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Friday, January 11, 2019

Busy New Year

I have been very busy since I last wrote.
We had a belated Christmas so while you all were relaxing from the hectic holidays, mine started. With all that cleaning, planning, cooking and then company.

My daughter and family left Monday so it was back to getting the house in order, which took until today to finish.

 It was nice to get this all put away. Wasn't sure if I was going to, this morning I thought I was coming down with the cold "the Man of The Place" has.

But not bad right now.

Can't get sick because I need to take my parents to Doctors appointments.
Had two this week and for the rest of the month it is at least two a week. January is a busy month.
While waiting for them I was able to get another hat done. I had made 4 hats for Christmas, and my daughter said she would like a pink one after seeing the ones I had done.

 Next is to make a fur topper instead of a pompom

Have seen these in picture on Instagram and really thought they were so cute, so I check YouTube for How-to's. Just love how you can usually find DIY there.

So I picked up some fake fur at JoAnns 

Cut out approx 5" circle. No need to worry about being precise because it gets gather into a ball and with all that fur you would not notice any imperfection. 

The stuff is very messy too

The furry ball reminds me of the Tribbles on the TV show from the 60's Star Trek.

Turned out so cute.

Also wanted to show my new indulgence, I know I can get succulents in Tulsa but also know it cost in gas just to get there and it's not guaranteed. I decided it would cost the same so I splurged on a monthly subscription to receive 2 plants each month for $10 plus shipping.

Here are my first two

Look just fine after being shipped

This one is called Ice Princess    
Crassula x justi-corderoyi

This is Star Cactus
Haworthia retusa

I have just a couple succulents, I have a bad habit of over watering. I'm hoping with these and the help from the company I can get past that.

They say to just water once a month in the winter.

I also order some small pots seeing how the ones I had, had no drainage holes. Believe that contribute to the last one to die.

I'll show those when they come but its recommended to wait a few months before I transplant them.


  1. Wow, love the beautiful fur embellishment to your hat, it looks amazing. Happy New Year to you.

    1. Thank you, I think it’s so cute. You have a Happy New Year

  2. Lovely ;ittle succulents--they were really packed well! :)))
    You did a great job on the hat--I saw some just yesterday online with that fake fur topping--I guess they are all the rage...hugs, Julierose

    1. Thank you and I think the same thing about them being a rage right now. That and a little leather tag on the brim.

  3. LOVE the hat, is it FOR your daughter? IT IS so cute!


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