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Sunday, April 19, 2020

Slow Sunday

It's nice to focus on slowing down and putting all the chaos out of mind for at least today.
And I can say I was able to. 
Today was a day of purposely being present and just loving the moment.
So spend the morning working on sewing some more masks for family. My sister in California asked if I could make her a few and also my eldest daughter, along with my youngest daughter

Tomorrow I'll finish them up and get them in the mail.

Speaking of mail I've notice there is practically no junk mail.. 
That could be the one thing I would like to see continues longer.

Then after lunch I enjoyed a nice nap, just love good a nap.

Later on was spent crocheting on the scrappy granny strip blanket

This is it's home while waiting to be worked on. Under the blanket are all the balls of scrap yarn. Which is baby yarn that has been given to me.

This picture show how much progress I have done since that last time I posted here

Doubled in size, the little dark dot in the middle is where I placed the progress keeper last month after I had taken a picture to post

The colors here are more true.  Need to measure it here soon to see how much more I should continue working on it.

Then came a relaxing evening watching the latest episode of Outlander. Such a good show but I do love the books more.

I hope you were able to relax and enjoy the day

Stay safe


  1. What amazing progress on the blanket. Such a beautiful eclectic mix of colour. Take care and stay safe.

  2. Beautiful crochet blanket...great soft colors on this blanket...
    ~ ~ ~ waving from under gray skies Julierose

  3. Oh I love your color combinations! Really pretty. I just finished the Outlander series through the end of season 3 on Netflix. We'll have to sign up for Starz to watch the next two since it's such a great show! I'm parked Scotch-Irish and so it's really fascinating to pick up all the Scottish slang. Great show!

  4. Look how pretty the afghan is turning out. :) Yeah, I also enjoying watching Outlander. I usually have it on while I'm prepping the next round of paper piecing units. In fact, if I go down and sew the set that's waiting, I would have a perfect reason to put Outlander on again. . . lol

  5. I have certainly noticed we are not getting the plethora of junk PHONE CALLS... ex: "your car warranty has expired" (What? on my Model T Ford?)


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