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Yay it’s done


So glad I’m done putting these together. Can’t say I’ve enjoyed working on this project and still need to quilt and bind but really didn’t feel like doing that this afternoon.  Had enough for now, especially after I realized the mistake made and didn’t see it till after one was all completed.  Maybe you can spot it, they was no way I was going to rip out the block and move it.  Maybe my daughter won’t notice  

Going to use the fabric that was used for the bow ties, for the backing  

Have another finish.  Started this pair a few months ago, these were July’s free sock pattern. Which you can find on the blog Caisbod.

Very cute socks but I will not make again
Used Red Heart sock yarn I had in my stash. 

The reason why I didn’t get to quilting the table runners was I just couldn’t stand my dirty windows 

Now my window in the dining room is where a lot of my plants are. And it is quite the chore, have to move them.

As you can see needed to find a place to put them and the kitchen counter worked out for some. 

After close to an hour later they are all back in front of the window. Then I just went further down the rabbit hole and mop the floors. 

I did do some quilting but not the runners like I said. I worked on the Dancing Kitty. 

Hadn’t worked on this lately and decided since I’m almost finished... just get it done. Wish I could say it is but don’t have much more to do. I use a cardboard template to mark the border with water soluble pen  

Also this afternoon while checking the plants outside I noticed all kinds of black pellets around the tomato plants. 

Well you know what that can mean......HORNWORMS 

It’s huge, bigger than my pinky.
Gave it to my only chicken 

This evening again avoiding the elephant in the room...
Just had to start on the pumpkin quilt. 

So separate out the charm pack and jelly roll, didn’t need the cream colored fabric.  Using solid moda snow for the background.  The pattern called for 10” squares but the charms and strips will work

Did get one block cut out, it is a start. 

Did promise to show more of the decorations around the house and this is the arrangement on the dining room table. Have had this arrangement for a couple years now.  

And have to say Bob so far has left the cotton balls alone

Till next time 


  1. Wow, you have been busy. That was quite the task cleaning the windows having to move all those plants. Love the socks they look so warm and comfortable.

  2. What a huge job to move all those plants...that is a great plant window spot.
    The runner looks great--I cannot see any errors myself. Funny how some projects just are not pleasant to work on...
    Dancing Kitty looks so cute...;)))
    Hugs julierose

  3. I enjoyed playing the game of “hidden pictures,” although after all that searching I couldn’t find the mistake. I love all your projects. What a lucky chicken!

  4. Aw, sweet Bob, the cat! What a good kitty, give him an ear scritch for me.

  5. I couldn't find your mistake! Who cares really in the end when it is quilted and on a table. It is very cute so I'm sure daughter will love it. Meanwhile, I do some housework in fits and starts, like window cleaning too. I especially liked your knitting, neat pattern. I have wool, I have needles; I really should be knitting too. Cute Bob.


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