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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

It's October, my Favorite Month

Yes it's true, October is my favorite month. And it is for many reasons. Here in the northern hemisphere it's when Autumn comes to show her beauty. The smells, the temperatures are cooler, the color of the light from the sun (just breathtaking), the change in color of the foliage, harvesting of gardens and orchards and the whole mindset of preparing the farm, the house, pantry and myself for winter. But best of all is "the Man of the Place" and I's anniversary. 
Truly October is my favorite month.

Now that I have that said and out of my system it time to get back to business. 

First of all I would like to present my 
Get-R-Done list for October
I had not had a list since July.
 August and September whiz by with little or no sewing happening. And let me tell you I am sure missing it, but with all that still needs to be done around here before the cold sets in I am making my list of doable goals. So here goes;

1. Finish my daughter's quilt. Means a little quilting left around the outside and putting on the label and binding.

2. Put the binding on one of my Christmas Quilts. (maybe 2 if I'm wonder woman)

3. Get caught up on the Stash Bee blocks (3 of them) 

4. Finish the Wool cat for the shop. 

now for my 

1 Continue with canning and such of the harvested produce

2. Decorate the porch for Autumn

3. Most important is to update my blog, example: egg production

Whoo wee, that's plenty.

Love the definition I found for the term whoo-wee
"a redneck exclamation to express many different emotions"
now really!


  1. Your list sounds doable. I love doing binding - until I'm 3/4 finished with it, then I'm thinking why am I doing this binding by hand? So you and you hubby have an October Annv. That's so cool - October is a beautiful month. Happy Anniversary!

  2. Fun reading your post! :) Happy Anniversary! Hope you are able to meet all your goals.

  3. Happy Anniversary! I too enjoy the cooler weather and lovely colors! Have fun with your projects!

  4. It is my favorite month too! I make a list every morning of all the things I want to accomplish that day. It really keeps me motivated and on task......well not every day but most of the time! Happy Anniversary!


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