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Monday, March 25, 2019

I'm Ready For Slowly Down

Boy am I ready to slow down some.
Started this yesterday Sunday
I went to Costco for the first time on a Sunday, usually it's during the week while "the man of the place" is at work.
Seeing how thou this past month has been even busier with my parents than it has.
Besides all the doctor appointments, 1 -2 a week this month; my dad had one of his knees replaced the first of the month. He is recovering very well, thank goodness. That is mainly due to all the help my sister has been giving him. I have been going over there almost everyday to help my sister besides driving mom. My brother and sister in law were here for a few days also. Now you know why I'm wanting to slow down.
Need to say this is no stitching going on right now but do want to share something that is just enjoyable while watching TV.

Really haven't been sewing as much as I would like but have been weaving on the new loom I received for Christmas.

It's a 32 inch Ashford.

Had to put a protective finish on it before I assembled and ended up using beeswax and orange oil. 

Put a nice natural finish to it.

This was the first piece woven on the new loom.

This was a wrap for a friend of mine

I just love the look of twisted fringe.

Then the next was going to be another wrap but ran out of warp yarn,
so the fabric is not wide enough for a wrap. 

Lot prettier colors in real life, bad picture.

I'm thinking now I might use it to for pillows.

Now I'm working on dish towels......my first time.

Loving the look.

I also purchased a stand for my little cricket. 
Which has made weaving on this loom a lot more comfortable.

Before the stand I needed to prop it up on the table.
Now I can sit anywhere and weave.

I hope to write again soon. I'm going to try hard.
Bless you all for sticking with me and all your nice comments which I feel bad that I not responding back promptly.

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  1. Pretty pieces coming off your loom! What is the cricket? Is it a baby loom? I hope you get some well-deserved slow down time!

  2. Hope everyone is doing better, sounds like you have been very busy and you deserve some relaxing time at the loom. Of course I am a quilter first and foremost but I have been wanting to try weaving for a few years now but no clue where to start really. Your work looks wonderful

  3. Hope you manage to get some down time. I am in awe once again of your skills. The weaving projects you are doing are a delight.

  4. Gosh, that's beautiful. I hope you're able to take the slow lane soon.~~Dee

  5. You've got some beautiful pieces made and in the works. Hope life slows down for you a bit and you get some more time to play with thread and fabric.


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