs, Julierose

  3. Hard to see your parents struggling, but so wonderful that you are able to help. Have a safe and wonderful trip.

  4. Thank you. So far all has gone well. Been here now for a week and loving the time with the boys. My parents have been with my brothers in the Bay Area

  5. Enjoy the trip and time with your family.

  6. Good reading you are doing well, have fun on your trip.


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