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Sunday, August 11, 2013

My Slow Sunday

I have more than some piecework planned for today. Yesterday I picked 16 lbs of green beans which I need to prep and clean for canning and freezing. So while watching last season episodes of "Breaking Bad" getting ready for the start of the new episodes later tonight.

Then when I'm done with them, I am working on prepping some more blocks for the Pea Ridge Lily.

And if I have enough time I'm going to make the circles for the ring the surrounds the compass to my Love Entwined.

I have the pattern put together and next is I need to make the templates for this month part. 

There are the triangle shapes, flowers and the floating flowers.

Then there is the zig-zag border and as you can see it is 1 1/2 wide by 3/4 inch  pieces in this border.

 But all of that is for another day, I have enough to do already.
I hope your Sunday is slow and enjoyable.


  1. I have thought about doing love entwined, and seeing yours is making me wonder if I should look at it again. I probably should should at least print out the pattern

  2. Oh my... both of those projects look very complicated! Hope you enjoy your slow stitching today!
    You do tempt me to give circles another try!

  3. Hi Kat, both of your works are gorgeous! Never tried my hands on quilting, it seems quite challenging... Coming over from Kathy's :) Hugs, Wendy


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