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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Week (half) of Farm Photos 7/31 - 8//3/13

Well it's really just half of the week worth of farm pictures. I arrived home Wednesday evening and have been out in the garden every morning since I came home.
I thought I would share the fruits grown here on our place. Some are doing better than others.


  1. Ooo, love those plums! We are loaded with apples and nectarines. I'm sure they'll all get ripe AFTER I go back to work :)

  2. This post just made me hungry! Those look so yummy.

  3. I see you are able to grow a fig tree. I live in North West Arkansas. Would love to be able to grow one here.
    Could you please tell me what variety it is? My apples are about the same size as yours. We still live on our farm but are retired. Love your pictures.


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