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Knitting projects wip’s

 The last post I wrote, had on the “things to do” for this week. I had down to work on a batch of wip’s that are stored right next to my chair at sit at while in the living room.  I’m feeling like I’m being taken over by projects bags.

Had 6 bags of started projects, most of them are very close to being completed.

Laying these out you can see just much I’ve done already. 

Out of the 6 items I’ve decided I’m not wanting to finish #6.  I’m just not feeling it for this shawl and I could use the yarn for another pattern  

        So Monday night I went ahead and frogged it.

Then the Mitts #4 they were done and need to have the thread tails woven in  ✅

        The weather has turned bitter cold and these will be used often in                      the near future.
                             The pattern is a free one by Purl SoHo

Then yesterday I was able to finish #2 

Sockhead Hat by Kelly McClure.

The yarn is finger weight merino that I dyed in 2020. I used the skins of yellow onions. Just love the color it made and hope to duplicate that on a few skeins so I can knit them up on a new Cardigan. I’ll share my experiences when I get to that, hopefully soon.

Haven’t decided which sock I’ll finish, #3 or #5.  

Both sets need a sock to complete and they are both stopped at the heel.


Feeling  better,  I’m halfway done with the batch but already have a ✅ for my list.

Till later B Happy



  1. goodluck on getting those projects finished.......I guess if you don't like the shawl wool is easy to just pull undone and turn into another project...................

  2. You made excellent progress finishing up previous projects. I'm always amazed by the things that you knitters can do. I've tried knitting, I've even made a couple of sweaters but, I'm really not any good at it. With only two socks to finish, you'll be done in no time.

  3. Nice finished projects, just knitting along.


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