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Monday, August 12, 2013

It's Monday and What's Up

Boy thank goodness there was something to watch yesterday because it took me around 5 hours to clean up 16 lbs of green beans to can today. I have had the first batch in the canner, 7 qts. 

but every now and then this happens. Over time from use a jar will weaken and breaks. It was a clean break so the beans are not ruined with glass pieces so I'll not waste them and give those to the chickens.

So to what I'll work on while waiting is what I was hoping to get done last night and that is to make the circle for my LE and applique them on.

Then I have a binding I would like to put on my round robin christmas quilt.

I plan on taking this with me tomorrow to the 30's Club at Sager Creek Quilt Shop to work on between groups.
I just love how this quilt turned out. I am still waiting to receive pictures of all the participants quilts. I want to share them and how beautiful and different they turned out.
But until then you just get to see mine.


  1. Gorgeous Christmas quilt. You did a wonderful job with it. I am debating whether to make Love Entwined. I can't wait to see yours develop.

  2. One of my quart bottles of salsa broke and i got part of it our and keep on processing, my house smelled for a long time!!

  3. Your Christmas quilt is fabulous! What a pretty pattern, and the fabrics you used really bring it to life. Love everything about it. Thanks for sharing.


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