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Sunday, September 14, 2014

My Sunday

I had a very pleasant Sunday. It started with a hike on some property we have that "The man of the place" goes deer hunting each fall. 

He went up there to check the roads, the deer stands and just to see what kind of activity has been going on around there. My task basically was just to enjoy a pleasant day in the woods.
At one spot near where "the man of the place" has his stand, there a spot
where the deer have dug it out so water would collect and created a little pond for them to drink from. 

Pretty clever animals. 
I had a good hike, enjoy the scenery, with the peace and quiet of nature.

When I came back to the house I worked on my rainbow colored scrap quilt blocks. I have this month color done for my quarter log cabin. 

Now I am all caught up for that one.

I have the pieces cut out for my railroad crossing blocks 

but I didn't have a chance to do them today.

Earlier this week I had made X's and O's  baby quilt, making my own charm pack (5 inch sq) of polka-dots and solids.
Simple "easy to make and I used one to Deb Tuckers new trimmers "corner pop".

I also finished sewing the blocks together for the Christmas Tree wall hanging using the Creative Grid Curvy and regular Log Cabin Trimmer

The pattern is one the Quilt Shop order from creative grid company that goes by the name Cut Loose Press



  1. BEAUTIFUL prints, blocks and quilt projects in progress. You are one busy lady.

  2. Your Projects look very neet. Love the x and o's babyquilt.

  3. What amazing quilt projects you have in the works. I especially love that Xs & Os one...the polka dots are so cheerful!

  4. Great collection of RSC blocks. Looks like you have gotten lots done. Congratulations.

  5. You have such gorgeous projects! Love them all!

  6. You have some grat projects going on! Loving that modern one, really looks like an ok block one at a time, but WOWZA when you put them all together really dynomite!

  7. Looks like a lovely walk in the woods. Love your baby quilt - so cute. That christmas tree is great - my son would love it - he loves all things Christmas.

  8. Gorgeous projects! And what a beautiful place to have to walk and enjoy nature!

  9. Welcome to Tuesday ARchives and thanks for rejuvinating this wonderful post. It was a enjoyable read....lovely quilts!


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