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Monday, August 29, 2016

What's Up 08.29.16

I don't know if anybody else feels this way but since I retired, I love Mondays. It's like the fresh start to a week. So on my What' Up day here I will finish putting on the binding for Ben's I spy quilt, 
Want to add this, when linking up at Beth's Cooking Up Quilts that she gave a link to a link on a YouTube video on How to put on bindings. A very good one by Sharon Schamber.
Here is the link

and start on month #14  Farmers Wife 1930s blocks. 

Then what I'll need to do is start cleaning out my sewing room for the carpet layers to come in. 

What I'll do is going to show you the before pictures of my messy, crowded but happy place.

 And then when all is done and said and have the room back the way I want it, I'll show you the after pictures. Haven't decided yet if I will post anything about the room in between, but chances are probably will, because it will probably take me a while. 
Need to do some brain dumping on what it is I want to have in the room when putting things back. As you can tell now there is just way too much crap in here. And  would like to have it of course more organized, but some more space, so can have another join me.

Well it's time to link up with

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  1. LOL love the sewing room before photos - looking forward to seeing what it looks like afterwards!

  2. I think so many of us have sewing rooms that look exactly like yours, it must be a quilting disease of some sort!!! so thank you, I don't feel as bad because I have seen several in the past few days. there is another blogger I read that just got 36.5 ft of sewing machine space, Wow, it looked amazing!! good luck with the redo.

    1. I realize I'm not that special or have been vaccinated for that disease. I've been afflicted for years. I would love to see the one you speak of or other links. Need ideas.

    2. Melody please share the blog about another's sewing space I am looking for ideas

  3. I've fallen in love with your circle quilt! The possibilities for circle quilts seem endless! I look forward to seeing it with the binding on and all stretched out! It's looks fun and comfy! Thank you for sharing!

    1. I'm working up a post showing all, start to finish. With plenty of pictures

  4. Love seeing your happy place! The circles quilt is coming along very nicely.:)

  5. I thank you for being brave and showing a real working sewing/quilting/crafting room. I'd love to see your after and the steps between. It is so easy to end up with too much stuff
    I do have a question well perhaps more
    1. Where does your current stuff "stay" during carpet change and are you keeping everything you currently have?
    2. Do you have different lay out planed changing anything?
    3. What is the new flooring and how did you decide to have it? Carpet wood linoleum. tile or ?

    I am excited I hope you are too

  6. I'd hate the idea of moving everything. But it's good to remove and replace occasionally, it makes you organize.


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