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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Good scratch

I have been able to scratch that sewing itch. Yesterday I was able to assemble all the blocks for the Mystery Christmas quilt. 

I was fortunate enough to have all the fabric that was required to assemble this quilt. But I did not and could not find what the finished quilt was supposed to look like in the stuff I had. So I went online, went to a past post of mine, followed the links to try to find out what the last clue was.  I tried and tried to until I decided well I can't find the last clue, maybe I can find a picture of the finished quilt.

With a little more digging and 30 or 40 minutes later I found a picture of what I believe is what it's supposed to look like and so that's what I duplicated on the wall and it worked.
So now it's just a matter of putting the blocks together.
Then I can have that one checked off my list.

I have done a few more circles for the I-spy quilt, made from the Quilty 365 circles. I'm having a talk with myself about whether to do just one a day or a couple of them in a day, seeing how I am making two quilts.
It will take more blocks, so I'm thinking I'll just go ahead and make some extras.
Plus I need to be able to include each quilt one circle of a particular fabric.
So why not make two of those on the same day.

And here are the ones I have done the past couple days. 
While watching television with "the man at the place", I have been working on some hand quilting. And I have to stay since he's been home for the holidays I have had more sedentary time.

I have been able to put in a good seven hours of quilting on my quilt that these past couple days.

And was able to also complete a corner block for the Words to Live By quilt. 

Picked up a new iron yesterday. Couldn't do all I needed with that small one I was using. 
So as you can see I've been scratching that itch pretty heavy and loving it every minute.


Friday, November 27, 2015


Being that it is Thanksgiving here in the United States, it's the time for us to reflect on the things that we are thankful for.
So it made me start to think yesterday about gratitude, and how I use it in my life.
So my Five on Friday will be about gratitude.

1. I believe it started mainly with Opera TV show and her introduction for herself of her daily five things she's thankful for.
I believe that was back in the late 90s
And I had read the book, being that it was one of Oprah's book club, about gratitude and thankfulness.

2. Keeping a journal. I have always kept a journal since I was a very young girl. But after watching Oprah back in the late 90's I started adding five things that I was grateful for in with my daily writing..

3. As time went along I was writing less in my journal and writing down what I was thankful for was one of those particular habit I was getting out of. I didn't want to lose what pleasure and benefits I received from this act. So I developed another way and that was to write it down on a slip of paper and to put it into a jar and this is my current jar.

Product Details
4. There's also another book I had read within the last year, called One Thousand Gifts, if you have a chance you might want to check out the book or her website.

5. Even though I haven't done it this way, I was thinking about what I was going to write to go with my pictures and I thought..... you know a lot of people choose apps,  especially younger people. Thought I would share pic of an app I came across on iTunes but there are many to pick from.

So there goes my list of Five on Friday.

One of the things for today I can say I am so thankful for is that I have the ability to write this and put it out there for others to see and read. If you have any thoughts on doing this or have a journal or app or any way of expressing what you're grateful or thankful for I would love to hear it thank you.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving

May you be blessed in many ways
give thanks to all we have,

I want to Thank You for being a part
of this.
I feel very blessed for making news friends because of the blog,
My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Bits and Pieces

Today was a very busy and active day for me. I started out by doing the usual, which was to go out and let the chickens out of the hen house.

Well there was the buzzard sitting on top of the hen house.

Had my camera with me so I was able to snap a shot of him up there. It stretched its wings out but did not take off and fly. Never did see it leave.  

Then had to go to the quilt shop to pick up the next two sets of blocks for the Farmer's wife Sampler.  Went by the store get a couple things.

Then I went by the church and help decorate the Christmas tree which I have to say look very stunning this year.
Sometimes one color can look really pretty. We did the tree only in red ornament, bows  and Poinsettias this year.
Came home, fed the cows and straightened up a little bit because  didn't have a chance to get to that this morning before I left.
I was able to get a couple hours of sewing in which I proceeded to work on the mystery Christmas QAL.

 I was putting together HST, which I need 93 of them. 

 And come to find out my iron has a short in it so I need to get a new one now. It was slow going using my little handheld one that I take to workshops.

By then it's dinner time and some needlework in front of the TV.
A good day all and all.

Till next time 

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Oh My, What Have I Done

Yesterday my plan was to finish cleaning and then try to get a little sewing in. Well it started out pretty good I straightened up, did a little cleaning, and then proceeded to straighten up my sewing room.
Hello how easily I can get distracted. Got the cutting table cleared off, was thinking about projects I wanted to finish before the end of the year, and started a list.
As you can tell I'm a list person. 
Then I was thinking what if there that I can get done off of my 2015 list. Looked at it, decided how I can add this and this and so went looking for these projects. 
If you're following along you're probably already ahead of the game and realized, oh I know where this is going.
That's right I started searching for one thing and found another.
 And another. 
And another.
Then there was a project I thought oh I haven't seen them in ages, and start wrestling through it, and realized where are the blocks I had already made for this project.
Well that took me on a wild goose chase of over an hour trying to locate these blocks. Never did find him. I don't know where in the heck I stash them. 
Finally I just threw my hands up and said the heck with it I'll find them later
But here is what I did find that I would like to try to do before the end of the year along with my RSC quilt and the circles I'm starting

1. my chicken scratch quilt blocks that I started before I moved to Oklahoma and that was 20 years ago. 
2. a split nine patch that I started as a leader and ender. 
3. Some fabric that I had put aside to make pillowcases to donate.

4. This pattern I have of a snow man that is a wall hanging that you might have seen in the past I believe I bought it like six years ago, tumbling skating snowman.

5. back in 2012 there was a QAL Mystery that I started and for some reason did not finish it but pretty much had all the pieces cut and one block sewn together. It's in Christmas fabric. 

6. A gold and brown assortment blocks. Did not know the name or remembered when I started these blocks but through further digging around for those other blocks I was looking for I came across my old notebook well sure enough I had started this around 2010 it's one of Donna Thomas's workshop that I attended
7. Also a kit call cat nap wall hanging that I would like to get done and give as a Christmas present.
Now I had a couple other things on my list as you can see but I do not believe I will have time after I added the others at the bottom. So if I get to Donna Thomas's neutral or the winter trees, I'll be doing really good.
As you can tell I have a wide time span of UFO's around here that I need to complete

I did get a little sewing in though I made two of the Quilty 365 blocks...,that's a start. And I had organized the Christmas quilt along and the snowman fabric that was in the bags and they're out and ready to start stitching
By the time I was done doing all of that it was time to go feed cattle and take care of some of my outdoor chores.
I saw that buzzard again out by the hen house, perched on one of the fence posts, sitting near the hen house not causing any trouble. Thank goodness. 
Came in and make dinner which was a hamburger soup recipe but I replace a hamburger with some fresh ground venison that "the man the place" had harvest this year. 
Very good too, specially since I do not care for venison very much. But I believe I will like this ground venison

Then spend the evening doing some more hand quilting on my 30 sampler.
All in all I can say it was a good day and I did get my toes wet with a little sewing.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Something Unheard Of

Image result for beaky buzzard cartoon

Friday I arrived home after dark, so "the man of the place" locked up the chickens in the hen house. He said when he went to do that he found a buzzard in the hen house. He was able to scoot the buzzard out the house. It just hopped over to peach  tree in the chicken yard and perched on it.
I asked him if something were dead in the hen house like a chicken or something else. so strange, that would be the only reason  for a buzzard to fly into a hen house
He said he could not find anything, nothing was out of place and just thought it was a strange happening
Heaven knows.... I have had various creatures in with the poor girls, like the time I had a hawk with them.
When I went out the next morning to let the chickens out, I did not see no sign of the buzzard and just figured it flew away.

But it was Monday, and "the man of the place" told me that the buzzard was back out there. Sure enough there it was hopping along the side of the hen house. The chickens didn't seem to be bothered by it at all.

The best we can tell is that the buzzard isn't ill but could have an injured left wing.
It hops around and can jump up at least five or 6 feet off the ground, but have not seen it fly.
At the time it doesn't seem to be a threat to the chickens. It's been with them for the past four days and the chickens are fine.
Our thoughts are is to just leave it alone and let it heal. And see if it goes on its way here shortly.
I have to say I find it very amusing all of the various creatures that have invaded the chickens in their house or yard. 
Poor girls

I have to say there's never a dull minute here on the farm.

Monday, November 23, 2015

What's Up

What's up on my design wall is the same four blocks that I left up there before leaving to go see my daughter and grandsons. The plan for these four blocks is still to make into a baby quilt.
I hope to have my cleaning done in the next day so I can get into my sewing room and start sewing. It's been a month and I have the itch bad
While gone I honestly thought I would be able to get a little stitching in. But that was not to be the case, I got very little in
So I have nothing to show for the whole month I've been absent.
But that did not stop my mind from thinking of all types of quilts I want to finish or start.
There's one quilt I want to start is the one that is being done by  Audrey over at Quilty Folks.
It is her Quilty 365.
First I thought well, I'll do it in blues. I've had this thought that 2016 will be my start a blue quilts.
But I had another thought of a quilt I've been wanting to do for my grandson's. I want to do an I-Spy quilt. Just hadn't came across a pattern I really love. I think I'll give the circles a try.

These fabrics here are the start of the backgrounds 

and here is a portion of the novelty prints I have collected for these quilt.
I would like to make them each one, so need to figure out how to go about it. Should I go with the suggested size or make them slightly larger.
Believe the blocks will need to be larger.
If I make them 6" 
I believe that would work out to get 2 twin size .

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patchwork times 
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