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Friday, June 1, 2018

Friday Finish

This was finished the Long and Rocky Road a couple days ago, it's just now getting this all written down.

As I had mention before I had started this quilt 22 years ago with many long breaks between working on it.

I paper pieced the blocks from scrap fabric left over from my sewing clothing days. Some of the fabric is older than that, up to 40 years old. 

And being that it's fabric used for clothing it's not all 100% cotton.
It worked out just fine.

Ended up being 64 1/2 x 86 1/2

Now I very rarely even piece my backs but this was when I had very stash and leftover blocks I could use.

In a way it's like having 2 quilts in one.

I tried to center it up to match the front as far as aliening up with the star.

Was pretty close, maybe a quarter inch off. 

I tried something new at the time for me was colored thread and varied my stitch size.

Insides the stars I made my stitches like I have on all my other quilts, small stitches but in the white section I did a larger stitch.
I wanted to make the design pop out.

And on the border used a heavier thread and an even larger stitch.
With all that variation it turn out nicely. I will say thou, I will probably not do that again.

I like using striped fabric on the binding.

So pleased with it all and relieved it is done.

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  1. What a fantastic looking quilt. Love that you turned it into a 2 quilt for one quilt. The back looks pretty cool too!

    1. Thank you and that is an added benefit. I have to say I worked so long on looking at the front quilting that for most of the time I forgot about the back.

  2. Congrats on a very beautiful finish! It has to feel good to get the one off the UFO list.

    1. Seeing how I think this is my longest UFO. It sure is a great feeling

  3. I love this quilt so much and the back is a whole new quilt.

  4. This is a beautiful finish! Love your border stitching a lot...hugs, Julierose

  5. What a fantastic quilt!! love the two sides, the back is very modern looking! take care and Happy sewing from Iowa


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