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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

6 things I've learned about blogging

These are a few things I have learned in these short few months since I started blogging.

1. Have fun. I am really having a lot of fun keeping a blog. I have been keeping a journal (diary) since I was 12 years old and this is so much more fun. I think you have to have fun doing this because it takes  time to write and figure out all this stuff.

2. Be yourself. I had read this somewhere else and thought about it and realize how true that is. The hardest part for me is being able to express myself in words. My middle daughter is the writer and makes it look so easy, so writing this for others to read, not like my journal, has been a challenge getting it to sound like I think it should. Who knew I should of been paying more attention in my English classes.

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     3. Write about what you know and have a passion for. Now that has been easy and sometimes I have so many things I want to share and I have to decide what I will write about. Otherwise I would be posting (time premitted) many times a days, you would be saying to yourself that lady needs to get a grip on things.. I can have so many things going on that I have to choose and stay focus. Which has been a good thing for me, I have gone off in so many directions that it takes me a while to complete some of the projects I have started. (Mainly my quilting oh ya embroidery, but then there is my knitting and I can't forget, heck you see what I mean.)

4. Find your time.  I have come to realize that I write better posts at certain times of the day. I seem to be more direct and less creative when I write late in the day. So I do better in the morning but getting to have time to write then is my biggest hurdle. So my goal for myself is to do more of it. I think you would enjoy it more too.

5. Use lots of pictures. Nothing works better than being able to see it. What's that saying, "A picture is worth a thousands words." I love taking pictures but I really do need to invest in a good camera. And pictures of pets, animals and kids (baby picture) you just can't go wrong.

6. Add food.  Whether it is recipes, pictures or whats good, food is a winner. Who doesn't like food and the more yummy it is the better. This is something I love to do and sometimes I get so wrapped up in the process and eating I forget to take a picture and all I have left to show is crumbs. I will get better, work on will power and at least get a pic before I dive in.

Till next time

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  1. I dearly LUV your steps (things you've learned)of blogging. They all make perfect sense to me!
    It is hard sometimes, tho, for me to be "myself". I mean, I can be myself...I just don't like to share ALL of my feelings. I tend to want to write fun, positive, info type things. I don't like to write when I am feeling down or feel like complaining. I do get into the "down-moods". But, I've found over my last 10 years of life (I'm 59) that...if I just wait for it to "blow over", I can always say, "it could be a LOT worse". And, when I do complain...out loud or (YIKES and EEEE-GADS) in print, then, almost immediately after...I feel soo VERY guilty for being SO ungrateful.

    Ok...THAT was WAY more than you probably wanted to "hear" from me! =P

    =)new follower =)


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