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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Time Flys

A lot has happened these past few weeks.
My mom has been in and out of the hospital again and then it's follow up visits with the specialists. She is doing good but CHF (congestive heart failure) is a day by day challenge. For some people it is hard to change their diet and other habits that are needed when you have CHF . My mom is one of those people and for that reason is why she is dealing with it now.
Makes me think about my own stubborn habits and vow to myself to do better so I can prevent future health issues.

My youngest daughter was also home for two weeks and I can say with confidence I have a new quilter in the family.

She picked out the fabric (with help from Pete) and pattern, cut the pieces and almost completed sewing the top together.

Looking great.

Myself have done very little sewing again. 

Was able to put half of the borders on the Retro Air-Ship Propeller. Which meant I did not make my goal for last month. 

Did decided thou what I wanted to add to the corners.

My YD has called dibs on this one and loves the my choice so its now just a matter of prepping. This will be a great one to take to mom and doctor visits.

Have been making great progress on the CAL.
Almost on part 5 and it's looking good plus using up my stash.


  1. sorry about your mom's health issues - it is best yes to deal with all the changes this needs early on but a lot of people won't - I have read CHF can be reversed if you change your habits immediately and do all you are supposed to but I know a lot of people won't do that. Hoping for the best!
    love the retro air ship propellers - I still need to quilt mine.

  2. My mother has been in the hosptial with the same problem...she is home now but you are right, it is hard to give up some habits.

  3. Beautiful work. I'm currently trying to prepare for a craft bazaar, but I don't know if I will have enough. Busy, busy.

  4. Hope your Mom is doing better. I did the same thing after my Mother's back surgery. Started looking at all the things I was doing and decided changes were in order. Not easy now, but it will pay off if it helps. Hope you can get in some stitching this month. Hard to do much when you had so much going on. You give me hope that my DD might still come home one day and say she wants to learn to quilt.

  5. It's tough when relatives are sick for sure! And I was just always wondering what do you do with all of your quilts?


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