If you want a golden rule that will fit everything, this is it: Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.William Morris.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Dazed and confused

Today I am what you would say out of it. Yesterday afternoon I had 2 cups of caffeinated coffee (I normally don't do) which kept me up till 2 AM.
I get up at six with "The Man of the Place" every morning and like any other morning, was up at six this morning.
I need more than four hours of sleep. Without my normal amount of sleep, which is like seven hours, I just feel so out of it.
 Passed on any heavy gardening this morning.
  watered the seeds planted, water the potted plants on the porch, fed the birds and deadheaded some of my perennial. 

Added to that a day of mindless sewing.
Started a few spool block and worked on some strips sets

 Quilting on the 30's sampler some, I'm down to what I would call the last row.

But I haven't decided yet what I'm going to do with the border. I've done mainly outline or in the ditch. I would love to get this one done within the next month or two. I'm such a slow quarter I can't get myself a time frame
And while quilting on my 30 sampler  got to thinking that this wasn't the only quilt I had started or was waiting to be quilted that's prepped already.

Then have my dancing kitty quilt already in a standing hoop, ready to be quilted

Then have a flannel and wool embroidered lap quilt, again ready to be quilted. If you take note, the date, made this 2008. That's only what seven years ago

Then I'm pretty much on the homestretch of my blue Rocky Road quilt.

 It is a challenge for me because my normal stitches are smaller than the one I was using or trying on this quilt and it's taking me longer to just do a bigger stitch. 

Go figure that out.   
You would think it be quicker. 

And then there's the 30's row quilt, 

wanting to quilt in some clouds and grass in the row of houses. then that one will be done
So when I think about it, I could have three quilts finished in a short amount of time comparable to starting a whole big one...., if I would just get to it.  

till next time

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

High hopes

I love mornings, I look at it like a new start. Which it is, of course. But I just love that feeling.
I'm all for new chances. 
Anyway, I have walked out of the house with my new prescription glasses on. I'm still getting used to walking with them on, seeing how they are trifocals and I'm not used to that. In the past I would you use readers to do my sewing and reading and the rest of the time go without any type of glasses but now that I have cataracts that are forming and starting to affect my vision. I need glasses all the time now. But still after a month of having them I still don't like walking with them on, especially going downstairs.. I feel like I'm going to trip and fall. So while walking, I put them on top of my head and  enjoy my morning walk slightly blurry, but all the same wonderful
My morning walk give me a chance to put my day in perspective
While having my morning cup of coffee before my walk I usually make my thing to do list.
And then while walking I kind of put in order the thing to do on my list... how I want to approach my day.
And in most cases I have more things on my list then I can accomplish in one day, but at least I won't forget about them tomorrow.

After my walk I went out to the garden weeded another bed and dug up some more potatoes and planted some pea seeds which I hadn't been able to accomplish prior to this. I wasn't sure if right now would be a good time. A little risky but I'll give it a try. So far I have lettuce, beets, cabbage, three kinds of summer squash, radishes and collard greens planted. I still need to get the carrots.
After a showered it's on with the rest of my day as usual. I'll go  sew some then do a little cleaning, go back and sew some more, clean some more... you get the idea. 

My goal for today is to work on the strip sets for the red string quilt and work some on the indigo curvy log cabin blocks.

Last night after dinner while watching TV, I was able to get a little hand quilting in, and this is the section I'm working on now.

till next time

Monday, August 24, 2015

What's Up

Right now what's up on my design wall is a blank wall. I had taken everything down yesterday so I could put up my collections of rainbow scrap color blocks to see what it looks like with all the various colors I have already prepared.

These are what I have of the spool blocks.
Over the weekend we had a series of heavy thunderstorms with a lightning which blew out my modem and router.
Today I went down to the telephone company to get a new modem, because that's who provides the modem. Then I have to go to the store and buy a new router. Then I will be up again
But for now I am writing this through my blogger app on my iPhone.
Thank Goodness for that.
So before I went for my walk, I went to let the chickens out of the house and see how everything is. "The man of the place" had over the weekend put up some wire where the chicken wire was starting to deteriorate .

Had to fill in the hole again from the groundhog. 

In the process of checking inside, I stepped on top of the burrow that the groundhog had made and I sat down to my calf.
Picture below is where it happened, now filled in.

Scared the heck out of me, I was afraid something was going to be nipping at my ankle.
I guess that water that "The Man of the Place" used to try to flush the groundhog out, made his burrow in the ground surrounded it very soft and that is why I sunk into it
I didn't see any change this morning so hopefully that will remain the same from now on.
I haven't set any traps over the weekend after catching seven raccoon's in four day and I was kind of tired of driving back-and-forth to the lake.

But outside the chicken house in the mud I found fresh raccoon tracks. I guess I didn't get them all. 
So after I take care of the modem and router, my goal is to sew
Haven't decided what to put back up on the wall. I need to make some more strip sets for the red string quilt before I can proceed any farther with that one. Which will probably be something I'll do. But I finish the Curvy log cabin blocks for my RSC 15 quilt

I still have the baby blue, light green, and this month indigo to do.
All I was able to get done after sewing red ones up was to get the indigo cut and ready.  

Now that I'm done with the reds, I need to just put the pedal to the metal as I like to say and do the others.

Yesterday I canned 3 quarts and 6 pints of Lime pickles.
One of the quart jars didn't seal so I just had to put in the frig to use up first. That happens sometime.

Till next Time

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Scrappy Saturaday

Was able to get these two blocks done to add to the spool blocks.

Need to do a little more but until then I will go ahead and share this at So Scrappy

Today I was able to spend time with my youngest daughter. We met in Tulsa and went to the Gilcrease Museum to see the showing of 
California Impressionism: Selections from The Irvine Museum

Granville Redmond
California Oaks
oil on canvas, 1910
30" x 42"

This was one of my favorites, 
but before I left I started the process of making Lime Pickles.

I had not known of Lime Pickles till I moved to Oklahoma. They are very easy to make and are pretty much fool proof.
Start with Mrs. Wages Pickling Lime, soak your cucumber slices in the lime water all day or night

Then you rinse, soak in ice water for a few hours and then the vinergar/spice brine overnight and then I'll can them tomorrow.

I finished this portion that was in the hoop and now on to another part.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Oh what a beautiful morning

Mother nature decided to give us a taste of fall here in North East Oklahoma the past couple of days.
I woke up this morning with the temperature at 60's and you could not ask for any more pleasant weather.
So the first thing I did was to get dressed, after my coffee, and go outside to just drink up this beautiful blessing
Before I took my walk I decided to check the traps by the chicken house none in that trap but 

Lo and behold I have one trapped underneath the birdfeeder by the back porch. Jeez Louise this makes seven in the past four days. I thought they lived in like dens and they would have a certain amount of area that they would consider their feeding grounds. How many can you have that one area?
And another thing they must breed like bunnies
So after my walk I went out to the garden and did a little more weeding, pick some more veggies, and planted a few seeds for my fall garden.
I also took a picture of the dish I mention yesterday that I'm going to plant the cactus I bought. More on that in yesterday post. 

Then I took the racoon to his lakeside resort. Went to town and the post office by then it was lunchtime
Amazing how quickly my day goes.
This afternoon we're having our chimney swept. Because we use our woodstove as our main source of heating in the winter time...so we need to get it cleaned every year.
I did get some sewing in this afternoon. I cut up some more strips for the red string quilt 

Then I started making the blocks for this months RSC15.

 I did get the spool blocks completed. 

And then cut the strips I need for the curvy log cabin blocks. 

Did get an hour or so in last night quilting on the 30's sampler and maybe can get a little bit more done this evening too. 

slowly but surely

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Potato Harvest

It is meal like tonight is why I work so hard growing my own food. 
This morning the weather was perfect and I spent my time out in the garden. With the extreme heat and humidity before the quilt show last week I didn't feel right about starting the fall crops. I believe they would of just burned up, especially seeing how I wouldn't be around to tend to the seeds.
So I was out there prepping a bed to plant, when it dawned on me that I hadn't dug the potatoes up. Some of the plants are still green plants, I believe those to be the purple ones. But there were some that had died back I say a month ago and I knew if I didn't dig them up soon they would start sprouting and growing. 

Well sure enough as I was digging I came across a couple of new plants.
Had a thought.... I have never grown a fall crop of potatoes so I left those plant in the ground and even added some more dirt to give them a good start.

Will see what happens, It is the right time to plant.
Back to the meal... its roast beef hash. Nothing like fresh potatoes.
Those that I dug, equal up to 22 lbs. And that is just from 5 plants harvest, I believe I have at least 10 more to go.

I didn't get any sewing in today.
Needed to drop off at the lake another 2 raccoon's... Ric & Rac... that is what I ended up calling them.

Then it was shower and go to the Casino to meet my parents for lunch.
After that had to go by Wally World to get a few things and then to Lowes.

 And while at Lowes they were having a clearance sale on their plants, 75% off. I ended up getting some cactus to plant like I had seen at OSU Botanical Garden

I have this old satellite stand out in the yard, looks just like the ones they planted in, finially something I can do with that eye sore.
After that I had to go by the quilt shop and drop off next month Farmers Wife's blocks and pick up October's.
So by the time I got home it was time to think about dinner. 
Which was very good.
This evening I think I'll pick up my 30's Sampler to quilt on. 

the one on the left looks like Bob (with a tail thou) 

I also wanted to add is 
Could you please add Ex-President Jimmy Carter to your prayer. He is going through treatment for brain cancer and being a man of faith each of us can only strengthen his chance of healing. 

Wednesday, August 19, 2015


I would like to tell you about the invaders we have in the hen house. First of all we have had many invaders into the hen house. I have written about some on the blog and some were  prior to having a blog.
We have had snakes, rodents, possums, dogs, and even a Red tailed Hawk invade their house. And then there is what they've had to encounter while roaming around looking for bugs and such. We've had bobcats, coyotes, pack of dogs and a chicken hawk. 
Our latest invaders to the hen house are twofold. First we've had a groundhog that decided it needed to burrow it's house inside the hen house.

hard to see but it's in the far right corner

We tried to flush it out with water, which didn't work. So "the Man of the Place" shoveled the dirt back in the hole but it dug it out again. Haven't seen it myself. 
Then we had an invasion of raccoon's who pulled the chicken wire (that was securing an opening for ventilation) and got inside the house
That's raccoon actually killed one of my hens Sunday night. We did a temporary fix Monday evening and then I set some live traps around the hen house. 

Well Monday night we trapped one. So yesterday morning I drove it out to the lake to give it its new home.

I do not believe in harming them, I tried to relocate them.

So I set the traps again last night because we do not have time to give a proper repair job to the chicken wire till this weekend. So when I woke up this morning I had three raccoons in the live traps
So again I took what seems to be almost a daily trip to the lake to drop off raccoon's
Until we can get their chicken wire repaired, I will keep setting the traps. 
Heaven knows what I find tomorrow morning
Unfortunately now I'm down to only nine chickens

She was such a pretty hen and laid the darkest brown eggs

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