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Friday Finishes

  Well here are my finishes from this month. All knitting. 

I really do need to get busy sewing and finishes the bags I’ve started

I just realized that I did have a little something finished that was sewn 

I made another block to the Spring Fling 2015 quilt.

It’s the block on the left. I’m getting ready to go ahead with another using some of that pink fabric. 

Now to the knitting 

Finished the shawl I started at the beginning of my cancer journey. Had to get a picture of it being blocked because it was still damp this afternoon  

Finished the cowl

Was an easy knit  and I like how it turned out. Looks like I’ll have to wait to wear it though.

And the socks I started last fall. They too are still being blocked. 

Well these are my finishes. Thank you for coming by and 

Till next time 



  1. A very pretty block, love the colour mix. Great knitting projects, I am in awe of your sock knitting ability. How are you doing these days, have you finished your treatment? You remain in my prayers.

  2. Love your blocks and the knitted projects are amazing! Well done!


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