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Saturday, October 12, 2013

This Week in Pictures (but not of the farm)

Our anniversary was this week and for this years trip we went out to the pan handle or "no man's land" here in Oklahoma. I have never been out there. So we decided we were going to visit some of the State Parks, seeing how the government shutdown closed the National Parks and wildlife refuges.
I found it amazing the diversity of ecoregions that are here in this state. When I moved here from California my impression of Oklahoma was that of what I had learn from about the Dust Bowl. It nothing like that, especially where I live. It's called Green Country for a reason. But traveling around the Northwestern part of the state reminded me of other states, which are nearby like New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, Kansas, Utah, Wyoming and Nebraska.   
So here are a pictures of Gloss Mountains, The Little Sahara, The Great Salt Plains, Dinosaur tracks out in Black Mesa, Boiling Springs and a couple historical site, 101 Ranch and the last sod house built by a homesteader in Oklahoma.
I found it to be quite beautiful and wish we had more time to spend out there. 

Great Salt Plain, its a national refuge, this is as close as we could get.

From the top of Gloss Mountains

North Canadian River in Boiling Springs Park

Dinosaur tracks near Black Mesa

Petrified Trees in Black Mesa

Sand dunes in The Sahara Park

Inside the sod house. Just part of one of the two rooms

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