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August Finishes

Here we are again, another month that seem to just fly by. Its amazing considering we all seem to suffer one way or another from the weather.

Here in NE Oklahoma it was extreme heat and humidity.

A good thing because of it I was inside a lot, which meant I was keeping myself busy with projects.

Was pretty successful too.

This is going to be a picture heavy post.

I'll start with the one that I had been working on the past few months

the Spring Fling Shop Hop from 2015.

It turned out so pretty, and next its off to the quilter.


I love how the shops had fabric made just for them, naming the towns and the state.

I have also slowly been going through boxes in the garage.

and in one of them I found the top I made back in 2012. It was one of Bonnie Hunters mystery quilts, Easy Street.  I didn't have it quilted at the time because I just thought it wasn't complete so I put it away.

Well I saw it and realized what was missing, a boarder.

It's the only one of her mysteries I have done. Very nice but I don't believe I'll ever do another.

Then as knitting goes I finished 2 garments and a pair of socks

This cardigan I started in the fall of 2020, then I just couldn't knit on anything that was new or had the clarity in thoughts to focus. Not until this year.

This is the Felix Cardigan by Amy Christoffers


This is the first cardigan I have made. And I'm hooked and excited to make more, in fact I have WIP I'll be working this next month that is a cardigan.

Also started and finished this summer a cotton tee.

The Tolsta Tee by Rebecca Clow.  Both of these are paid for patterns.

I really like the fit of this pattern and I see making this on many times with modifications.

I also made a pair of shortie socks

These were a quick knit, sometimes you just need a quick one.

I plan on starting Halloween socks for the grandsons tomorrow.

I finished another WIP but this one was crochet, a shawl I started a year back.

The pattern is called Waroo.

I still need to block it. 

I felt like doing something different. I had an idea to make a little runner to put on the window still in the kitchen where I have my orchids.  

So I warped the loom and started weaving one.

I used up some wool I had picked up at a craft fair a few years backs. It was to rough on my skin so I figured it work out fine for a project like this.

I decided I would make another one for the window still in the dinning room.

I told you this would be a heavy post and Im not done yet.

Then I started on the embroidered bookmarkers that I had ordered a few months back. They will all be Christmas gifts. I figured I needed to get an early start if I plan on having them ready in time. I purchased 3 kits and this is the first one.

I figured I would put some fabric on the back side and then fringe the outer edge.

The garden has been doing very well this year. Started harvesting a large amount the beginning of month and looks like we will again next month. Very pleased with how it's done with this heat. The humidity is what has helped it not to dry up and wither.

Made theses Lime pickles and I have enough right now to do another batch. 

Made 6 quarts but we had already started eating on one so now there is just 5 until the next batch is made. Soon...

I also had the itch to do some dyeing up of yarn. Now I know, I have plenty of yarn but I do enjoy dyeing. So far I've been using natural dye. This time I tried avocado pits. It's not a quick process. I let the dye vat simmer and steep with the pits for days, then add the yarn and let the yarn stay in the vat for a couple days.

Remove it, rinse, wash and dry.

This is what I ended up with.

4 100gm skiens of merino wool DK weight.

Simple beautiful and have a idea of what to make with 2 of the skeins.
Well that's all and plenty.

I know if I had written a few times before this I could of spared you this long one. 

If you made it the end, I thank you.

It will September and Autumn will be here soon (I hope)

You take care..

till next time




  1. You had a really productive month. Love the Spring Fling quilt top, those colors work so well and are so pretty. What did you decide to do about the Bonnie Hunter quilt top, it looks great. Have a great Labor Day Weekend.


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