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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Slow Sunday

I'm having a wonderful Sunday.
 How about you?
It started by going out to the garden to do some weeding and picking a few vegetables that had ripen. 

And just a daily go around and check on how everything is doing.
This is the time when I see all that still needs to be done so I plan out what I'll do next. There is always something to do.

The squash that was planted on Thursday is already up. 

The heat or should I say the humidity is something else today. 

Wasn't able to stay out as late as I would've liked, but it was plenty long enough. 

Been spenting the rest of my day sewing, working on my Curvy Log Cabin.

Decided to make mine a twins size which means, needed to increase the amount of blocks from what the pattern saids. 

Also decided assembly line sewing would be the way to go, doing 40 blocks at a time. 

Then later after dinner I'll do some piecework, maybe knitting just to add variety to my day. 


  1. I love log cabin quilts and am curious to see what a curvy log cabin will look like. ;-)

  2. Enjoy your hand stitching and gardening!


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