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Friday, December 5, 2014

Clue 2 of Bonnie's Grand Illusion Mystery Quilt

Bonnie Hunter's Grand Illusion mystery quilt clue 2 came out this morning. I thoroughly looked over the clues directions at her 3 methods and decided that I was going to do mine with strips sets. I've done this technique for other blocks and I knew it would work, all I had to do with figure out the width of the strips.
Seeing how I am not making mine scrappy, I'm using  one fabric for each colors, which made it easy for me to just cut strips from my large pieces of fabric. To do it scrappy would be a little more challenging and smaller strips sets but it can be done. But I'm going to show you how I did it with my fabric. 
So for the neutral you need to cut strips at 1 7/8 inch. Important that it's 1 7/8,  not smaller. (I would like to add this in, I accidentally cut one of my neutrals 2" and it came out OK . So if you are unable to get a perfect 1 7/8, that its a little larger, that's OK too. It might even work out better if your seam allowance isn't a scant 1/4") Now the pink and the black can be slightly larger because I like to trim down and get my blocks into a perfect uniform shape. So pink and black I cut in 2 inch strips
Sew your strips together make sure you're using a quarter inch seam allowance, should be a slight quarter but make sure it's uniform and consistent

Press the seams like she describes, away from the neutral.
I noticed on Facebook that some are concern about the bias edges. It wasn't one for me and did not noticed any give but if your fabric seems a little light or flimsy or you are not sure go ahead and spray starch you strip sets before cutting. Some people like to starch their fabric before even cutting the strips. Elise Campbell taught me that trick and work beautifully.
So give that a try.   
What you're going to do is use your your standard ruler that have a 45 degree marking on it.
I have an Olfa clear 6x12

Line up for first cut

You will also need to make sure the placement of your strip in the first cut is this way. 
Its very important that you start on the right-hand side of the strip with the pink on top to get that correct angle
You want the 45° marking on your ruler to line it up with the pink.
This is your first cut

First cut

Then each cut afterwords will be using the ruler in a 2 1/2 inch mark and the 45° line. See the picture for my example

The units are now cut on the 2 1/2" marking on your ruler and keeping the 45 line on the pink.  This is because the units are 2.5 x 4.5 
Now to trim those cut strips units. I will give a lot of pictures to with what I trying to explain.

Because I made my outer strips the pink and black slightly larger there's a little bit to trim just in case of error somewhere in your sewing

I have marked where you need to place your ruler to trim to 4.5"
Note the blue mark, it's at the 4.5" mark on the ruler. Its important that it is when you about to cut the top on the pink.

And you want to have the corner to be like it would when trimming up a half square triangle.

Then flip the unit to trim the black fabric and do the same placement as you did before.

Your units are 2.5 x 4.5 and now we can fit the two units together to get our block.
Go to Bonnie's page to get the complete instruction to the finish size and how many to make.

I like to use pins just to keep it stable so that seam where the two diamonds meet comes out perfect there's no stretching or giving.

I press my seams open, that's your choice like she said here

Look how nice they come out.

In little over an hour I was able to do 2 strip set and get these blocks done.

Hope this help if you are thinking about doing strip sets.

I need to add that I guess I did a bad by posting how to do this on facebook in the Quiltville Open Studio. I didn't realize that. 
A big sorry 


Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Yarn Along 12/3/14

I've been planning to knit "the little dudes" some slippers and trying to figure out how to make the pattern I use look like Thomas the train. The boys love their trains. Then I came across this pattern on Ravelry.  

They are cute, not knitted but crochet, which is fine cause I know how.  In my stash there is all the colors needed.  I haven't started them yet, just found the pattern but sure
hope they turn out as cute as the ones in the picture.

What I have been listening to is book 2 of the Outlander Series written by  Diana Gabaldon

Dragonfly in Amber | [Diana Gabaldon]

I'm not one for Historical Romance books but I have enjoyed this one. Being one who doesn't read those type of books, I'm not sure if it is consider a true romance, all I know is there is more seductive parts than I'm normally read. Its the body of the rest of her work that keeps me fascinated. I love history and there is plenty of details that I enjoy. This book is 39.5 hours and the first was about the same. 
What made me want to read this series was the program on TV (Starz). I enjoyed the program and the book is even better. If you have read them; What did you think? Do you consider the to be romance novels?
Love to know what you think.
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Monday, December 1, 2014

It's Monday what's up

It's a very cold day again here in northeast Oklahoma. So most of my day will be at sewing. I'm working on, which I didn't think I would start, Bonnie Hunter's new mystery quilt.

 Right now I'm working on the half square triangles which you need 280 of . Then I will start sewing units together and should have that done with no problems today. 

Hamburger Soup | The Pioneer Woman
Ree Drummonds picture 
I think for dinner I'm going to make hamburger soup. It's a Ree Drummond 
(fellow Oklahoman) recipe over on Pioneer Woman's website. I've made it before and it's such a yummy recipe. Going to use some of my grass fed beef that we raised and some of the vegetables from the garden. Lots of veggies. Then some biscuits. 

 I also hope to  get two blocks cut and prepped ready for my gray and yellow Nested Churn Dash blocks.

 And hopefully I can move right along today and start cutting out the panels for the little dudes cloth books I'm making for Christmas. (24 days away)

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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Gave In

Well I have to say I've given in. I wasn't sure if I was going to do Bonnie Hunter's MQ this time cause of all the projects I have already plus with the holidays. But temptations was too much. 
So today I picked out some fabric that I had. 
One thing with me and mystery quilts is that I'm not sure if I will like the finish product. Now I have done one other of hers, Easy Street and it did turn out really nice.

Back to the fabric, I went with some of the 30's prints I have and switched a blue for the turquoise.

Now I have enough 30's prints to make it scrappy but I chose the easier way by just using one fabric for each color choice.
I call it being lazy. I didn't want to put all that time in. It would of look cool tho.
So for the HS I figure I would just do a large quantity at a time.
I do not do the Easy Angle Ruler, I do use Deb Tucker's Trimmer.
So I figure for 3" sq to start with I can get 14 from the WOF and would need to cut 10 rows (30") to make 280 HS 
I marked the lines to stitch and cut and off I went.

I did half at a time, 140 HS.

After trimming with the Trimmer I have prefect uniformed squares.

I was only able to do some before it was time for The Walking Dead. Big fan here. Personal never saw that coming, I do not like scary movies or shows but do like this one for some unknown reason.

Ok back to the MQ, I played around a little with the units. I figure these combo will not be in quilt but it's fun to do tho.

 I'm linking up with  Bonnie's

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Doing a voice check

I have just realized while doing dishes. That maybe I could do a voice dictation on the Kindle for my blog. 
You know what, it works. 
It's a little fussy but it does work. So maybe I can just do dictation and not have to worry about how slow at typing I am.
 Then all I have to do is just add my pictures.
 This is really cool.
 It's amazing what you can think of when you're doing something else.
 Maybe I'll be able to post more often, (let's hope) seeing how part of my reason is because I am a slow typist and it takes me a while to write a post and time is an issue but this might take care of that. 
Now if I can just master my camera that I have it so I can take pictures with that instead of my iPhone.

Speaking of I Phone's, there is an app for Google Blogger (also androids) which I have used. Seeing how the phone does have the microphone but I found tho often will not write the word I said, so I would have a lot of editing to do. Does work too if wanted another option.
Hope you have ah hah moment today.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Day 3 Sew-a-thon (with updates)

I was so excited to get started this morning that here it is 9:30 and 

I have fed the chickens, 

the cows,

did some laundry, the dishes, straightened up, 

and even started on one of my blocks.

I do not anticipate any interruptions, but you know how life is, so we'll have to wait and see.
My goal to complete what I had put in the big tub. Not necessarily meaning I needed to finish each project that I put in there. Like example the churn dash, I had three blocks prepared and that's all I expected myself to do was those three blocks. And then go onto another project that I had either started or catch up on.

So far that has been working out very well for me.
But I was thinking is that the way I should be doing it? What would you do?
Would you try to complete each project before going onto the next one or would you just do what you had prepped and then continue on from there. I'm really curious about that.
Again I will post update up in the title when I come back with something to show. 
Till then. 
bad picture

I did get the two Nested Churn Dash blocks completed

 so now I have seven out of the nine but the other two I haven't prepped yet so I will get those cut sometime in the near future. 

Then I started on working on my Pea Ridge Lily blocks that I need to complete. Out of 42 blocks, I am left with 10 to finish.

Last Update

My 3 days are at an end and this is what I had left in my tub. When I gather stuff to put in the tub it was mainly what I had laying around my sewing room when I had cleaned it up Monday.
That's were the idea of a sew-a-thon.

I was able to complete most of the projects started.
Did not get all the Pea Ridge Lily's prep. 

I did not have enough blue flower cut out and need to search for fabric.

And never did get to prepping the blocks to applique on my "Words to Live By"

 Then I forgot I had put in the tubs projects I haven't started yet but want to for Christmas gifts.

Cloth books for the boys.

A couple of Wall Hangings

Then I had a pattern, book and ruler from Sew Kind of Wonderful. 
Love the look her ruler makes and fell in love the Urban Nine Patch. So I guess I had that laying out cause I wanted to make that next and it needs to be my NewUFO

Well that was fun and maybe I can get back on track of finishing these projects. Have a couple days of cutting and prepping  the one I didn't finish.
This is the time of year I get to do most of my sewing and I had a taste these past few days and I'm wanting more now.
Thank you for all the nice comments and support. I hope some of you were able to get some sewing done too. 

Good Night
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