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Thursday, October 4, 2018

Plugging Along

This past month I have made a little progress.

I have one of the Halloween dish towel done

I have embroidered two more but still need to add the printed binding 

Seems like I have more starts than finishes right now

Did finished another afghan and I have plans for this one.
Pete had to break it in.

I am planning on getting a Class B RV, also know as a camper van.
And this will go in the van.
I know what I want it's just convincing "the man of the place"

Up on the wall is the Hexie diamonds I have completed 

Also started prepping the Garden Party quilt by Laura Heine 
I wanted the feel of being at the beach, soft and soothing.

I had some help as you can see.

Till next time


  1. Even tho you had more starts than finishes, you had some finishes. I call that a win!

    1. Thank you for the boost of encouragement. Hope you too have more finishes than starts.

  2. you have a Cat In The Box! How FUN! How Furry! What is that one's name? Just as long as you are having fun, that's what's important.


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